Chapter 89:I Hope So...

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Sorry for any misspelling or grammar errors! I didn't proofread! ENJOY!!!

"Jae?......boy you know you hear me" I laughed. He blinked his big brown eyes and smiled with his gums. That's about the only thing I assume they got from Kels, her brown eyes because the rest was all me. I guess it's because I did all the work when they was conceived, call it a myth. Jaeson who we called Jaes (pronounced Jace)  was laying on his back drooling and shit. I whipped his mouth with his bib. Thank god Kali and Kellie are in school, I don't think I could handle all four of them by myself. I don't see how Kelsey makes it seem so easy. Kelsey had to work until 7 today so I have to watch all 4 of them today. Hopefully everything goes smooth. Kali just started first grade and Kellie was in Pre k. I cried like a lil bitch two. Shit they my lil girls and they growing up so damn fast.Kali get out at 3:30 and Kellie get out at 12:30 since it's only 3 hours. I started putting the boys sneakers and sweaters on since we had to head out to pick up Kellie in 20 minutes.
"Pacifiers, diapers, wipes, toys, snacks, bottle, change of clothes" I said as I looked through their diaper bag making sure I had everything. I grabbed my keys and phone and grabbed both their car seat. After I securely strapped them in we headed to Kellies school. I pulled up and got Jaes and Jae out. I held both of them in my hand. After getting Kellie we headed back to the car. I strapped them in and Kellie just ran her mouth about her day. I felt someone behind me so I turned around quick causing the person to drop everything in their hand.
"Shit, I'm sorry." I said picking up the items and handed it to them. I came face to face with a caramel woman. She was cute.
"It's ok. I should of never walked up on you like that" she smiled. I gave her a smile back but cleared my throat.
"Sorry bout that" I said trying to avoid her and get into my car.
"My niece said Kellie forgot this. She said handing me Kellie lunch box" I smiled and took it from her.
"Thanks." I says passing the lunch box to Kellie and closing the back door.
"Their adorable. There all your kids?" She asked.
"Yup. 4 in total" I says proudly. She nodded.
"All by the same woman" she asked. I squinted my eye at her. I chuckled.
"Yea, all 4 by the same woman" I said. She giggled.
"I didn't mean to offend you" she said.
"I wasn't offended ma'am" I said trying to keep my answers short.
"I'm Racheal...Racheal Heaven. I'm only 23 so please don't call me ma'am" she giggled holding out her hand. I shook it. She was holding my hand a lil too long so I let go.
"Thanks again for bring my lil girl her lunch bag" I said. She nodded.
"No problem" she smiled big.
"See you around" I said getting in my car.
"I hope so..."She said. I smiled and pulled off. Was it me or was she being hella thirsty. I shook my head. The only Que would of did it. But I'm a New and improved Que. I looked in the back seat. Kellie and Jaedon was sleep. Jaeson was wide awake looking around.
"You ok man?" I asked Jaeson. He smiled and drooled. I guess that was a yes. Once we got home we ate and they played for s little than we was off to pick up Kali.

"Have a great night Monica" I told my co worker as I got in my car. I checked my phone and was surprised Que ain't call me. Everything must of went smooth with him watching all 4 of the kids. 20 ministers later I pulled up to the house. All the lights was on. I made my way inside and it was quiet. I looked around downstairs and it was empty. I made my way upstairs to our room and stopped. A big smile appeared on my face. Que was knocked out with all four of them laying on him. I giggled taking pictures. I tried to pick up Jaeson and Jaedon but Que gripped them tighter opening his eyes quick.
"Hey sleepy head" I said. He smiled. I took both them gentle out of his arms and placed them in their bassinet. I tried to pick up Kellie but he stopped me.
"I got them. Go shower" he said. I kissed kiss lips.
"I missed you" I whispered. He smiled. He picked up both Kellie and Kali bringing them to their room. I quietly undressed and got in the shower. I stood under the shower water as the hot water soaked my hair and caresses my body. I felt arms around my waist.
"I missed you" Que says as he kissed my neck. I faced him kissing him. My eyes bulged out looking at his erected penis.
" hasn't been 6 weeks" I whined as he played with my boobs.
"I know Kels. But we ca still play with each other...right" he said as he guided my hand to his penis. I giggled. I stroked it and he bit his lip. I kissed him.
"I'll take care of you Papi" I said dropping to my knees. He looked at me. As I eased his penis in my mouth his eyes rolled to the back of his head. I knew me calling him Papi turned him on even more.

      Once she called me Papi that made me even hornier. She knew what she was doing to a nigga. I watched as she sucked my dick, paying most attention to my mushroom head. She looked up at me as she swirled her tongue around it and she licked the length on it. I stumbled back. She started bobbing my dick and I watched her amazed. As she moved her head I matched her rhythm by gentle thrusting my hips. She made slurping sounds and I knew I was about to nut. She started sucking harder on my head and I soon exploded in her mouth. She got up bathing herself. I kissed her neck as she rinsed the soap off her body.

To be continued.......

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