Chapter 21:Hurt & Loss

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I didn't say anything. What could I say. The proof was right there. She shook her head and looked out the window.
"Damn near 2 years, 2 fucking years and you do this shit to me" she said while still looking out the window.
I didn't say anything. I drove back to her apartment. She got out an I followed her. She tried to close her apartment door on me put I stopped her.
"So this is how you do me, after all we been through" she asked with tears pouring down her face. All I wanted to do was hold her and tell her how sorry I was, but I know she wasn't having it.
"Kels I can explain" I said.
"Explain! Explain what! I read all y'all messages. How could you! How fucking could you!" She yelled while throwing her keys at me. He walked to her room.
"Kelsey, I never meant for you to find out like this , I never meant to hurt you" I told her.
"You meant everything! You love that bitch! Really! You told that bitch you love her!" She yelled. I did tell her that but that was only drunk talk, I don't love that hoe.
"Kels the only one I love is you. Please baby, I love you. She didn't mean nothing to me" I told her. She was crying. Crying hard.
"Leave now!!! Get out my house!" She yelled while crying.
"No! I'm not leaving!" I got up and rapped my arms around her. She tried to get loose but my grip was to tight.
"Get the fuck off me" she screamed. She started punching me. She hit me like 2 times in my face that's what made me let go of her.
"I fucking hate you" she cried.
"Baby please," I said
"GET OUT!! I hate youuuu....ahhhh I hate you!" She yelled while crying. I grabbed my keys and left. I was hurt. She was hurt. I got in my car and just sat there. A tear fell from my eye. Than a bunch more fell. I was crying and weeping. I hurt her so much. The love of my life. I was mad at my self. I started punching my steering wheel.
"Ahhhhhh ahahah" I cried.

I cried myself to sleep. I woke up the next day hopping it was all a dream but it wasn't. I was hurt. He didn't love me. If you love someone you would never hurt them. My heart hurt, my throat was sore from yelling and crying. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I was worth more. My eyes was so puffy and red. I just stared at my self and thought. Why wasn't I enough for him. What did I do for him to go out and cheat. I cried. I hate him...I hate him. I layed on my bed and closed my eyes. Slowly drifting off to sleep.
1 week later.....
I haven't heard from Quanell since that night. I don't plan on ever getting back with him. I deserve better. Way better. I have class today, I wasn't going to go because I've been feeling sick these last couple of days. It's probably because I've been so stressed out over Quanell and that whole situation. I pulled up to the Collage and made my way to class. Class went by fast, as I made it to my last class I started to feel light headed. I stopped in the hall, the light headedness faded. But I felt like I was about to throw up so I hurried up and ran to the bathroom. I made it just in time. Everything I just ate was now in the toilet. I washed my hands. I was on my way out the bathroom until I felt something wet. I was wearing a maxi dress so I felt In between my legs.
"Oh my god" I hurried up and went into a stool and lifted up my dress, I was bleeding. It wasn't my period. The blood was coming out too fast to be my period I started panicking. I was dying? I didn't know what was going on. More blood started to drip down! Oh my god. I didn't know what to do. So I just screamed.
"Ohh my god!! Help me!! Somebody please" I yelled. I yelled and I yelled than everything just went black. I couldn't see anything, all I heard was voices.
"Can you hear me"
"Kelsey open you eyes"
"She's losing too much blood"
I heard them but I couldn't move. I couldn't open my eyes. Was I dying. Why was God punishing me.
The next day.....
I heard people talking, machines beeping. I opened my eyes and saw bright lights. Where was I? I tried to move but I couldn't, I had a bunch of wires hooked up to me. What the fuck happened. I looked around and notices..I was in the hospital. But why. I looked to the right. My mom, my sister? What was they doing her? I tried to talk but couldn't.
"She's up" I heard someone say. My mom walked up to me with tears in her eyes. My sisters stared at me with a scared look on their face.
"Mom" I said. My voice was so weak. She hushed me.
The doctors came walking in the room.
"Hello Ms. Murray, I'm Doctor Hernandez, do you remember what happened.?" She asked me. I thought for a second. All I remembered was bleeding and that everything went black.
"A remember a little. I was bleeding than everything just went black. Than I woke up and I'm here" I said. She nodded. She looked down at her clip board that back up at me. She looked a little sad.
"Ok, Ms. Murray, when's the last time you had your period" she asked me. Why was she asking me this.
"Um last month" I said. She nodded and looked at the clip board.
"Ms. lost a lot of blood. And by the looks of it you didn't know. You didn't know you was 2months pregnant, but you suffered a miscarriage and lost the baby" the doctor said.

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