Chapter 32:Cry 4U

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        I arrived to the hospital 10 minutes later. I sat in the car and prepared myself. I looked in the back seat at my baby girl sleeping and just broke down. I buried my face in my hands and cried. I cried for the love of my life and I cried for my baby girl. I heard a know on my window that caused me to jump. It was my mom. I called her and told her what was going on. She met me here to get Kali because I didn't want her around this.
"Mom" I cried while sobbing into her arms. She hugged me back and rubbed me back.
"I know baby...I know" she whispered. She took Kali and told me to call her when I find out more info. I walked through the parking lot and into the Emergency Room doors. The cold air woke me up. There was so many people around. I walked to the counter. A older white woman was on the phone. She hug up and looked at me.
"Yes. May I help you?" She asked.
"Um..My-My fiancé. My fiancé Quanell Hernandez was brought here." I said a little above a whisper. Before the lady could respond.
"Ms. Murray? Hello I'm detective Morgan. We talked on the phone." A tall dark skin man said.
"Where's Quanell?" I simply asked. He looked at the floor.
"We should go somewhere more private to talk" Detective Morgan insisted. My heart was beating and million beats. I agreed and we went to this small room in the hospital.
"Please have a seat. Quanell Hernandez is your fiancé right." Detective Morgan asked. I just looked at him blankly. He was beating around the bush.
"I don't have time for you to be asking me dumb ass question you already know the answers to! Where is QUANELL!?" I yelled.
"Ms. Murray. Quanell is in surgery. He has one gun shot wound to the chest, two in his stomach....and he was also shot in the face." Detective Morgan said.
"What!" Before he could even say anything else I ran out the room to the front desk.
"Where's my fiancé? His name is Quanell Hernandez...he, he was shot multiple times" I asked. Tears was falling and I couldn't stop them.
"Miss he's in surgery on the third floo-" before she could even finish I ran off to the elevator. I made it to the third floor and to the from desk.
"I'm looking for my fiancé Quanell Hernandez, they said he's in surgery." I asked.
"Yes. Miss the doctors are currently working on him. He's in surgery." The nurse said.
"Is he going to be ok" I asked while trying to whip my tears.
"Miss if you would just have a seat right here they should be out shortly with a update." At this point I was snotting and couldn't stop myself from crying. The nurse helped me to a seat, and handed me some tissues.

1 hour later.......
I've been here for over an hour and haven't heard anything. I saw a doctor come from the room the nurse said Quanell was in. I watch at the doctor approach the nurse. The nurse pointed to me and I hurried and jumped up and rushed over to the doctor.
"Hello Ms. Murray, I'm Dr. Washington. I just wanted to let you know that he is in critical but stable condition." The doctor told me.
"Is he woke? Can I see him?" I asked. The doctor took a deep breath.
"During the surgery he went into a coma. His wounds was sever. He was shot ones in the chest, just centimeters from his heart. He was shot twice in the stomach, both bullets missed his spine by inches. Then there's the facial wound. He was shot point blank in his left cheek. It shattered his jaw and cause a lot more damage. Most likely he would have a speak impairment or will never be able to speak." I just sat there in silence, I dried my tears with my tissue.
"He'll be ok right?" I asked. He gave me a small smile.
"I'll tell you this, he's a fighter. He flat lined on us twice. But he fought. You can go see him. You may not recognize him. He has a lot of swelling." I nodded my head. We walked me to the room. I walked in and closed the door behind me. All you hear is beeping nose and his breathing machine since he can't breath by himself. I just stood again the door. It was like I couldn't move. I slid to the ground and cried. After about 20 minutes of crying I got up and slowly walked over to him. I hardly recognized him. The only thing I recognized was his beard and his tattoos on his arms. His face was so swollen. And he had a big white bandage covering half his face. I just sat there and watched him. He looked so lifeless and helpless. I hugged my knees and just cried. Soon everything when black and silent. I cried myself to sleep.

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