Chapter 94:DON'T

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One week later...
       I sat at my mothers bed side as she talked. She was talking about when I gave birth to the twins and how I was swinging on and cursing out Que. We laughed. Both my sisters was here with their kids. Que sat next to me holding Jaeson and Kellie as Kali sat next to me as I held Jaedon. I was genuinely happy because my mom was surrounded by the people she loved and who loved her back. We spent the whole day spending time with her. After me and Que left with them kids as one of my sisters stayed overnight with my mother. After putting the kids to sleep, I laid in bed looking at the ceiling.
"What you thinking bout?" Que questioned as he laid his head on my chest. I caresses his face and played with his beard.
"Nothing." I said as I looked at him and gave him a small smile. Surprisingly Que has been helping out a lot and he's been home most of the time. If he goes to the club it's only for if an hour so he can check up on everything. He leaned up kissing me.
"I love you" he told me as he laid his head back on my chest. I continued playing in his beard.
"I love you more......Que?" I said. He looked up at me.

When I looked up at her she was looking at the ceiling.
"Did you cheat that night? That night we got into it. That night you had that glitter on your shirt?" She calmly asked. I was about to speak but she spoke first.
"Just tell me...I want the truth." She said as she looked me in my eyes. I sighed and sat up facing her. She stayed laying down but was looking at me.
"No Kelsey. No I did not cheat on you that night...but I did get a lap dance from this girl. That's how the shit from her dress got on me. Yes I liked it...but I don't like her like that." I said looking at her. She just stared at me without blanking. I sighed.
"I brought her a drink. We talked. Than she asked me to bring her home-" she cut me off.
"Que Why you so dumb? Hmmm? These hoes are just tryna fuck up your family." She said.
"Kels I know. If I was dumb I would of fucked her" I said. She just glared at me.
Damn...that shit hurt.
"Kels keep your fucking hands to yourself" I said getting mad.
"And you keep your fucking dick to yourself!" She said rolling her eyes. I chuckled.
"Quanell..shit is not funny. Keep thinking shit is a joke, I'll punch you dead in your fucking face so keep trying me" she said getting up.
"Man sit down. I'm sorry for laughing" I said laughing. She rolled her eyes getting back in bed. I tried to lay back on her but she stopped me.
"Come On Kels" I growled. She soon let me lay my head back on as she played with my beard. That shit put me straight to sleep.

The next day....
It was going on 10:00pm I threw on a red Nike hoddie with my ripped Robins jeans and my red and black new Jordan 1's.
"I'll be home by 12:00 ok bae" I said as I leaned down in front of Kelsey. She nodded her head and kissed me. We just got Jaedon to sleep and she was rocking Jaeson. The girls was asleep in their rooms.
"I love you and be safe" she told me pecking my lips 3 times. I smiled.
"I love you too. I will" I said kissing her than my boys.
I pulled up to the club and of course it was packed. I left my office trying to head to the bar for a shot but was stopped.
"You avoiding me or something?" Racheal asked. She stood in front of me wearing a see thru top and a tight mini skirt. I couldn't help but stare at her exposed nipples.
"Nah I just been busy" I stair sticking my hands in my jeans pockets. She nodded licking her lips.
"Can we talk in private?'s important." She said.
"Important how?" I questioned. She giggled.
"I think I can show you better than I can tell you." She smirked. She grabbed my hand and lead me towards my office. I unlocked my door and let her walk in first. She walked around looking around.
"This is nice" she said as she faced me.
"Thank you" I said as I sat in my chair. She walked over to me and straddled me.
"What you doing?" I asked her. She giggle.
"Ohh nothing" She said. She picked up a picture I had on my desk. It was a picture of me and Kelsey. I snatched it from her and put it back.
"That's wifey." She question.
"Don't worry bout it." I told her. She wrapped her arms around my neck.
"Tell me how you want it" She said as she pulled her shirt off exposing her big breast. She leaned in.
"Tell me how you want it?" She whispered in my ear as she kissed on my neck.
"Fuck, Nah get the fuck off me" I told her. She wasn't moving quick enough so I gladly removed her from my lap. She looked at me shocked.
"So You punking our now?" She questioned with an attitude.
"Nah, you had me for like 2.5 seconds but than I snapped back into reality. A hoe like you ain't worth my time. Get the fuck out" I said as I tossed her shirt to her. Her mouth hung open like she was shocked.
"But You was about to fuck this hoe so what does that make you." She said.
"Get out...I don't wanna have to put my hands on you" I told her. She spit but missed.
"Fuck you, dick probably small anyway." She said storming towards the door. I laughed at how childish she was being just because I didn't wanna fuck her.

After about 30 minutes I finally got Jaeson to sleep. I checked on the girls and they was peacefully sleep. I checked on the boys again. They little stomach rises and falls. I smiled. They was 4 months already. I grabbed the baby monitor and went into the bathroom. I checked my phone. 10:55pm. I undressed and got in the shower. After taking a 30 minute shower I checked got out and moisture's my body. I threw on a pink champion sweatshirt and black nike leggings. I looked at my phone and it was now 11:41pm, Que should be home soon. I then noticed I had 3 missed calls from my sister. I dialed her number back as I checked on the boys and the girls. I was about to hang up until I heard my sister answer.
"Kelsey" she said in a broken voice.
"Jess? What's wrong? Is everything ok with mommy?" I questioned as my heart started beating fast.
"Kelsey....mommy...mommy just passed away 20 minutes ago" she said as she began to cry.

To be continued......

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