Chapter 102:Seperate

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3 years later....
I put the last load of the kids clothes in my drier and started it. It was 9:30 am and the first day of summer. Que was coming to get them at 1pm. We agreed that the kids can stay with him for 2 weeks and than the next two weeks will be with me than so on. If y'all haven't figured it out yes me and Que are no longer together. We aren't divorced YET but we are separated. We, well I called it quits a little over 2 years ago. All we did was argue. He would stay out late drink and shit and most likely cheating and I just got tired of his shit so I took my kids and left. We sold the house and we both have our own home. He got himself a 3 bedroom and I got a 5 bedroom home. Que does pay the bills be he insisted he do since we do have 4 kids and I take care of the them and be with them most. He usually gets them 3 days out of the week. I heard he's been "dating" this girl. Am I mad no. I'm happy for him, I just hope he's serious about her if he gonna be bringing her around our kids. Later that day I got the kids ready and they patiently waited down stairs for there father. He pulled up not to long after in a black Range Rover. I opened the door for him before he could knock. He walked in and he eyed me hungrily. Since we been separated we did have sex a few times but that was in the beginning. It's been 2 years since he had a taste of this and I don't ever plan on having sex with him ever again. Where better off as friends.
"Hey, you look good" he said as his eyes wondered. I giggled shaking my head.
"Uhhh thanks" I said with a smile.
"DADDDY DADDY!!" Kali and Kellie yelled as the ran to him. He scooped them up quick. The boys followed persuade and ran to him. He hugged them and kissed them. That's something I gotta give Que his props for, he's an amazing father.
"Um their bags are right here. I think I packed everything. I packed Kellie favorite blanket since she can't sleep at night with out it. Oh I packed the boys favorite toy just Incase they become cranky and-"
"Kels....there gonna be fine" he told me as he gently grabbed my arm. My eyes watered and I nodded my head.
"Ok. I know they are going to be fine, it's just I never been away from them for this long. I'm just gonna miss them that's all." I said. He smiled hugging me. I didn't wanna hug him back because I can't stand him but I hugged him.
"I know, you can call and FaceTime them whenever you want. You can FaceTime me whenever you want too" he smirks. I rolled my eyes and acted like I was throwing up. We laughed.
"Boy bye....Jaedon Jaeson, come give mommy kisses" my boys ran to me kissing my cheeks. I hugged them and gave them both a peck on their lips.
"I love you two" I told them.
"I love you mommmy" they both said. I hugged Kellie and Kali and kissed them.
"No kiss for me?" Que asked with a smirk.
"Oh please. Don't know where your lips been" I said as I grabbed up the boys. He grabbed the kids bags and lead the way to his car. Once the bags was loaded and kids was buckled up I went to the back window.
"I love y'all." I told them. I turned to Que, he was still standing outside of his car.
"They good." He assured me.
"Que I know they good. I'm just being a little dramatic." I told him. He chuckled.
"I'll see you in two weeks, call if you need anything or if you wanna talk to them" he told me. I nodded and started to walk back towards my house until he yelled my name. I turned around.
"My mouth hasn't been anywhere" he said. I laughed. And just kept walking. Why was he telling me this. Que know we done. Yea I'll always love him but not like that.

My house was about an hour away so once we got there the kids was sleep. I sighed because I was gonna have to make 3 trips bringing them in. After I got all of them in, I checked the time and it as only 2pm. I figured I'll take a quick nap since they was sleep. I know y'all wondering what happened with Twizz. That nigga ended up stealing over 100,000 dollars from me out of my office and he just upped as disappeared. About 4 months after that happened I found out he died in a car accident. I guess karma caught up to him. I have seen Racheal at all. Me and Kels I currently separated we aren't divorced and I really don't wanna sign those papers when the time come because I just can't let her go. I fucked up I'll admit but I can't and won't let no Boggs take my place.
         I woke up to my door bell ringing. I groaned and sat up, I checked my phone it was 4pm. Ain't nobody text me so who the fuck was at my door. I reached under my bed grabbing my gun and loading it. I don't need no surprises especially with my kids here. I quickly checked on them and they was still sleep. I went down stairs and I checked the peep hole and it was covered. I chuckled. Someone wanted to die. The bell went off again.
"Quuueeee" I heard a familiar voice whine. I chuckled again looking out the peep hole. She was smiling running her hands through her hair.
""Don't be doing that shit. What I told you bout that shit, fuck around and get shot the fuck up" I told her as I opened the door allowing her to walk in. She giggled.
"Whatever, I know you missed me" she said as she kissed me seductively, I slapped her ass as she walked passed me.

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