Chapter 51:Surprise!

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      My plane landed about a hour ago. I was currently in the uber on my way to Kelsey's house. After 20 minutes the uber finally pulled up. I grabbed my duffle bag and headed to the front door. Before I could even knock it came flying open. Kali came flying into my arms.
"Daddyyyyyy!!" She yelled. I picked her up and hugged her. Kelsey's mom watched us in aww. I kissed Kali all over her face. Kelsey appeared behind her mother. I thought my mind was play tricks on me. I slowly put Kali down and walked up to Kelsey. She seemed nervous.
"Surprise" she said while rubbing her stomach. I looked at her than her stomach than back at her. I was confused. She looked to be about 6 months pregnant. I scratched my head.
"Surprise...why you so quiet?" She asked grabbing me by my waist. I yanked her hand away and walked back outside.
"Quanell! Quanell, what the hell. Where are you going?" She asked trying to catch up to me. I just kept walking ignoring her. She soon stopped following me. Idk where tf I was going but my mind was tripping.
      I ended up stay at a hotel overnight. Kelsey kept blowing up my phone. I ignored her. I stayed up all night smoking and drinking. I came back thinking everything was going to be great. But I come back and she's pregnant? When and how did she get pregnant? Why she didn't bother to tell me? I'm not ready for another kid. So much shit was running through my mind. My phone started ringing. It was Ace/Barber aka my father.
"Yoo" I said into the phone.
"What's up man. I started to get worried when you didn't call when you landed" he said. I sighed.
"You good?" He asked.
"Nah man. Nah. Shit is fucking with me" I said.
"What happen?" He asked.
"Kels, she pregnant man." I said.
"Congrats that a bad thing or good thing ?" He asked sounding confused.
"I don't know. Shit just had me bugging. I'm not ready for another kid right now, we talked about that. When and how did she even get pregnant? We only only had sex once since I been out. How she end up pregnant. And what's really fucking with me is why she never told me. I walk in the house and she talking bout some surprise." I said.
"Que..It only takes one time man.. look, don't think no crazy shit. Talk to her before you say or do anything crazy" he said. I sighed.
"Ok I will. I talk to you later. " I said.
"Iight... talk to you later man" he said before hanging up.
      I pulled up to Kelsey's house and proceeded to the front door. I rung the door bell. A minute late Kelsey's mom opened the door.
"Hey Ms. Sharlene" I said. She moved to the side letting me in.
"Hey are you?" She asked. That's one thing I always loved about Kelsey's mom, she never interfered with me and Kelsey's arguments.
"I'm good. How are you? Where's Kali?" I asked.
"I'm good...Kali just fell asleep. She's up in bed with Kelsey." She said. I nodded my head and made my way upstairs. Kelsey laid with her back towards the door. I heard her sniffing, she was crying. I walked up to the bed. She noticed me. I picked up Kali and left out of the room and put her in her own bed. Once I got back into Kelsey's room she was sitting up. I sat in the love seat by the bed and pulled out my phone.
"So you just gonna ignore me?" She asked. I didn't even bother to look at her.
"I'm not ignoring you. Im here ain't I" I said while typing away at my phone. She sucked her teeth.
"I-I thought you would be happy. " she said. I finally looked up at her.
"Happy? Happy for what? You lied to me." I said.
"I didn't lie to you. I just thought...I just thought I'll wait to tell you" she said.
"WAIT! Wait for what Kels? You don't think you should of told me? How many months are you anyway?" I asked. She started crying. I paid her no mind.
"I didn't want to tell you and you was so far away from us. You was all the way in New York Que...I'll be 6 months next week." She said. I shook my head at her.
"So! You should of still told me. I was all the way in New York depressed! Depressed because y'all was so far away! Depressed because my best friend blew his fucking brains out in front of me. My man I knew to be my fucking father turned out not to be! My mother fucking lied to me...she lied! My whole fucking life was a fucking lie! I was going fucking crazy while in New York. I was calling you telling you what I was going through and you didn't think for one second to tell me you was pregnant." I said. I lost it. I put my head in my hands and started crying. Everything from the last 6 months was eating me alive.
"I was going crazy Kels. 2 weeks after Jay killed him self...I-I tried to kill myself. I felt alone. I felt like everyone lied to me. Everyone lied to me. Barber came just in time before I had the chance to pull the trigger. I felt I had no reason to live. I thought about Kali...I thought about my baby girl. And I was thankful I didn't do it. If you would of told be you was pregnant I would of felt like I had a reason to live. If I would of heard you was pregnant while I was in New York that would of brought happiness to my sadness." I said. I stood up and put my hands in my pocket. She looked up at me with sadness in her eyes. She grabbed my hand.
"I'm sorry...I should have told you when I first found out. I-I didn't wanna tell you because I knew it would hurt to not be around us during my pregnancy. Please don't leave me...please. Please don't leave us." She said in tears. I gently caressed her cheek and wiped her tears.
I squared down in front of her.
"I'm sorry I left like that. I just felt lied to. Don't ever think I'll leave y'all. I love you." I said while kissing her lips. I lifted up her shirt and kissed her growing belly.

***I was stuck for a couple days...I didn't know how to continue. Sorry for any spelling mistakes. I didn't proof read. Enjoy!!

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