Part II|Chapter 4:Father

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I sat in the middle of Kelsey and Kali waiting for the doctor to call us. Surprising Kali took the pill with no problem since she hates taking pills whenever she's sick. She hasn't said a word to me or Kelsey all day. I really don't give a fuck. If she wanna he mad cause I beat that niggas ass than she can be mad. She'll get over it. But I could tell it was hurting Kelsey and that shit had me ready to knock Kali upside her head.

"Hernandez. Kali Hernandez" a nurse called out. We stood up and followed the nurse into a room.
"You can go into that bathroom and remove all your clothes besides your bra and socks and put this on. " the nurse said handing her a white gown. Kali nodded and did as she was told. My phone rung making me quickly turned it down. Kelsey glanced at me but looked away as Kali came out with the white gown on. She sat on the cold table and patiently waited for the doctor.
"Knock, knock" a nurse said as she came into the room. She already knew what wecwas here for so she drew Kali's blood and told her to pee in a cup.

"Lil girl you better pray you come back negative for everything. And we coming back in two weeks" Kelsey said. Kali just say there. 20 minutes later the nurse came back.
"Ok, negative for pregnancy. I won't have her std test back until 7-10 days. But you mentioned you wanted to put her on birth control" the nurse said directing her attention to Kelsey.
"What!" I said looking at her.
"Yes, depot." Kelsey said.
"What...she's 15. She's not getting on no fucking birth control Kels" I said looking at her like she was crazy.
"So you must want her to get pregnant?" She said. I sucked my teeth.
"No, but by you putting her on that shit just gonna make her think it's ok to be having sex" I said.
"She gonna do it regardless. She's sneaky just like your ass" Kelsey said. The nurse waved her hand.
"May I say something. I agree with you both. But I think it's best to hear what Kali has to say" she said. Kali looked at her than back down at the ground.
"I don't care." Kali shrugged.
"She's going on birth control" Kelsey said having the final say. I stayed quiet because I was so close to spazzing in this doctors office.
"Go to your room" I told Kali as soon as we got back to their house. She did as I said. Kelsey walked passed me into the kitchen I stared her down.
"Que...don't look at me like that. I'm just tryna do what's best for her." She said.
"What's best for her? Putting my 15 year old fucking daughter on depot, is what's best for her? You must of lost your damn mind. You just giving her a reason to go out and fuck" I said.

"OUR! Our daughter! Shut the fuck you rather her go open her fucking legs and end up pregnant...huh! No matter what we say or what we do she still gonna be fucking." She said slapping her hand on the counter top. He chuckled and ran his fingers through his beard.
"That's why she the way she is...because of you." He said pointing at Kelsey.
"You let her do what she want and now look at her!" I yelled. Kelsey looked at me with a shocked looked.
"Fuck you!" You said pointing her finger at me.
"I'm the blame now? Me? So I'm the cause of her sleeping around. ME? No...if anyone the cause of this it's your ass. Where was you huh? Half her life you wasn't even around. You was either selling drugs, coked up, fucking those dirty ass hoes, getting abortions and shit, lying to my FUCKING FACE! You wasn't even here so fuck you!" She yelled storming out the kitchen. I just stood there taking everything in. I rested my head in my hands as everything she said sunk in. It hurt. Now that I think about it I wasn't hardly there? That was a low blow but I deserved it. I sat down at the table and buried my face into my hands.
"Daddy?" A soft voice said. I quickly turned around.
"Daddy I'm scared..." Kayci said walking towards me. I got up picking her up.
"Don't be scared?" I asked kissing her cheeks.
"You and mommy yelling...mommy crying" she said resting her head on my shoulder. I didn't say nothing, I just held her and gentle rubbed her back.

Throughout my life I've done some fucked up shit, I ain't never really dwell on it until right now. I held Kayci in my arms as I buried my face into her shoulder.
I tapped on Kali's door before twisting the knob and walking in. She looked back at me. She sat on her bed writing in a notebook. I cleared my throat before fully stepping in and closing the door behind me.
"I need to talk to you" I said walking towards her bed and taking a seat.
"Ok.." she said in a low voice.
"You know I love you right? And all I ever wanted was what was best for you...and best for your brothers and sisters..." I paused as I tried to collect my thoughts.
"I fucked up...I ain't been the best father...especially to you" I said as my voice cracked. I quickly looked away from her. I sniffled.
"I was young, dumb, reckless. That ain't no excuse tho...the whole time me and your mom was together. I treated her wrong....cheating, lying, I was going through a lot of shit" I shook my head disappointed in myself.
"I chose shit over y'all. And that affected me being a father to you when you needed me the most." I said.

"Your mom is behaving this way is because of me. I wasn't the father you needed or wanted. I was suppose to be there to guide and and tell you write from wrong" I said covering my eyes.
"Back then, all I cared about was making money, sell drugs, fucking any and every bitch, I even developed a drug habit. I was caring about all that shit when my main priority should of been my family" I said glancing at her with tears running down my face. She looked at me with sad eyes, she's never seen me cry, ever.
"I'm sorry, for not being the father you needed. I'm sorry and I promise I'm gonna do better. I don't want you out there like that Kal...all these niggas want is what's between your legs, and I'm just telling you this because I've been there and done that shit" I said looking her in her eyes. Kali wrapped her arms around my neck hugging me tight.
"I'm sorry daddy..." she cried. I wrapped my arms around her pulling her closer to me.
"I'm sorry too...I swear imma be a better father to y'all" I said. She squeezed me tighter.
"I love you...I love all y'all." I said.
"I love you too daddy" she cried.

Sorry if this was boring...I honestly don't know how to continue this book. Idk when I'll update again. VOTE💜

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