Chapter 61:You The Daddy

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**This chapter is boring OMG!!!

1 week later....
     Today was the day we get the results back.We had to meet back at the DNA diagnostic center. I sat in the room bouncing Kellie on my leg as Kali played with the toys. Kellie also turned 1 month today. I haven't seen Que since last week. He met up with my mom a few days ago to see the girls. Que walked through the doors, and Kali ran full speed to him. I can honestly say I loved there relationship. He kissed Kellie and said hi to me. I just nodded my head. I was ready for this to be over and done with. The nurse came in with two envelopes.
"Hello everyone." She said. We said hi back.
"Ok, lets just get to it. For the paternity of 3 year old Kali Marie Hernandez, Quanell Hernandez was proven to be the father." She said. I rolled my eyes.
"And for the paternity of 1 month old Kellie Marie Hernandez, Quanell Hernandez was proven to be the father" she said. I just giggled and shook my head. Quanell just nodded his heads and smile. He grabbed Kellie from me and kissed and hugged her. He started crying. I just shook my head.
"I told you. Why would you ever even deny her. Look at her Que. she look just like you. I would never have cheated. Never!" I said as I broke down. He brought me into a hug. I pushed him off and stood up.
"I'm sorry. I keep telling you I'm sorry" he says. I just waved my hand at me. I didn't want to hear shit he had to say. We walked out to the parking lot quiet. I got in the driver seat and just sat there.
"Can I please spend some time with them." He asked. I nodded my head.
"Just call me, so I'll know when to pick them up" I told him.
"Nah I'll drop them off" he insisted. I just nodded my head. He knew from jump I was staying with my mom.
"Kali give me kisses" I said. She ran to me and kissed me.
"Love you. Be a good girl for daddy ok" I told her she nodded her head fast. I took Kellie from him and kissed her. This is my first time away from her. I buckled her in her car seat and kissed her. I watched them pull off. I sighed and got back in the car. I was hungry so decided to stop by Taco Bell. I was missing my babies already.

      I pulled up to the house and they both was knocked. I just smiled at how peaceful and beautiful they looked. After an hour Kali woke up. She made me play dolls and dress up. After I brought them to the park. I held Kellie as Kali ran around the playground. She was having a ball.
"Ow, Why you tryna hurt daddy?" I asked Kellie as she pulled at my beard. She was so active to only be 1 month. After a while Kali got tired and I decided to bring them to Kelsey. I pulled up to her mom ms house and texted her. 5 minutes later her mom came out side.
"Hey Quanell" Kelsey mom said. I greated her and hugged her.
"Where's Kels" I asked as I unbuckled Kali.
"Um she went out to eat with one of her friends" she said. But it seem like she didn't really wanna tell me. I nodded my head.
"Oh" I said. I brought Kali and Kellie in and said my goodbyes.
      I tried calling Kels but it just went to voicemail. I texted her asking where she was because we needed to talk. She read my text but didn't reply. That pisses me off. I didn't wanna do this but this was the only choice. A while ago we put GPS on our cell phone for emergencies. Well this was an emergency. I pulled up the location of where she was right now. It was some fancy ass high class restaurant named Vivace. I got out my car and went in.
"Do you have reservations?" The lady asked me.
"No. Can I have a table for one" I told her. She nodded grabbing a menu and escorting me to a booth. I didn't see Kelsey but than I heard a laugh. It was Kelsey's laugh. I turned my head in the direction of the laughed. It felt like my heart hit the floor. She was sitting next to some nigga. They laughed together. He rubbed her arm. She smiled but gently moved his arm. I was about a to walk over there and knock this nigga out but I took a look around. Wasn't nothing but white people all around. If I did that I would he leaving this bitch in cuffs and he would be in a body bag.
"Here's your booth sir." The waiter said as she held out the menu. I looked at where Kels was sitting than back at the waiter. I just walked out. Once I got in my car I just sat there. I was shocked, pissed! I pulled at my beard just thinking. I pulled out my phone and texted her.
Me- ??? Where you at? 7:42pm
Kels- Why? 7:47pm
Me-Stop making shit so fuckn complicated. Where you at man? 7:48pm
Kels-I'm not making shit complicated! I'm minding my damn business. Something you need to do! 7:50pm
Me-Where tf are you Kels!! That's your fuckn problem! Answer the question and stop playing games. We need to talk! 7:51pm
Kels- tomorrow 7:52pm
Me- 7:52pm
Kels- Can't..I'm out 7:53pm
Me- Out? Where?????? 7:54pm
Kels-With a friend. Bye now 7:58pm
Me-Who????? 7:59pm
Me-????????? 8:16pm
     I sat outside the restaurant until they came out a lil before 9pm. The nigga held her lower back as he walked her to her car. They talked for a lil, he hugged her and kissed her in the cheek. My blood boiled watching another nigga touch what was mine. She got in the car and pulled off. I was gonna follow him and fuck him up but decided to confront Kelsey first. I followed her all the way to her mother house. She got out the car and heads to the house. Before she could see me I grabbed her by her waist.
***Sorry for any mistakes or misspellings. I didn't proofread. Enjoy!!!

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