Chapter 56:Labor Pains

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      It was going on 5:00am and Quanell still hasn't returned my calls. I just said fuck him. They stopped my prelabor since I am only 32 weeks. They want me to stay in the hospital for a week so they can watch me closely. My mom and sister was here. I've been crying since I got here.
"You want me to try to call him?" My mom asked. I just shrugged my shoulders as I cuddled Kali as she slept. He wasn't answering for her either. I soon got tired of crying and fell asleep.

I woke up to my head pounding.
"Fuck" I said as I held my head. I sat up and noticed I was on a couch in a unfamiliar place.
I turned around and it was Ari. Shit I thought. But than it all started coming back to me. We didn't fuck. I started patting my pockets looking for my phone, I know Kelsey blowing my shit up.
"Your looking for your phone, you left it on the charger" Ari said as she picked it up off the side table and handed it to me.
" Thanks" I said as I powered it on.
"We didn't have sex, if that's what your wondering" Ari said. I looked up at her and smiled.
"Hey I know, I wasn't that fucked up" I said while laughing. My phone turned on and instantly I saw Kelsey's name pop up. I had 62 missed calls from her and 29 text messages fro her.
"Fuck" I said as I put my shoes on. There was a voicemail so I clicked on it and listened.
"Just to let your stupid ass know, I'm in FUCKING LABOR!! My water broke, I tried to call your stupid ass but I guess you got more important shit to tend too. Hopefully you make it before your daughter is delivered asshole! Uhhhhhhhh" she yelled before the call ended. I jumped up quick.
"FUCK!!!" I yelled as I grabbed my keys and headed to the door.
"What's wrong?" Ari asked running behind me.
"My girl in labor, I'll talk to you later Ari." I told her as I hopped in my car and sped off towards the hospital. She sent that voice mail at 3:44am and it was now 5:22am. I fucked up big time. It's going to kill me if I missed my daughters birth. I pulled up to the hospital in 5minutues. I got her room number from the receptionist and ran to her room. When I walked in Kelsey was sleep cuddling Kali and her mom and sister was sitting in the chair. I rushed towards Kelsey. She turned over and looked up at me with hurt. You could tell she's been crying. Tears fell from her eyes before she hurried her face in the pillow.
"Kels" I said as a rubbed her stomach. My baby girl was still I there.
"Don't. Fucking. Touch me." She said. I ran my hand down my face and sighed. Her mom and sister left out the room.
"Kels what happened, I thought you had her" I said while trying to touch her stomach but she moved.
"Where was you..huh..I called and text you damn near 50 times and no reply?" She asked me.
"I was at the club. I told you I had to close it tonight." I told her. She sucked her teeth.
"Shit went down at the club they busted a window so we had to stay and clean it up. I ended up falling asleep in my office. I woke up bugging when I saw all the miscalls and texts. And when I listen to the voicemail I damn near lost it" I said. I stood in front of her and rubbed her belly. She looked up at me with tears in her eyes. I kissed her lips.
"I-I thought I was gonna have her, and you wasn't gonna be here" she said. It hurt me seeing her like this. I was steady tryna be in the next females face but my fiancée, mother of my children needed me. I'm glad I didn't fuck Ari. I would of felt guilty as fuck.
"Sshhh...I wouldn't be ale to live with myself if I missed her birth. I'm sorry I wasn't there when you needed me." I told her. She nodded and grabbed me into a hug. Damn man, I was so close to fucking up. Kelsey let go of me quickly and grabbed her stomach.
"Ahhhhhhh" she yelled.
"What's wrong" I asked. She held her stomach than lifted up her hospital gown. There was blood. I quickly got a doctor. Her mom and sister rushed in. They took Kali out the room as I stated in the room with her. The doctors started hooking Kelsey up to a bunch of machines. She later there crying. I kissed her and assured her everything would be ok.
"Baby heart rate is low, we need and emergency c-section" I doctor said. I almost broke down but could. I had to be strong for Kelsey. They wheeled her out the room and into a surgery room. Everything was happening so quick. I watched as they sliced her lower stomach. They tucked and pulled and pulled my baby girl out. She wasn't crying. They suctioned her mouth and nose.
A bunch on doctors rushed into the room. I couldn't do much but comfort Kelsey and pray for the best.
"Why don't I hear her crying?" Kelsey asked as tears streamed down her face. I hugged her and broke down. God was punishing me.
"Why ain't she crying? What's wrong with her?" I asked as tears fell from my eyes. I few seconds later I heard her cries. Kelsey started crying when she heard her cry. They handed her to me and I placed her in front of Kelsey. After 10 minutes they finished stitching Kelsey up and she was finally able to hold her. Her mom and sister and Kali soon came in. And I did the honors of introducing Kali to her little sister Kellie.

***sorry for any mistakes and misspelling, I didn't proofread!! Enjoy!!!!!

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