Chapter 14:One Hell Of A Night

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     I left Wayne's house at around 8:30pm. We cool now. I'm letting him back in. I don't give a fuck what no body got to say about it. I drove down 134th street in Brooklyn just thinking. My phone started ringing, it was Kelsey. I've just been driving around that I lost track of time it was almost 10:00pm.
"Hey baby" I said into the phone.
"Hey...when are you coming back?" She asked. Her voice was so calm and soothing.
"I'm on my way right now bae, I'll be there in like 10minutes" I told her.
"Ok see you in a little. I love you" she said.
"I love you more" I said before hanging up. After about 10 minutes I pulled up to my apartment. I walked down the long hall until I reach my apartment door. It was dark and quiet when I walked in.
"Bae" I called out. There was no answer. And I walked down the hall into my bedroom I could hear the shower running. I grinned. I hurried up and took my clothes off and creeped in the bathroom. I made my way to the glass shower and quickly stepped in. She had her back towards me so she didn't see me. I grabbed her waist and she gasped.
"Quanell are you stupid! You fucking scared me. And get out!" She yelled while covering her chocolate dressed.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you I just wanted to surprise you" I said while laughing and grabbing her waist.
She lightly moved my hands but still managed to hide her breast.
" can get out now" she said.
I laughed and shook my head no.
"Why you hiding from me? What I tell you about that" I told her while trying to move her hands. She blushed.
"Stoopp" she whined. I grabbed her hands and put them around my neck. I pulled her waists towards me. She was now pushed up against my erected dick.
"You do this to me" I told her while pushing my erected dick into her stomach. She blushed.
" do that to yourself" was all she said as she grabbed a towel and left a nigga standing there. Kelsey was still shy around me. Even tho we been together for a year she still haven't came out her she'll completely. I knew all she need was me to dick her down a few more times. She'll really come out her shell than.

I left Quanell's ass right in the shower. Even tho we been together for a year I was still a lil shy around him. Especially when it came to him seeing me naked. Yes we've been sexually active for about 8 months but we only had sex once and that was 2days ago. After I got out the shower I lotion my body up, put my my matching pink lace bra and thong, and I put on one of Quanell's tshirts. I layed in bed and started flicking through the channels.
Quanell came walking out the bathroom with a towel around his waist. You could see the v shape. Damn my baby was so fine. Water drops dripped down his abs. He had so many tattoos but I loved them.
"See something you like" he asked. He interrupted my thoughts. I laughed.
"Maybe" I'm simply said while looking back at the tv. He smirked and dropped his towel. I looked at him than at it, than quickly looked away. I can't lie Quanell was very gifted down there. His penis was very thick and long. He smiled at me while grabbing a fresh pair of boxers. He put them on and left the room. Kelsey get it together I kept tell myself. Quanell was doing something to me. He was making me feel all happy down there.

     I dropped my towel in front of Kelsey on purpose. I wanted to see her reaction. Her reaction was funny, she looked a lil scared but she loved it. The look she gave me told me everything. She was turned on. If I would of felt her pussy I'm positive she was dripping wet. I put on a fresh pair of boxers and went to the kitchen to get a bottle of water. I came back to the room and cut off all the lights.
"What are you doing" Kelsey asked while fixing her pillow.
"Bout to lay down" I simply said. I grabbed the remote and turned the tv off. It was pitch black in the room. I got under the covers and turned my back to Kelsey.
"Baby....hold me" she begged. I smiled. I wanted her so bad, but I tried to force my self to sleep cause I knew she probably didn't want to. I turned to face her, I pulled her close to me and rapped my arm around her. She responded my rapping one of her legs around me. We laid like that for about 10 minutes. I opened my eyes and she was just staring at me. I stared back.
"I love you" she said while kissing me.
I kissed her back, deep, and more aggressive. I lent up and rolled in top of her. We kept kissing, I tongue fucked her mouth and she did the same to me.
"Mmm I fucking love you" I whispered in her air. She started kissing on my neck. I lifted her shirt and yanked it off.
I undid her bra and started sucking on her chocolate nipples.
"Uhhh mmm baby." She moaning lowly. I sucked her tits ass if they had some milk in there. I kissed down her stomach and in between her thighs. I felt her body tremble. I removed her pink thong and spread her legs. She already knew the routine. I lick slowly. I stuck out my tongue and stick it into her pussy hole. She let out a loud gasp. I continued doing that. I than started to suck in her clit.
"Mmm babyyyyy" she moaned. She was pulling at my hair and holding my head down. She didn't want a nigga to stop. I kept lick and licking until she finally came on my tongue. I licked all her juices up wiped my out with the edge of the sheet. She just laid there trying to catch her breath. I watched her carefully. I layed back on top of her placing small kisses on her lips, than in her neck.
"I want you" she whispered while touching my face. I knew exactly what she wanted. She wanted my dick in her. I wasted no time. I slowly directed the head of my Dick into her warm tunnel. She gasp and grabbed my hard. I gently pushed my self into her. She tensed up.
"You ok" I asked her while kissing on her neck. She nodded. I have her slow deep strokes. Every time I pulled out than went back in she let out a loud moan.
"Mmmmm oh my god" she moaned. She rapped her legs around my waist. That was my signal to go faster and I did. I gave her long deep strokes. She made funny faces and screamed my name. She was close to cumming because she gave me that look. I started pounding in and out of her even faster. Her walls was squeezing the life out my dick. She grabbed on my neck and moaned loud as she came.
"Uhhh oh my god!!! Mmmm I love you" she moaned. I still kept going in and out of her until I exploded.
"Mmm....damn bae...I love you so fucking much" I whispered as I kissed her on her lips than on her shoulder. I got off her laid back. I looked down at me dick that was covered in her juices. Damn. I forgot to use a condom again. I look at Kelsey and noticed she was looking down at my condom less dick to. She must of just realized I didn't use a condom either. She sat up and looked back at me.
"I'm sorry...I forgot bae" I told her. She nodded. She bent down and grabbed my dick. She opened her mouth and slowly started to suck on it. I just let her do it. She licked down the length of my Dick and looked up at me.
"Don't look" she said while smirking. I smiled back.
"Don't be shy bae, I'm sorry I won't look ok" I said while looking at the sealing. She continued licking the length of my dick. I bit my lip and looked down at her. She was going on. She started to suck on the tip of my head and I just went crazy.
"Damn....fuck" I moaned lowly. She continued doing that.
"Bae...bae, I'm bout to nut" I told her she just looked up at me and kept sucking. I cumed a few seconds later and she swallowed ever oz of it. Damn. Who would of know little miss shy Kelsey was a lowkey freak. She wiped her mouth and layed next to me.
"I love you bae" I told her while playing in her hair. She looked up and smile.
"I love you too" she said while kissing my lips. We was knocked in minutes. Damn. That was one hell of a night.

Author Note
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