Chapter 85:Forgiven' & Forgettin'

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THIS CHAPTER IS OK I GUESS LOL. Sorry for any misspelling or grammar error!! I didn't proofread!!! ENJOY!!

2 weeks later....
     "Ahhhh You fucking mutt!!" I yelled as Kali and Kellie puppy Que got them almost made me trip. I was pissed when my mom brung them to me and they had a dog talking about this their new pet. I think he did that shit on purpose because he knows I don't like dogs. But Today was Kali 6th birthday. I'm still in disbelief I pushed her out of me 6 damn years ago. I giggled and teared up. I wonder if Que was gonna show up. Probably not since we still don't get along. We was having Kali birthday party at a kids indoor water park. Que dad found out what I was tryna do and Que rented out the whole place for her party. It was decorated very girly and it had a bunch of candy and Barbie everywhere. Her party started in an hour and we was just now leaving.
"Kali come on baby before you be late for your own party." I said. I picked up Kellie holding her on my hip. Kali ran to me with full force.
"Ok mommy I'm ready" she says excited.
"Are you happy it's your birthday?" I asked her. She nodded than looked down. I bent down picking up her head.
"What's wrong?" I asked. She looked up at me looking like she was about to cry.
"Is daddy coming?" She asked. My heart sunk.
"I don't know Kali. But if he doesn't come I'm sure he'll make it up to you" I told her. She nodded her head. It hurt me seeing her like this. Here me and Que are being mad at each other meanwhile the only person it's affecting is our daughters.
"Can you smile for mommy. It's your birthday baby" I said. She smiled. I tickled her and she laughed.
"You happy silly girl?" I asked her. She nodded quick with a big smile. I smiled.
"Good. Give me kisses" I says. She kissed me and Kellie kissed me.
After driving for 20 minutes we pulled up to her party. She rushed me to go inside. When we walked in it was pitch black.
"SURPRISE!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KALI" everyone screamed. She looked so shock. She started jumping up and down all happy. She hugged my waist and I bent down giving her a kiss.
"You like it?" I asked her. She nodded her head quickly looking around. I grabbed her hand and held Kellie as we started making our way through the crowd greeting everyone. I felt Kali let go of my hand. I looked to see where she went. She ran full force.
"DADDDY!!! You came!" She screamed. My heart was beating so fast. He hugged and kissed her. He held her in his arms. I don't know what they was talking about but Kali pointed to me and our eyes locked. I turnt my head quick.
"Ma can you hold her. I gotta pee" I said passing my mom Kellie and basically running off. I went into the bathroom locking the door. I took deep breaths trying to calm down. I needed a damn cigarette. I splashed my face but that shit didn't work. I rushed out the bathroom and to my car. I hopped in and ransacked through my glove department trying to find my Newport's. I grabbed the pack up and I lit one and inhaled the tobacco. My nerves instantly relaxed. I let down my window and rested my head back and closed my eyes as I took another pull. Shit tasted like heaven.
"When did you start smoking" a voice said making me jump. I locked eyes with the love of my life. I looked away ignoring his question. I tried to take another pull but before it could even touch my lips Que gently took it from me and flicked it. I didn't bother to say anything or even look at him.
"So you gonna keep ignore me" He said. I kept my head turnt away from him.
"If I'm not mistaken You was the one who was ignoring me...remember" I mumbled. I started blinking a lot.
"You right. I'm sorry about that. I really am." He said sounding sincere. I kept my head turnt. Not saying nothing. He sighed.
"How you been?" He asked. I didn't say anything. I played with my cigarette pack. He took them out of my hand. I let him.
"Why you smoking cigarettes Kels?" He asked. I chuckled. A tear fell down my eye.
"Oh. Now I'm Kels. I thought my name was Hoe or Nasty" I said shaking my head. More tears fell from my eyes as I wiped them.
"Kelsey. I'm honestly sorry. I said that shit out of anger." He said. I just ignored him. I was so mad. I don't even know why I was crying. I guess because I was finally seeing him. Shit just hit me.

She just kept ignoring me. But I deserved that shit.
"Please talk to me Kels" I begged.
"There's nothing to talk about Que. I'm a nasty ass hoe point plank period." She said as tears fell from her eyes. I never meant to make her feel this low. I was angry that day and was just saying any and everything. I pulled on her door handle but it was locked. I stuck my hand in the open window and unlocking the door. I bent down in her door way.
"Kelsey please. I apologize for everything. The name calling, for hitting you, for doing you like that that day. I'm sorry for everything. I should of just let you explain everything. Even tho it broke my heart...." I put my head down as a tear fell.
"Kels that shit hit me deep. That hurt. Than I thought about all the times i cheated. All the lies and bullshit I put you through. You never turnt your back on me. Never. Not once...You fucked Up once and I just turned my back on you. I fucked up. We both fucked up." I said. She finally looked at me. Tears ran down her face.
"I never meant to hurt you. I swear. Yes I cheated. With your cousin. And I'm sorry Que. when I found out I had that STD I avoided sleeping with you because I didn't want to give it to you. I wish I could take back everything but I can't. I'm sorry" she cried. I just looked at her.
"I cry every night think about you and how I hurt you. I just want you to forgive me....just tell me you forgive please. I'm sorry" she cried. I wiped her tears.
"I think about you all the time too. Kels I forgave you a long time ago. Your the other half of my heart. With out you I'm nothing." I told her. She grabbed my hand. I grabbed her and hugged her. She broke down crying harder hugging me tight.
"I missed you so much...I love you so much and I promise not to ever hurt you again. I swear I won't." She cried.
"I love you too Kels. You my heart" I told her.

Awwww(wipes tears)

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