Chapter 84:Want It All Back

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         I lean back in her bed as she pulled my pants down. My dick was already hard. She knees down between my legs stroking me. I watched her. I chuckled. She giggled licking around the head of my penis and than down my shaft.
"Why you watching me?" She asked sounding sexy af. I chucked.
"Cause you teasing a nigga" I said. She giggled. I was at one of my fuck buddies house. Her name was Miracle. She was brown skin, short, thick, fat ass but her tits was small. She had a mouth on her tho. She was magic to my dick. Her pussy was Iight but I had better. I was currently fucking with her and some Puerto Rican bitch name Carmen that I met at my club 2 months ago. But Miracle was my "main" I guess you could say. We wasn't in no relationship we just fuck buddies. I bit my lip as she sucked on my dick. I laid back and guided her head up and down. After 5 minutesi bussed in her mouth. She looked up at me smiling.
"Let me rinse my mouth real quick" she said walking off. I watched as her ass jiggled in her leggings. A few minutes later she came back out naked. She got a magnum and slid it on in a swift. She giggled.
"Stop watching my ever move" She said. I licked my lips.
"My bad" I said. She giggled climbing on top of me straddling me. She slowly eased me in her.
"Mmmm...I can never get tired of this feeling" she whispered as she started rotating her hips. I held her hips.
"Mmmm fuck." She moaned. I bit my lips as I thrusted my pelvis into her. She bent down trying to kiss me but I turn my head and pecked her cheek. I can tell she was mad but she tried to his it. She pressed her hands into my chest as she bounced her ass up in down.
"Fuck" I said grabbing her ass. He went faster and started bouncing on it.
"Uhhhhh...shit I'm bout to. Uhhh." She moaned as she threw her head back. I kept thrusting my hips into her.
"Mmmmm AHHHHH QUE" she screamed as she fell forward. I held her as I continued to pound into her.
"UHHHHH MY GOSH. Uhhh" she moaned louder as he walls strangled my dick and she came. I gave her four more thrusts and I came. I was so out of it that I forgot who o was actually fucking.
"Damn Kels..........shit! I mean Miracle!" She slowly looked up at me looking hurt. I lifted her off me and took my condom off and flashing it. I didn't leave condoms laying around. Bitches be sneaky now a days. Fuck the garbage, I don't care if her toilet it clogged. I came back out pulling up my pants. She was sitting in the same place.
"Fuck wrong with you?" I asked her already knowing what was wrong. She looked at me with glossy eyes.
"You called me Kels again! Who is that huh?" She asked. I huffed.
"None of your business" I simple said.
"It is my business if every time you FUCKING ME your moaning her name. Who is the bitch?!" She screamed.
"Yo watch your fucking mouth. She ain't no fucking bitch first of all" I said getting angry.
"Who is She? Huh? Is she your fucking lil girlfriend? Does she know you be fucking me damn near every night huh? She must not be doing her job" she yelled. I chuckled.
"It doesn't matter who she is Damn...fuck wrong with you" I said shaking my head.
"FUCK YOU" She yelled as she put her robe on. I laid back on her bed.
"You Just did that" I said.
"Leave...get out my house. Go home to whoever Kels is." She says sounding jealous.
"Man calm the fuck down. I ain't going no where. You cooking like you said you was or what?" I asked her. She rolled her eyes.
"What do you want to eat?" She said lowly.
"Stop acting like that. I don't have a girl, I told you that. But anything." I said. She smiled and kissed my neck. I shook my head laying back. Every time I'm  fucking I always slip up and say Kelsey's name. I don't know why. I don't miss her ass. Shit I'm lying. Of course I miss her ass. Shit I miss everything about her. Her fruity sent, her big smile, her laugh, the way she bonding with our daughters, the faces she mad when I was stroking her good. I missed her like crazy and I can't deny that. And to be honest I forgive her, for everything. I forgave her a long time ago. Everyone makes mistakes. Shit I cheated on her countless times, and what she do? Stay with a nigga and forgave me every time because our love was that deep. She cheated once and I think it's world wars 3. I never even allowed her to explain herself. I was being selfish. I just want her to know I'm sorry about everything. I want and need Kelsey in my life. She's the other half of my heart. Without Kelsey, there's no Quanell.
"Que!!" Miracle whined bring me out my thoughts.
"Yeaaaa" I said annoyed.
"I've been calling your name for the longest. What was you thinking bout" she asked. This bitch so damn nosy I swear.
"Nothing. Food done" I asked she nodded and I jumped up. I ate and left. I had no time for her ass. I got home showered and called up my dad. I wanted to see the girls tomorrow morning. I had a surprise for them.

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