Chapter 122:Reality

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     I sat staring in space. A light tap on my arm brought me back to reality.
"Kelsey, get out the car. Come on you need to get this over with" Keisha said. Keisha was Ash fiancé and she's become my best friend. I looked over at her and shook my head.
"I already know what they gonna say so why take them" I said. She sucked her teeth.
"Kelsey...get...out...the...damn car. Come on" She said as she got out my car and walked around to the driver side. I grabbed my purse and got out.
"Good girl" she said as she led the way inside Walgreens. Keisha was a very beautiful girl. She was about my complexion, very petite and about a inch shorter than me. She was strictly attracted to woman so I didn't have to worry about bringing her around Que. Funny I know. She didn't look at me in that way either. She was 26 and had a 8 year old daughter who was conceived by rape when she was 17. Ash has Keisha been together for 6 years so it's basically their child.


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Keisha picked up 4 pregnancy tests and I quickly paid for them. The drive back to my house she kept assuring me that everything would be fine but it really wasn't. I didn't want another child. Taking care of four kids was already a lot and I didn't want to add another one. We pulled up to the house noticing Que and Ash car parked out front.
"Fuck" Keisha said as she stuffed the bag with the pregnancy tests inside her purse. We got out the car and headed in. When I walked in all you smelled was strong weed and loud music blasting. J Cole Neighbors blasted as I followed the smell of the weed.
I went into my room and Que and Ash was sitting in front of the tv playing 2k18. Both of them had blunts in their hands as they yelled at each other while playing the game.
"QUE" I screamed. Him and Ash looked up at us. He stopped the music and stood up.
"I didn't know you would be back so soon" he said as he put their blunts out. I sucked my teeth.
"Why y'all smoking in the damn house, and in my damn room." I asked. Keisha walked passed Ash mushing her head as she opened the balcony door to let the weed smoke out.
"Yea why you smoking in her damn house" Keisha asked as she stood in front of Ash with her arms folded. Ash looked at Que for assistance. Que sucked his teeth.
"We was gonna smoke on the balcony but we got too into the game. Sorry bae ok" Que said as he kissed my lips.
"Whatever Que. can y'all get out. Me and Keisha trying to have a girls talk" I said. He nodded kissing my lips.
"I love you ok" he told me. I smiled nodding my head. He rubbed my waist and looked down at it. I pushed his hands off me. He looked up at me smiling.
"What, it's nothing bad. You just getting thicker. Shit I like it. But we bout to probably go play ball. Text me if you need me ok?...Love you" He said before kissing me again.
"I love you too, and be safe" he nodded as they went walking out. I heard the front door close, Keisha went running down stairs to make sure they pulled off. She came back in the room out of breath.
"Damn girl...a bitch is tired. But they left in Ash car. Come on, it's time to really find out" she said as she dug in her purse and passed me the pregnancy tests. I sighed as I looked at them.
"Goooo" Keisha said as she pointed to the bathroom. I rolled my eyes as I dragged myself to the bathroom. I read the directions because it's been a little over 4 years since I used one. I peed on all four sticks. I had to wait 10 minutes so I went back into my room. I jumped as I opened the bathroom door because Keisha was standing right at the door.
"Soooooooo" She said excitedly.
"So I have to wait 10 minutes" I told her. She formed a O with her mouth and nodded. I dreaded when 10 minutes passed.
"Kelsey stop acting like that and go check the damn tests" Keisha said as she laid across my bed watch Love & Hip Hop Miami.
"I don't wanna miss this part" I said as I watched tv. She looked back at me with squinted eyes.
"Girl bye, you don't even like this damn season so don't lie" she said making me laugh. "Uhhhhhhhhhh, I'm scared Keisha" I admitted as I stretched out on my bed. She sighed sitting up.
"I would of said some smart shit like, you wasn't scared when you opened your legs...but imma be nice" she joked. I giggled.
"You want me to check them?" She asked. I nodded my head quickly. She got up and went into the bathroom looking at them. Her expressing never changed. She looked at me as she came out of the bathroom.
"Speak!!! What did it say?" I asked.
"All four of them....said, that you are pregnant" she said with a smile. My whole facial expressing dropped. I bursted our in tears. Keisha quickly consoled me.
"Kelsey! Wait why are you crying like this? I really thought you would be happy?" She said. I just cried harder.
"Kelsey, please don't cry. Why are you crying? Huh?" She asked me as she rubbed my back. I looked into her eyes. It hurt me to say it but it was the truth.
"I don't want it....I don't want this baby" I cried. She held me as I continued to cry harder. I knew I was pregnant about 2 months ago. I missed my period but ignored it, trying to convince myself it was because of stress. Once I started having morning sickness basically every morning I knew I was indeed pregnant. This pregnancy test just brought everything to reality. I refuse to tell Que because I have no intention on keeping this baby.

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