Chapter 101:Laced

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***sorry for any misspelling or grammar errors! I didn't proofread! ENJOY!! It took me a while to right because I kept changing my mind lol***


"QUANELL!! QUANELL" I yelled shaking him. He sat up straight breathing hard. He had a tight grip on my shirt and sweat dripped from his face.
"Que!!! What's wrong" I asked he grabbed me crying into my chest. I've never seen him cry like this. He was crying as if something bad happened.
"QUE!!!" I said as he started breathing harder. He was making me scared.
"QUE!!! what's wrong" I asked. He let my shirt go and stood up.
"QUE" I yelled. He turned to me and he was dripping in sweat. He grabbed at his chest and fell to the ground. I tried to catch him but he fell so fast.
"QUE!!" I cried. I checked his pulse it was faint.  I grabbed my phone calling the police. I checked his pulse again it it was faint. I told the police what happened and they said they was 3 minutes away. I called his dad and he was on his way here. One of the boys started crying as I got up Que started shaking uncontrollably, foam came from his mouth. I ran to him turned him on his side. He was having a seizure. I stuck my finger in his mouth making sure he was not choking. I went into straight nurse mode, it was no time for crying. I checked his pulse and it was still faint. Ques body shook as I held him and my babies cried in the back ground.
"MOMMY" Kali said coming into the room.
"NO GET OUT GET OUT" I yelled not wanting her to see this. I heard sirens and our door bell ringing.
"Kali open the door" I yelled. A few seconds later paramedics and police rushed in the room. They took control of Que as a cop console me. They hooked Que up to a machine and stuck a needle in his arm. His body soon relaxed. I picked up my crying babies and cried.
"What did he take" a paramedic asked as they strapped him to a gernny.
"What did he take? What do you mean? He was sleep and woke up in a panic, he ended up callaspping and having a seizure. We just got back from the Bahamas" I told them.
"Miss this is more than a seizure, it was triggered from a overdose" he said as they carried Que out. At the same time Que dad rushed in.
"WHAT HAPPENED?" He asked on the verge of tears.
"He has a seizure but they talking about it was triggered by an overdose." I said wiping my tears.
"I'm riding with him. Here take my car and meet me up there....he's gonna be good. Ques strong" he told me as he hugged me. I nodded my head. I grabbed the boys diaper bag and the kids sweaters. We got in the car and headed to the hospital. The whole time I kept thinking about them saying it was triggered by an over dose. What type of shit is that. Did Que really starts doing coke again. I shook that thought out my head. He promised he wouldn't.

The next day....
I sat as Que bed side with both my hands in my lap. Que dad stood at his bed side. Yesterday was so unreal. Once they brought Que to the hospital he had 2 more seizures so they put him in a medicated coma to stop them. They found traces of fentanyl in his system. Fentanyl!!! I shook my head just thinking about it. What the fuck was he even doing near that shit. You taking that shit you asking to fucking die. They also found traces of Oxycodone in his system so they think they was mixed together in a pill. They had to pump his stomach to clear his systems. They still running tests trying to make sure everything was still functioning correctly. I was mad at him but I couldn't be. I needed to be here for him. I got up and walked down the hall. I smiled as I watched Kali and Kellie play. The hospital has a day care, they offered to watch the kids. I went in and I had to show my ID they let me into the room where a nurse was watching over the sleeping kids. My boys slept peacefully.
"Thank you again" I said to the nurse. She waved me off and smiled.

1 week later...
It was going on 8pm and the kids was sleep.
The boys was sleep in their car seats and the girls was sleep on the couch in Que hospital room. He was still in his coma. The doctors said he should be up by next week. I've been driving myself crazy these last two weeks running back and forth to the hospital. Raising 4 kids. My babies are starting to teeth and they cry all day. I'm not complaining but I'm gonna drive myself crazy. I had my head in my hands as my mind went crazy. I heard a light cough. He coughed 2 more times and his eyes slowly opened. A small smile appeared on my face as I slowly get up. He coughs and I grab my water bottle putting it to his mouth. He always me and takes small sips.

My mouth was so dry, when the water touched my mouth it felt like heaven. That water was good af.
"How Long I been here?" I questioned. I looked at the girls cuddled together sleep and my boys sleep in their car seat. I instantly smiled as my eyes started to fill with tears.
"Almost 2 weeks. You remember what happened" Kelsey questioned.
"Yea" I said not wanted to really talk about it.
"Why you woke up in a panic like that? What was you dreaming about?" She questioned. I stayed silent for a few minutes. I was thankful it was a dreamed.
"I dreamed, that once we got back to the house. The police came. They arrested both of us for trying to kill Racheal and I was being charged with rape too. Shit was so crazy" I said as my eyes watered.
"It was just a bad dream Que. everything is ok. But tell me this. How long have you been taking drugs?" She says with hurt in her voice. I squinted my eyes.
"Drugs? I haven't been doing nothing besides smoking weed." I told her honestly. She sucked her teeth.
"So how did you get fucking Fentanyl and Oxycodone in your system" she semi yelled as tears fell. I looked at her in shock.
"What? Fentanyl!" I questioned as I sat up. Me being in the drug business I knew exactly what Fentanyl was. Niggas now a days was mixing that in coke, crack, herion, any drug, but that shit was deadly.
"Yes Fentanyl! Both Fentanyl and Oxycodone was found in your system, that's what caused you to pass out. You had an overdose and it triggered a seizure. You could have fucking died Que! How would I explain that to them" she cried pointing to the kids.
"I took two Oxy pills but I didn't take no fucking Fentanyl" I told her.
"So how it get in your system Que? Huh? Mixing those two Que!! That shit is fucking deadly. Just a little bit more of that shit any you would of been gone. They said the Oxycodone and Fentanyl was mixed" she said. I froze and looked at her.
"What!?" I questioned. She shook her head in disappointment. Twizz gave me some pills that day Racheal fucked up my car. He said it was Oxy. He gave it to me because I told him I need to go home and calm down. He gave me 3 pills, I took them a few years back so I already knew they would work. I took one before I left the club than I took the last two once we got back from the Bahamas since I was feeling nervous about those cars sitting across the street from our house. Once I took that shit I was knocked out. Fuck, that nigga tried to kill me.
"What's wrong?" Kelsey asked grabbing my shoulder. I looked at her.
"Twizz, he laced the Oxy pills with Fentanyl. That nigga tried to kill me" I said in disbelieve.

To be continued.....

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