Chapter 93:Knocking

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Racheal in photo.

Sorry for any misspelling or grammar errors. I didn't proofread! ENJOY!!!

       I let the hot water hit my body. Tears fell but no one would notice since I was covered in water. Que don't know the half of shit I'm dealing with right now. I work 12 hours shifts 3 times a week. I don't need to work those long shifts but I do it because it makes me happy. Than when I'm not working I'm still working because taking care of 4 kids is no joke. Don't get me wrong I love my kids to death, but sometimes I just need a break. Even if it's just 10 minutes. Whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed Ques never around. He think this shit is easy but it's not. I dress them, cool for them, feed them, bath them, put them to sleep. Me and only me. The only time he does any of this shit is when I work but even then I always make sure they good. I'm not saying he's a bad father because he's not. I would trade him bring their father for anyone. But I just need him to be here and help me out more often. Than on top of all this I'm dealing with my mother health issues. She not doing good at all. I think that's what really breaking me. 3 months ago my mother found out she has brain cancer, I Damn near lost it when those words left her mouth. My mom has always been my rock. Always had my back, there whenever I needed her. If I loose her I'm basically loosing myself. I rinsed the soap off me. I grabbed my rob and got out the shower. I wiped the fog off the mirror and looked at myself. My hair was wet hanging almost to my butt. My face looked like I was sick or something and my eyes was puffy from crying. I shook my head and opened the bathroom door. Que was sitting on the bed with the boys in his lap. I didn't say anything to him as I got my clothes and started getting dress.
"Kels-" I waved my hand.
"Please not right now Que. if your cheating than ok, I really don't care. I got more important shit my o be thinking about than your bullshit." I said pulling my pants on. She seemed taking back.
"Kelsey, I'm not cheating I swear on my kids I'm not." He said sounding sincere. I looked at him with no expression.
"Ok" I said with no emotion.
"I'm going to see my mother Que" I said trying to grab the boys.
"Why can't they stay with me...I got them" he said. I sucked my teeth.
"Maybe tomorrow. My mom wants to see them" I said but he still didn't hand them over.
"But I wanna spend time with them. Your mom always sees them. I'm sure she ain't gonna mind." He said. I threw my phone against the room. It hit the wall and cracked. The boys instantly started crying. I looked down at them upset that I scared them. I quickly left the room as Que called my name. I went to the back yard and sat there as tears fell from my eyes. I'm so stressed the fuck out. After about 10 minutes I heard the back door opened. Que slowly walk to me. I just sat there looking in space.
"Kels what's wrong?" Que asked as he sat in a chair. He pulled it so he was sitting directly in front of me. A tear fell as I shook my head no.
"Something's wrong Kels. I know you. You look tired and stressed. What's going on" he said. More tears fell down my face.
"My mom" I lowly sobbed said as tears fell and fell.
"What...what about your mom?" He asked as he grabbed my hand. I looked up at the sky and than at him.

"She's mommy is dying Que?" She cried. I quickly grabbed her hugging her tight. Her body was shaking as she cried harder.
"What's wrong with her Kels?" I asked as I held her.
"Brain cancer. Glioblastoma. It spread. She only has a 8% chance of surviving. 8% Que!" She cried. I didn't know what to say. I knew how it felt to loss your mother, I could feel her pain.
"She's still alert. She looks fine but her body's slowly breaking down. She can't walk or hardly move. She just lay there. I know her mind is still there because she can still talk. She still know who her kids are. But I know anyway she's gonna be gone. I can't loose her Que. I can't" She cried into my chest. I held her as she cried. I heard the boys whine on the baby monitor. Kelsey got up and went inside to check on them. When I got into the room Kelsey had one in her hand and the other in her lap feeding them there bottle. I picked up one of the boys and sat next to her. We feed, burped and rocked them back to sleep in silence.
       I pulled up to Kellie school 10 minutes early. I sat in the car patiently waiting until 12. I heard a light tap on my window. I looked to my left and it was a smiling Racheal. I let out a low growl of annoyance as I let my window down.
"Hey you" She said licking her lips. I gave her a small smile.
"Hey." I said trying to keep it simple. She leaned on my door with her arms folded.
"Everything ok? Hope I didn't get you in trouble with wifey last night" she said. I squinted my eyes at her.
"Nah I'm good" I said trying to open my door. She stepped aside letting me get out. The school bell rung meaning we had to go inside to sign the kids out. She made sure she walked ahead of me and made sure to switch extra hard. I glanced at her ass but glanced back ahead as I made my way inside the school. After I signed Kellie out of school. I made sure to avoid Racheal as I made my way to my car and pulled off. Racheal wasn't nothing but trouble, temptation was knocking at my door but I wasn't about to give in.

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