Chapter 72:Pure

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"Police are describing this crime scene as disturbing and pure terror. 1 dead and 2 desperately fighting for their lives. An hour ago police received a call from a man believed to be the father of a missing man, Quanell Hernandez. He claimed Quanell Hernandez fiancé was taking at gun point. He had a tracker on her phone and gave police the location. Quanell Hernandez went missing a little over 14 months ago and was declared dead 2 months ago. We can not confirm it yet but sources are saying Quanell Hernandez is alive but him and his fiancé Kelsey Murray are in critical condition and are fighting for their lives as we speak. Police say they do believe this is where Quanell Hernandez was held captive for the last 14 months. The other victim who was found dead, Ariana Ali Salim is said to be the mastermind behind Quanell Hernandez disappearance and captivity. We will have more on this story at noon. James back to you"


Police surrounded a abandoned ranch home. As they checked the outside perimeter of the house two gun shots with off causing them to rush into the house. They quickly searched the home and it came up empty. They heard voices coming from down stairs. They slowly made there way down stairs. They heard cries and sobbing taking.
"Please...please, my girls, my girls need me" they heard someone beg. It was Kelsey. At this point they was outside the room waiting to make there next move.
"And Allah need me. But I wasn't there. Now it's time to make up for my mistakes. The whole plan was to take y'all kids, torture them than mail their body parts to y'all. But that wasn't in me. I'm not that heartless. Allah was always the heartless one" they heard. The person laughed loudly.
"May y'all both Rest In Peace" the heard before swarming into the room
"Down NOW NOW!! Get on the floor." They yelled. Ari was too quick. She grabbed Kelsey and held the gun to her head.
"I'll fucking kill her!" Ari yelled. Kelsey just layed in Aris arms helplessly. One of her gun shot wounds punctured her lungs.
"Put it down! Put the fucking gun down. NOW!" A cop yelled. Ari was now in tears. She wasn't crying because she was upset or scared she was crying because she didn't finish the job. She pulled Kelsey to the floor and stood with the gun lowered in her hand.
"Drop it. Drop the gun. Don't go out like this, you still can fix it. Think about your life" a cop said. Ari giggled and nodded her head.
"If I cared about my life it wouldn't be forced to do this" BOOM
Ari body jerked and hit the floor. You couldn't even recognize her. Her whole face was blown off.
      The cops rushed to Kelsey's and Quanell. Quanell still had a heart rate, a little slow but he was still alive. The cops checked Kelsey pulse and couldn't find one. They immediately performed CPR until the paramedics came in a few seconds later. They revived Kelsey but her pulse was low and she needed surgery as soon as possible. They rushed her to the hospital and she was then airlifted to another hospital to undergo surgery to remove the bullets. Her heart stopped right before the helicopter landed. Quanell was still breathing but wasn't alert. Something was wrong but they didn't know exactly what. They found a bunch of medications but when they noticed the Xylazine/horse tranquilizer, they immediately airlifted him to a medical facility specializing in poisoning. They ran test and found there was no trace of Xylazine but their was a large substantial trace of propofol, etomidate, and ketamine in his system. These medications are used for sedation, reliefs pain and it causes memory loss and drowsiness. He was so heavily sedated and the doctors couldn't do anything. They had to wait. Wait for time to pass. Wait for the medication to wear off. They didn't want to give him any more medications since he had this highly level of medication already in him. 2 doctors waited in his room for a whole day. That's how long it took the medication to full wear off. They watch Quanells actions closely. His eyes would slowly dart everywhere than he would close them tightly.
"Do you know where your at?" A doctor asked. He just layed there and starred at the doctor. "You know where your at honey? Do you know your name?" The doctor asked. Tears fell from his eyes. He slowly shook his head yes.
"Do you know what happened to you?" The doctor asked. He shook his head no.
"Your at the hospital. Your safe now. Everything is going to be ok" The doctor assured him. More tears streamed down his face.
"Kels-" he tried to say but his voice cracked and he began couching.
"Shhh don't speak. You need some rest. Don't worry yourself" I doctor told him.
"He wants to know where his fiancé is. Where is she?" A voice asked. "Sir..there's no visitors." The doctor said. "This is my motherfucking son!" Ace yelled. The doctor jumped. After checking his id the doctor allowed him in. Quanells instantly started crying when he saw his father. Ace broke down in tears as he hugged his son that he though was gone forever.
"So where is she? Where's Kelsey?" Ace asked as he broke his hug from Que.
"Sir, she's in another facility and I have no status of her condition-" she tried to say.
"Well you better find what the fuck her damn condition is before I tear shit the fuck up. Where the fuck is she at?!" Ace yelled.
"Sir you have to calm down, I'm not to sure where she is but I'll be sure to find out" The doctor assured him as she rushed out.

***Sorry if it's boring and sorry for any mistakes. I didn't proofread.***

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