Chapter 37:No Thicker Than Water

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       I sat in the cold steel chair as the phone ringed. After the 4th ring she answered.
"H-hello?" Her voice was shaky, I could tell she been crying all day. Just hearing her voice broke me down. I started balling out crying.
"Baby" I said. My voice was very shaky.
"Quanell....Quanell I'm here. What's going on" she said.
"I-I'm so sorry baby, I never meant to put you through this shit." I told her.
"Quanell...I'm always going to be here for you no matter what. I promise...what's going on? And when are you coming home?" She asked. I pulled away from the phone and took a deep breath.
"I-I don't know Kels. The judge denied me bail. I gotta stay in her until my trial starts, and Barber said that could be anywhere from 3 months to a year" I told her. I heard her crying louder. It pissed me off how I couldn't comfort her.
"Please don't cry Kels. Please....Kels I have to go....I'll try to call you tomorrow ok. And another thing, try to get in contact with my pops.....I love you...ok." I said.
"Ok, I will. I love you too Quanell." She said. And our phone call ended. The officers came into the interview room with handcuffs and leg shackles.
"Keep your head up Quanell, I'll be back tomorrow. I'll keep trying to call your father and if he doesn't answers I'll swing by his house, ok " He said. I shook my head yea. We shook hands and gave each other a manly hug. The officers cuffed my hands than shackled my feet. I felt like I was a fucking criminal. Well I am in their eyes. Once I got to my cell I just laid on the hard ass bed.
"Pops where are you? I need you more than anything right now". I whispered to my self. I let a few tears fall from my eyes before wiping them. I closed my eyes and prayed when I woke up this was all just a fucked up dream.

2 weeks later....

      I've been in this hell hole for 2 weeks, and I still haven't heard shit from my pops. No one on the outside has seen him, I'm starting to think the worst. I get to make a call everyday, I make sure to call Kelsey, and she'll three way me to make other calls. Kelsey's been doing fine. She said she find but I know she ain't. I know my baby girl is wondering where her daddy at. When I call Kelsey she puts the phone up to Kali's ear and I talk to her, her lil laughter keeps me sane. Kelsey's been bugging me, she wants to come and visit me but this ain't no place for them. I don't want them no where near this hell hole.
"Hernandez...your lawyer is here." The officers yelled. I approached him and nodded my head at him. He was one of the cool officers.  He cuffed me and escorted me to where my lawyer was. I walked into the room and saw my Lawyer, Barber pacing the room. The officer uncuffed me and left us alone.
"Fuck wrong with you man?" I asked while taking a seat.
"Your case man" he said while leaning on the wall.
"Come on man, you knew what was up when you first took on my case." I said while staring him down.
"No man...somethings up. Something ain't right...shit just ain't adding up" he said.
"What the fuck ain't adding up?" I asked. He just looked for a while and shook his head.
"W-Where's your father at Que?" He asked while looking at his feet. I looked up at him .
"I don't even know man, the nigga been MIA ever since the day I got arrested. No call, no visit, no nothing, hmmm." I said while shaking my head. Deep down inside I was upset.
"When's the last time you saw him" Barber asked. I took a deep breath remembering the last time I saw him.
"The day before I got arrested. It was like 2am. He came to my crib, talking bout I owe him and shit. Telling me he needed $10,000. He was off it man. He was high...I knew he was high because he had that look in his eyes, that look I remembered as a kid. He was tripping, getting in my face, pushing me. I let that shit slid cause he my pops, but than this fool had the nerve to try to put his hands on Kelsey. I lost it. I had to give it to that nigga. I beat his ass....I wasn't gonna let him get away with that shit." My eyes was glassy, a single tear slipped from my eye and I quick whipped it. Barber just sat there and listened so I continued.
"After I beat his ass. He was talking crazy. Talking bout he's gonna kill me, he's gonna make my life a living hell, and how I'm going to go down......" I stopped talking. I looked up at Barber. And he just looked at me with sorrow eyes. I shook my head and chuckled.
"Nahh...Nah. He ain't that fucked up or stupid" I said while looking at Barber for assurances.
"Que...I think it was a set up...I think your father set you up for murder." Barber said while placing his arm on my shoulder. I looked at him in disbelief.
"Nah man....NOOO!!! HE WOULDN'T DO NO SHIT LIKE THAT, NO MAN! MAN WHY YOU LYING TO ME. MY POPS WOULDN'T DO NO GRIMMY SHIT LIKE THAT" I yelled. I flipped the table over that we was seated at. I was now in tears because deep down I knew it was true. But I just didn't want to believe it. How could he betray me. How could he set his own son, his own blood up for murder. My heart was heavy. Before I knew it officers came running into the room. They tried to cuff me but before I knew it I blacked out and just started swinging. Knocking niggas out left and right. More and more officers came running into the room but I didn't care, I was still knocking them out. I soon felt a cold steal hit my head, I hit the ground hard and everything went black.

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