Chapter 55:Let's Chill

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Ari ^

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      "Can I get a Steak with steamed broccoli and a bake potato. And can I also get the Bourbon Street Chicken & Shrimp...and can I just get water....did you figure out what you want?" I asked Ari. She looked at the menu than up at me.
"Uh I'll just take the Steak with green beans and a bake potato and have a pink lemonade please" she told the waiter. He wrote down our orders and left. She kept fidgeting in her seat.
"You iight?" I asked her. She smiled and nodded her head.
"Why you acting nervous and shy with me? Hmm?" I asked her with a smirk. She giggled and ran her hands through her long straight hair. Everything about her was beautiful. Ari stood about 5"6 130lbs light skin, she was mixed with Dominican and Puerto Rican. She had a lil nice body on her, not as curvy as Kels but she was still cute.
"I'm not acting nervous I'm just chillin." She said.
"Sooooooo Ari...what's your real name cause I'm sure Ari is short for something" I asked her. She giggled. The waiter brought us our drinks.
"My full name is should know that boss" she said with a smirk. I laughed.
"Yes I should know since I am your boss, but it's so many different people working there that it's hard to remember." I told her. She nodded.
"So Que what is your real name? Or am I not allowed to know it." She asked while sipping on her pink lemonade. She looked sexy drinking it.
"Um my real name is Quanell but everyone calls me Que" I said.
"That's a cute name." She smirked. The waiter brought out our food and we dug in. We had lil conversation about the club while we are. We finished and order dessert.
"So how old are you?" I asked her.
"21, I'll be 22 on January 6th." She said.
"That's my daughter birthday. You still a younging. I'm 25." I told her. She looked up at me when I mention I have a daughter.
"Oh ok, I didn't know you had a daughter, what's her old is she?" She asked.
"She's 3. Her name is Kali. And I have another daughter on the way" I told her. She look slightly disappointed but smiled.
"That's where the club name came from, that's cute. So are you married?" She asked. I giggled.
"Nah I'm not married, if your asking if I'm with the mother if my children yes, where actually engaged." I honestly told her. Our dessert cake out and we ate in silence. I think she was lowkey feeling me but she probably turned off now since I mentioned I have a fiancé and two daughters. After we finished She gave me her address to bring her back home. We drove in silence for 5 minutes until I decided to break the awkward silence.
"You don't wanna talk to me now?" I asked her while glancing from the road to her. She looked at me than started playing with her nails.
"It's just.." I cut her off.
"Because I have a fiancé and two daughters?" I asked her. I stoped at a red light and glanced at her.
"Kinda...I guess, I kinda like you. But when you mentioned you had a fiancé that kinda threw me off...I don't wanna come in between what y'all have" She said. I nodded my head.
"I hear you. I understand what you mean. But you won't be coming in between what me and her have." I told her as the light turned green.
"So you want your cake and eat it too?" She asked me while folding her arms over her chest. I laughed.
"Nah, Nah... I mean I wanna get to know you. You seem cool and lowkey like me. And you sexy as fuck. I just wanna chill, and whatever happens, happen...iight?" I asked her as I pulled up in front of a small two story brick home, it was nice.
"Ok" She said with a smile. I looked at the house than back at her.
"Who you live her with?" I asked her.
"My self. This was my grandmas house, but when she passed away she left it to me" she said. She looked said.
"Sorry for your lost" I told her. She nodded her head.
" you wanna come in." She asked as she unbuckled her seatbelt. I check the time on my phone, 2:42am.
"Yea, I'll chill for a lil" I told her as we exited my car and went inside.

It was 3:30am and I still couldn't fall asleep. My stomach was hurting so bad, and the baby kept kicking. I tried to call Quanell over 20 times and I even text him but no reply. I called my mom and she's on her way. I'm thankful she moved out to California to be closer to me until I have the baby.
"Uhhhhhhhh" I yelled. I felt water dripping down my leg.
"Oh my goshhhh uhhhh" I said. My water just broke. I tried to call Quanell again but no answer.
"FUCK! Where are you!" I yelled while throwing my phone on the bed. I called my mom back and told her my water broke, she said she was 2 minutes away. I heard the front door open and close and heard my mom call my name. She grabbed Kali and helped me into the car. I pain was getting worst and all I could do was cry. The whole way there I kept calling and text Quanell. Right before we pulled up to the hospital I decided to leave Quanell a voicemail.
"Just to let your stupid ass know, I'm in FUCK LABOR!! My water broke, I tried to call your stupid ass but I guess you got more important shit to tend to. Hopefully you make it before your daughter is delivered ass hole! Uhhhhhhhh" I ended the voicemail as another contraction came. Where the fuck was he. It's damn near 4:00am, and he still ain't home.

***Sorry for any mistakes or misspellings I didn't proof read it!! Enjoy!!!!!!

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