Chapter 75:Space Between Us

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1 week later...
      I sat in the back yard watching the girls play on there playground. I watched as Kali held Kali as they slid down the slide. That made me smile. I haven't seen Justin since that night. We text here and there but we don't like to text because I don't want Que finding out. The back door open and I heard laughing.
"Daddy!" Kellie said running to Que. I smiled at them. Justin walked in behind him. We locked eyes but I looked away. How did this love affair even start? One day Que wasn't home, he was working late at his club and Que sent him over to check on us since it was a thunderstorm. We talked for hours. Then he kissed me and I didn't reject it. We didn't have sex he just gave me oral sex. From that day on we been having sex about twice a week. Why did I cheat? I don't know, shit just happened. Que was never home always working and I was getting lonely and just wanted attention and love. And that's exactly what Justin gave me. I know Que don't suspect a thing.
"Hey bae!" Que said pecking my lips twice.
"Hey, hows it going at the bar?" I ask him.
"Sup Kelsey" Justin said sittin next to Que.
"Oh hey Justin." I said.
"The club is going talked to the wedding planner" he asked. I rolled my eyes I. My head. I honestly didn't wanna get married anymore, well not to Que.
"Um no why?" I asked.
"She called me asking if we picked out the flowers. She said call her...oh yea I forgot to tell you, his ass gonna be my best man" he said pointing at Justin. My face instantly dropped but I played it off.
"Ohh ok cool" I said. Justin looked uncomfortable.
"I'm about to start dinner" I said getting up rushing in the house. I stood in the kitchen with my arms folded over my chest. I heard the back door open and hurried and opened the fridge getting food out. I knew it was Que. I felt his hands grab my waist and he pushed his hardness into my butt.
"Que...not right now bae" I half moaned.
"Que?!" A voice said. I stood up straight turning around quick.
"Justin! What the fuck!" I gritted. I made sure to not talk so loud.
"What?" He asked.
"Don't fucking do that, that's what? Que could of walked in" I said throwing the thawed meat on the counter.
"So" he said. I looked at him as if he was stupid.
"You must of forgot who Que was. He'll fucking kill your ass with no hesitation" I told him. He was about to say something but Kali and Kellie came running into the kitchen. Justin backed off. Que came in the kitchen talking on his phone. I turnt the stove on and started cooking.

     I watched Kelsey as she cooked. I can just look at her and tell something was wrong. She looked sad. I hugged her from the back.
"Que stop" she said pushing me off. I just looked at her like she was stupid.
"What's wrong with you?" I asked her.
"Nothing." She said as she paid me no kind of attention and kept cooked.
"Something is wrong with you. For the longest you been acting like this and to be honest I'm sick of this shit" I said getting pissed.
"Whatever Que! I'm not about to argue with you. I haven't been acting like nothing, I just don't wanna be bothered" she says rolling her eyes. I looked at her.
"Come up stairs. We need to talk" I told her.
"No I'm good" she said. I reached over turned off the stove and basically dragged her up the stairs.
"Get off! Damn" she said pulling away from me. She sat on the bed. I stood in front of her.
"The fuck is wrong with you?" I asked.
"Your what's wrong with me" she mumbled.
"What!" I yelled. She jumped at my voice. She sucked her teeth stood up.
"You heard me. Fuck out my face" she says trying to walk out the room but I grabbed her arm.
"Kels...what the fuck is up with you?" I asked looking in her eye. She looked away.
"I don't think I'm ready for marriage" she blurted out.
"What! What you mean?" I asked.
"It means I don't wanna get married." She said.
"What! What are you talking about? That's all you dreamed about. Kels your just scared and nervous-" she shook her head.
"No im not nervous or scared. I'm not marrying you...I can't, I-I I just can't do this right now Que. I need some space." She said trying to walk away but I grabbed her arm.
"Kelsey...what the fuck is going on. Why you acting like this towards me. Look I know I've been working a lot and staying at my club late, but Kels, I promise I'm not cheating. I swear on my mother and my damn kids. I'm not cheating" I said. She pulled away from me.
"Ok...but I still can't do this. I can't, I'm sorry" she said rushing out the room. I stood there for a few minutes trying to comprehend what the fuck just happened. I heard Kali wining.
"But mommy I don't wanna go..I wanna stay with daddy" she cried. I went into the girls room and she had a suitcase packing their stuff.
"Kels, What the fuck are you doing" I asked her. She stopped looking up at me.
"Quanell please don't start. I just told you I needed some space" she said continuing to throw their clothes in the suitcase.
"Kali go down stair" I said still looking at Kelsey. Kali ran out the room. I walked up to Kelsey grabbing the suitcase throwing it across the room with full force. The suitcase wheel flew off and the clothes went everywhere.
"What the fuck! Are you crazy!" She yelled. We was now chest to chest.
"Move!" She yelled pushing me.
"Kelsey your not leaving and your not talking my kid. Or ". I looked down with rage.
"Or what? Huh? Your gonna hit me? I wish you would. I'll call the cops. Keep fucking with me and I'll tell them about your little drug business you got running through your club. Cleaning your dirty ass money" SLAP

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