Chapter 119:A Changed Man

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Sorry for any misspelling or grammar errors! I didn't proofread! Enjoy!!!

     I sat outside Ques club as I waited for him. I just picked the kids up and dropped them off at Ques dad house because they was spending the weekend with him. I texted his phone again and he said he'll be out in a few minutes. A few minutes passed, 10 minutes passed. I sighed as I got out my car. I went to the front entrance two big black security stood in front of the doors.
"ID" one said.
"Man, that's the bosses wife ?" One of them asked. I gave him a small smiled and nodded my head slowly. The guy who asked for my ID quickly opened the doors for me allowing me to walk in. I thanked him as I walked through the club. It was only 4:30pm so it was only a few people in the club. I spotted Ash at the bar.
"Heyyyy" I said as I waved to her.
"Hey Kelsey" she said. Ash and Que has become best friends. I even became good friends with Ash girlfriend Keisha. I walked down the hall until I got to Ques office. The door was cracked a little so I pushed it all the way open stepping in but I quickly stopped in my tracks. Que was leaned back in his seat, and some half naked bitch stood in front of him. I looked at him than at her.
"'s not what it looks like" he said as he stood up.
"What's going on?" I asked as I looked at him.
"I should go" the girl said as she tried to leave but I closed the door.
"Nah, you ain't going no where until I know what the fuck is going on" I said as I threw my purse on the floor. I was ready to to whoop a bitch ass.
"Kels, ain't shit going on. We was just talking"Que said as he walked over to me. I took two steps back looking at him than the girl. I chuckled and shook my head.
"Talking?...talking about what? If y'all was just talking Why is this bitch half fucking naked!" I yelled as I walk up to the girl but Que quickly pulled me back.
"Kelsey! Stop! She dressed like this because she a new bottle girl! We wasn't doing shit. Elle, you can leave." He told the girl and she damn near ran out. I pushed him off me as I grabbed my purse.
"Lying ass bastard." I yelled. He grabbed my arm and penned me against the wall.
"Yo calm the fuck down, coming here acting a fucking fool." He yelled as he let me go.
"Fuck you! Cheating ass motherfucker, I knew you wouldn't change." I said as I picked up my phone that fell.
"I didn't fuck her Kels! I was just talking to the damn girl." He yelled as he started slamming things on his desk.
"Yea sure nigga" I said.
"Here, since you think I was doing something" he said as he shoved his phone in my face. It was the security tape from his office. He has his security system set up so he can pull it up anytime on his phone. I watched as he talk to the girl and she signed some papers. She stood up and went to him as he put a band around her arm. It was a band that let people know she was a bottle girl. I watched as I came into the office. He snatched his phone away as he stared at me. I felt stupid.
"If I was gonna cheat, I wouldn't do it here, I wouldn't have my damn door cracked open and plus she's not even my type" he said as she stuffed his phone in his jeans pocket.
"I'm sorry." I said as I looked down at my feet. He huffed.
"Give me your keys I'm driving" he said. I handed him my keys. He grabbed my hand as we left out the side exit. We drove silent. We passed our exit.
"Where we going?" I asked as I looked out the window.

I ignored her question as I kept driving. She pissed me off earlier, I promised her I was done with cheating and I was telling the truth. She's starting to become so damn insecure.
"Que? Where are we going?" She asked as she looked over at me.
"Kelsey just sit the fuck back and shut up." I rudely said to her as I paid attention to the road. After those words left my mouth I instantly felt bad. I didn't mean to say it so harshly. I looked over at her she had her body fully turned to the window. Her arms was crossed and she had a mean look on my face.
"Kelsey I'm sorry...I didn't mean to say it like that" I said as I touched her exposed leg. She pushed my hand off her leg as she wiped her face. She was crying. I sighed. The whole hour and a half drive she stayed that way. I pulled up to our destination. I got out and gave the keys to the Valet. I opened Kelsey door and noticed she was sleep. I grabbed her purse and her phone.
"Kels?...Kelsey wake up" I said. Her puffy eyes fluttered opened. She rolled her eyes at me as she snatched away from me.
"Come on" I said as I tried to help her out the car.
"Where are we?" She asked as she looked around at the boats.
"Just come on" I said. She sighed as she got out the car. I passed her her purse and phone, she snatched them from me. I shook my head at her as we walk towards the boat and boarded it. The boat ride was only 20 minutes. We got off the boat and Kelsey looked around clueless, I read the sigh out load. Paradise Point Resort, A Destination Hotel. Kelsey looked at me confused.
"What's this?" She asked. I kissed her lips but she didn't kiss me back. I gave her a mean look and grabbed her face.
"Yo don't do that...kiss me back" I said. I kissed her lips again and she kissed me back. I grabbed her hand as we walked up to the hotel.
"You like it?" I asked her.
"Yea it's beautiful. How you find out about this place?" She asked. I chuckled.
"I have my connects" I told her as we walked into the hotel. Everything looked so expensive, shit it better be after all this damn money I just spent. We was staying for 3 days. My dad already knew and offered to watch the kids. Kelsey needed this lil vacation. She stood by my side with her hands entwined with mines as she looked around the lobby. After checking in we headed to our room. The elevator was made of glass so he could see everything.
"Wow....Que...we don't even have no clothes" Kelsey said. Damn I thought, I was so busy trying to make this a surprise I forgot all about packing some clothes.
"Shit, I honestly forgot Kels...we can go shopping after we get settled in the room ok" she nodded her head as she pecked my lips. I slid the card into the slot and it turned green, I opened the door and Kelsey rushed in.
"Baby....oh my gosh!!!! QUEEEE look at the bed, OH MY GOSH LOOK AT THIS VIEW!" She said with excitement as she stood at the floor to ceiling glass sliding doors.
"You like it?" I asked her as I sat on the bed. She ran to me and jumped on my lap as she kissed all over my face.
"Yes...I love it I love it. Thank you! I really appreciate this baby. I'm sorry for acting crazy at the club" she said as pokes her bottom lip out. I laid back on the bed as she stayed straddling my lap.
"It's ok, don't apologize. You had all right to assume shit. But what I told you? I'm done with that cheating shit. I love you and my family too much to fuck up again. Plus I only want your pussy and these lips on my dick" I said. She giggled and shook her head.
"Why you got to be so vulgar. You couldn't find a more appropriate way to say it" she giggled.
"Nahhh" I laughed. We kissed.
" You ready to go shopping." I asked her as I sat up. She nodded getting off my lap. I readjustment myself as I stood up.

To be continued.... you think Que will cheat again?🤔

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