Chapter 9:Betrayal

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Quanell & Jay👆🏾

      I can't believe Quanell is acting like nothing just happened. Who was that girl. Why was she calling him Bae and trying to touch him. I asked him who she was and his ass talking bout no one special. What! Obviously she is someone special if she calling you bae and shit SMFH! I just wanted to go home lay in my bed and cry honestly. Not because that bitch was calling him bae but because of the fact that he acted like he didn't know her. He lied! I thought we was open about telling each other everything. After he begged to come in and "talk" I allowed him. We walked into my apartment in sat down on the couch.
"Ok...Talk" I said to him
"Umm..ok..that girl at the club...she's my ex." He said.
" why was she calling you bae and shit? Why was she all in your face?" I asked him while playing with my fingers.
"I really don't know...I honestly haven't seen or heard from her in over 2years" he said
"So, what happened between y'all...why did y'all break up" I asked.
Quanell huffed. "She left me...for no reason honestly. No goodbye no nothing. She just upped and left. Me and her been done. And no I don't still have feelings for her. I'm sorry ok. That was real disrespectful how she came up talking to me and I apologize" she said while grabbing my hand. I nodded.
"I just don't want no secrets between up that's all Quanell." I said
"I know bae..and I'm sorry ok" she said
"Ok" I said while leaning in to kiss him. The next couple of hours we spent talking and he even told me about this lil stripper hoe he used to fuck with named Olivia. She told me how she's been hitting him up. SMFH now I gotta deal with 2 thirsty hoes, great!! Just great!
The Next Day.....
I woke up around 9am. "SHIT" I yelled while hoping out the bed. Quanell had left yesterday after our little talk. I hurried up and got dressed, did my makeup and was out. Class starts in 10minutes! I made it to my first class in time. I text Quanell to see what he was up to. He texted me back saying he wasn't coming to class because he had some important business to handle tf lmfaoo wtf is he a drug dealer or something. I laughed in my head about that. That nigga know better.

     I'm glad me a Kels had that talk yesterday. Today I didn't go to class because I had some shit to handle. Money has been coming up short at one of my trap house. So me and my nigga Jay bout to pop up on these niggas to see wth is really going on. Jay drove with me to the trap. We hopped out my Benz and made our way inside. Once we got in there all you smelled was Loud(weed). "Damn these niggas making it hot AF" Jay said. I was pissed and just shook my head while continuing walking to the back and I opened the door. "Nigga wtf are you doing!?" I asked Wayne. "And why tf you got this random ass bitch in my shit giving your ass head. Oh hell no!" I yelled. He had the nerve to have some random hoe up in my shit. And giving him head. "Get your shit bitch" I yelled to the girl. "Ok nigga damn. Wait" she said. I was too pissed that I just yanked her by her hair and dragged her out side. Naked and all. "Here take you shit bitch" I said while throwing her clothes and purse at her. I slammed the door and headed back to the back.

Quanell & Wayne👆🏾"Nigga what tf is wrong with you huh? You got random bitches in MY SHIT!! Your ass ain't even doing your job" I yelled

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Quanell & Wayne👆🏾
"Nigga what tf is wrong with you huh? You got random bitches in MY SHIT!! Your ass ain't even doing your job" I yelled. "My fault nigga" Wayne said. "Your fault? Hahaaaa your fault nigga!! Well I guess it's your fault that 10 stacks are missing!" I said to Wayne. He just looked at me in shock. "You know all these niggas up!! Tell them we having a meeting at 3 o fucking clock. All those mutherfuckers better show up and They better not even be a minute late. If they do tell them they are fucking death.!" I yelled to him. "Iiight Qúe" he said. "10 grand nigga!!! 10 fucking grand huh!!! Wait to a find out who did this, I'm putting 3 bullets I'm there fucking head!" I said while walking out. Jay followed me and we hoped in my Benz and was out. Who ever been taking my shit is gonna pay. In the back of my head I was wondering if Wayne would betray my like that. Deep down inside I was thinking no. But than again I honesty don't know. I consider Wayne like my lil brother. Damn man.

4 hours later.....
Me and jay was on our way to the warehouse for this lil meeting. I made sure I was strapped cause somebody was gonna die tonight. I finally made it to the warehouse I parked and we headed into the building. As I made my way inside I noticed everyone was there. There was about 15 workers. "Was sup boss" most of them said. "Ok so let's just get to the point. 10 stacks are missing...I don't know who tf took it but we bout to find out. Somebody's not walking out this bitch alive. The money is missing from 159th street trap house...y'all know what that means?" I asked..silence." That means it's between three motherfucks that took my shit...QUAN...TJ...and WAYNE...stand the fuck up." I yelled. They did what I said. "Ok so one of y'all took my shit...who was it?" I asked while looking each of them in the eye. "Oh so now y'all motherfuckers don't know shit...TALK!! Who every took my shit ain't only taking from me...they taking from you too!! They taking y'all money out y'all pockets that y'all us to feed y'all family!" I yelled. *Click. I cocked my gun. "Quan you took my money?" I asked him him while pointing the gun at his head. "No Qúe, man I would never steal from you." Quan said. "TJ you took my shit" I asked TJ while pointing the gun at him. "Nigga no. Que why would I steal from you man?" TJ said. "Wayne..Wayne. You took my shit?" I asked Wayne while looking him dead in his eyes. "No man." Wayne said. But why was he looking down. "Why you ain't looking at me man? feeling guilty huh?" I asked him. She just stared at me and looked away. I signaled for the other guys to sit down. "Damn this is what it comes to huh. You stealing from me." I said calmly. He didn't say anything. "HUH NIGGA!! After all I done for you, nigga I treated you like blood!! You was basically like my lil brother." I yelled. He just shook his head and looked down. I wasn't mad that he stole from me I was mad that I betrayed me. "That hurts nigga..I fucking loved your ass. I took you in when you ain't have SHIT! I took you in , feed you, gave your ass somewhere warm to sleep when your moms passed away. 10 fucking years nigga. You been my lil nigga for 10fucking years and you betray me.!" I yelled. I was so hurt. I loved this Nigga like a brother. "I'm sorry Que, I never meant to betray you" Wayne said. "It's a lil to late for that" I said. I couldn't do it. I couldn't kill him. "Want me to handle this shit" Jay asked me while taking out his gun. I couldn't kill Wayne..even tho he betrayed me, I loved him to much. He was my lil brother. "Nah nigga...imma let him walk" I said to Jay. Jay just looked at me than shook his head and walked out. I dismissed everyone else. Me and Wayne was the only ones left standing there. "Your out...I can't trust you! But I'll always love you nigga" I said to Wayne while walking out. "Why didn't you kill me." Wayne asked with tears in his eyes. "Cause" was all I said and I left.

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