Chapter 29:When It All Falls Down

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"What the fuck Kels" He yelled while charging towards her. I kept swinging at him, I wasn't slapping anymore I was throwing straight punches.
"Ahh stop man what the fuck is wrong with you" he yelled while trying to block my hits. He managed to push me on the bed and pin my hands above my head.
"Get the fuck off me now!" I yelled. I was so mad. How could he do this to me. How could he hurt me this bad.
"No!!! What the fuck is wrong with you" he yelled. I just looked at him. A tear fell from my eye. He knew. He knew I found out. He let me go and just stood at the end of the bed. I layed there. I wanted to burst out crying but I didn't. I was numb. I was so used to the hurt in pain that it started to not effect me. He made me into this person. He promised to love me, he promised he'll never do it again, when he got down on one knee I thought he was done with the cheating and lies. How stupid of me to think that. I thought I was his One & Only...bullshit! I slowly got up from the bed and went to our closet. I pulled out a suitcase and started packing my shit. I was done, I had enough.
"What are you doing Kelsey" he asked me. I didn't answer. I just kept packing my stuff. He grabbed the suitcase.
"Stop!" I yelled. He dropped the suitcase and watched me continue packing.
"It's not even that serious Kelsey, why the fuck are you packing" he asked. Was this nigga stupid or what. I did a sarcastic laugh.
"It's not that serious? Are you fucking kidding me Quanell! YOU GOT ANOTHER FUCKING BITCH PREGNANT!!!!" I yelled getting into his face. He just looked down at me.
"It's not my baby, I cleared that shit up today" he said.
"Oh whatever, that bitch can have you!!" I said while walking out the room into Kali's room. I got her suitcase and started packing her stuff.
"Give me the fucking suitcase!!! Your ass ain't going nowhere" he yelled while grabbing the suitcase and throwing it against the wall. Kali started crying. He hurried up and picked her up.
"Give me her" I demanded. He ignored. He walked into the living room.
"Give me her!" I yelled. I started to cry. He sat on the couch with a grip on Kali, he stared at the black tv, I could tell he was mad.
"You not taking my baby" he said calmly but I could her the anger in his voice. I started to cry. I just wanted to leave.
"Give me her, give me my baby" I yelled. I grabbed for her. He kept a tight grip on her.
"No your not taking her! If your ass wanna leave, than fucking leave. She's staying her." He yelled in my face. Kali started screaming crying from the top of her lungs, she was scared. I sat on the couch and buried my face in my hands crying. Quanell tried to stop Kali from crying but she wouldn't.
"Here" he calmly said. He had tears in his eyes. I quickly took her from her. Kali soon stop crying. I went back up stairs and grabbed Kali overnight bag and left. Idk where I was going but I was getting away from Quanell. I drove to the Marriott and checked in. I cried all night.

     Kelsey left. She took Kali and left. My heart is broke. I never thought my past would catch up to me. Damn I never thought Kelsey would leave me like this. We argued bad before she left, when she tried to take Kali I lost it. We was arguing yelling, and Kali was screaming because she was scared. I didn't want my baby crying like that so I gave her to Kelsey. I don't even tho where there at. I can't believe I fucked up my family.
1 week later.....
     I'm a mess. I haven't heard or seen Kelsey or Kali. The shit hurts. I cry everyday because I miss them so much. I try text and calling Kelsey but it always go straight to the voicemail.
Later that day....
     I was in the living room watching football and I heard the front door open and close. It was Kelsey and Kali. She placed Kali on the floor and Kali came running to me. I hugged and kissed all over my baby. I missed her. Kelsey just looked at me and walked up stairs. She had no emotion in her face. You can tell she bed crying all week. I played with Kali for a lil. Than my baby started to get tired. I brung her upstairs and layed her down in her crib. I went to our room, Kelsey was sitting in our bed but her back was towards me. I sat on the edge of the bed. I wanted to say something but what could I say..sorry?
"Kels. Can we talk please" I asked her. I saw her wiping her face, she was crying.
"Talk" she lowly said.
"The baby isn't mine ok, yes there was a possibility but we got a DNA test and the baby wasn't mine" I told her.
" know how hurt I was, I was so hurt when I found out. And you know what made it didn't tell me, I had to find out from that bitch" she said. She had so much pain in her voice. It hurt me just to hear her like this.
"I'm sorry Kels...I fucked up. I just wanna make things right" I said.
She got up and stood in front of me. I looked up at her. She looked a mess from crying. She took off her engagement ring and handed it it me.
"You say sorry a million times...I just can't...I can't do this anymore." She said while handing me the ring. I shook my head and pushed her hand away.
"No! Kels why you taking your ring off. We can fix this, please." I told her. She just stood in front of me and shook her head no.
"I can't Quanell! I'm tired of being hurt, cheated on, lied to...." She said. I just looked at her in disbelief. I couldn't believe this was happening.
"Please Kels, I need you...I need Kali. Please baby. Please don't leave me" I begged with tears coming down my eyes. We both was crying now.
"I can't...You can see Kali when ever you want. I just can't do this no more Quanell...I'll always love matter what." She said. I didn't say nothing. I grabbed her my her waist and cried. I cried my hardest. I was losing family. Something I cherished so much. I took her for granted. She slowly pulled away and caressed my face. I looked her in the eyes.
"I should go now." She simply said while walking away. I followed her to Kali's room. I picked her up and kissed.
"I love you" I told Kali as I kissed her. I handed her to Kelsey. Kelsey left. I cried. I was angry at myself. Before I knew it my anger took over me. I started punching holes in the wall and just blacked out. I woke up a few ours later to a trashed house. I'm anger got the best of me.

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