Chapter 111:Indeed

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***sorry for any misspelling or grammar errors. I didn't proofread!!! ENJOY***


I pressed 2 like the operator said and waited. I paced back and down forth as Rashad looked at me confused.
"Hello?" Que said. He sounded upset.
"What happened?" I asked. He sighed.
"Kels, I need you to come bill me out." He said.
"What happened?" I asked him through gritted teeth. He sighed.
"I got pulled over. I had a gun on me put they didn't charge me for that cause it's license. But I had some shit in the car" he said. I nervously but down on my bottom lip.
"A lot?" I questioned.
"Nah...I need you to go to my house. Look under that big rock in the front that says welcome. I got a spare key under it. My alarm code is 169702. Go into my room closet and y'all see red box on the floor. Under it is a safe, you gotta pull the carpet up a little. The code to my safe is 9062." He said. I wrote down the numbers on a piece of paper.
"Ok, how much is your bail?" I asked.
"10,000. You gonna come right?" He questioned.
"Yes. I'll be there as soon as I can" I told him. He was silent for a few seconds.
"Ok, thank you Kels" he said as he hung up. I looked at my phone for a few seconds.
"Who was that?" Rashad asked.
"Que...he needs me" I said as I rushed in the bathroom. I took a 5 minute shower and through on some jeans and a hoodie. I came out the bathroom and Rashad was sitting on the edge of my bed fully clothed.
"So this nigga say jump and you say how high?" He said. I looked at him and just rolled my eyes.
"So What you deaf now? But if it was that nigga talking to you you would hear perfectly fine." He asked walking up to me. I still ignored him and slid my nikes on. I grabbed my purse but he snatched it away from me.
"Give me my damn purse!" I demanded .
"Nah where you going?" He questioned.
"Que got arrested, I need to go bail him out" I said trying to grab my purse but he yanked it back.
"Nah. Kelsey your not going. I'm tired of this shit. He's a grown ass man, tell him to go get his girlfriend to bail him out." He said. I sucked my teeth and managed to get my purse from him.
"He called me tho..I'm not about to do him like that" I said.
"You so stupid! Kelsey I swear if you walk out that door we done. So it's either me or him. You choose." He said. I looked at him like he was stupid. I stayed silent for a few seconds thinking. Not thinking about who to choose but thinking about how I even got in this predicament.
"I'll walk you out. I gotta go" I said to him. He chuckled shaking his head as he stormed out of my room. I rolled my eyes following him. He rushed to his car not even saying by. I shrugged my shoulders and rushed to my car. I pulled up to Ques house about an hour later. I found the key and put the code in and let myself in. The house was dark and quiet. I've been to his house a few times so I knew my way around. I rushed into his closet and found his safe. I put the code in and the light turned green and clicked. A bunch of money was stacked neatly in it. I noticed a picture of him and his mom when he was younger and a picture of us and the kids when we got married in the Bahamas. I laughed. I took out 10 stacks of money and quickly counting it making sure it was 10,000. I stuffed it in my purse. I began to close the safe but something caught my eye. It was a yellow envelope from some medical center. I opened it. My heart ached and tears fell from my eyes as I read it.
        I pulled up to the precinct and headed inside. A fat white cop sat at the front desk.
"How May I help you?"
"I'm here to bail someone out" I said.
"Name, and date of birth of the inmate?" He questioned. I gave him Ques name and birthday. He typed in his computer.
"His charges are possession of crack cocaine with the intent to sell. His bail was set at 10,000" he said.
"Ok, do I pay here?" I asked. He reached in a pile of papers and handed me two papers to fill out. After he checked and counted the money. He told me to sit down and Que should be out in a few. A few my ass. Damn near two hours later I spotted an officer walking Que out. Que snatched his arm away from the cop and snatched his belongings away from the front desk top. I rolled my eyes as I left out the building. He soon came out as he followed me to my car. We got in the car with no words exchanged. It was damn near a 2 hour drive back to where we lived. 20 minutes into driving in silence, Que spoke.
"Thank you" He lowly said. I just remained silent.
"I said thank you" He said speaking a little louder.
"Don't talk to me" I calmly said as I drove. He sucked his teeth and pushed his seat all the way down as he put his hat over his face. Stupid ass motherfucker. We pulled up to his house and I could see the sun beginning to rise.
"Get out my car" I calmly said looking ahead. He fully sat up looking at me.
"I'm sorry for what I said to you at Kellies party. I was tripping." He said. I shook my head looking out my window.
"Kelsey..." he said. I looked at him with tears in my eyes. I leaned over and opened my glove department box and took out the yellow envelope throwing it in his face.
"When was you going to tell me this HUH!" I yelled. He looked at me confused until he opened the papers.
"YOUR SO FUCKING SELFISH!" I yelled at the top of my lungs as tears burned my eyes.
"Damn Kelsey!! Why was you going through my shit!" He yelled.
"No why would you keep this from me!" I screamed. I hugged my steering wheel and cried.
"" I managed to say as I broke down in more tears.
He was silent.
"HOW COULD YOU NOT TELL ME!!" I yelled punching the steering wheel.
"BECAUSE!!! I KNEW IT WOULD FUCKING HURT YOU!!! I DIDNT WANT TO HURT YOU MORE THAN I ALREADY DID!" He yelled as he got out my car slamming my car door. He went inside his house and slammed his front door so hard that the glass on the top of the door shattered. I buried my face in my hands as I cried harder.

To be continued...

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