Chapter 112:To Die For

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***Sorry for any misspelling or grammar errors!! I didn't proofread! Enjoy***
Sorry if this chapter is kinda boring ohh and sorry for the problems with last chapter, it was Wattpad glitching....

I didn't wanna talk about this shit so I stormed off. I was so mad that I shattered the glass on my door. My body hurt but ignored that as I went upstairs to my room retrieving my stash that I left under my bed. I pulled it from under my bed and went into the bathroom locking the door behind me.

I woke up once again in a cold sweat. I looked at my phone and it was 10pm. Damn I've been sleep for almost 12 hours. I sat up but it was a struggle because my bones felt so weak. After managing to stand up I made my way to the bathroom.
"Fuck" I ground as I hit my leg on the edge of my dresser. I looked at it and it was bruised that quick. Damn, I didn't even know I hit my leg that hard to cause a bruise, I though as I went into the bathroom. After using the bathroom and washing my hands I looked in the mirror and slightly sighed. A nigga was losing weight and it was starting to show. I left out the bathroom and sat on the edge of my bed and rubbed my stomach. I have really eating anything in weeks. All I eat is some chips, maybe a banana or some other fruit because that me the only thing I can keep down, everything else I don't have an appetite for or I'll just throw it up. My phone rung and it was Danielle. I ignored her. She's been acting funny, I think it's because I didn't tell her I love you back. Shit I don't. I stood up trying to go get something to change into but stumbled back. I held my head as I started feeling light headed. I fell to my knees and than on to my back. I laid there breathing heavy as I clutched my stomach as a sharp pain shocked me. After laying in the same spot for an hour I managed to get up and grab my keys. After making it down the stairs after struggling. I got in my car and pulled off. I felt like I was in a daze but I managed to drive to the hospital because something wasn't right.
After they admitted me to the hospital they kept asking me a bunch of question. But than they started asking me questions about my sex life.
"Mr. Hernandez when was the last time you was sexually active?"
"How many sex partners have you had?"
"Do you use protection while participating in sexual activity?"
"When was the last time you was tested for a STD or STI?"
"Will you be fine with taking a HIV/AIDS test?"
My heart raced as they asked me these questions, I tried to speak but couldn't as my body went numb and everything went black.

I sat in my bathroom with my lighter in one hand and my pipe in the other. I shook my head remembering the day I found out. I packed my pipe and lit it. I inhaled the smoke as it sizzled and crackled. This made everything better. This shit been eating me alive ever since I found out. For the first time in my life I was scared. I was scared of dying and never seeing my kids again. I think it's god way of punishing me. I did a lot of fucked up shit in my life but no one deserves this shit. When I found out I left that fucking hospital. I pulled the damn IV out and was out that bitch. They tried to stop me but it was no point. What's the point of staying when you have a slim chance of survival. If I was gonna die I wanted to die on my time. I heard loud banging on my room door and yelling. I ignored it already knowing it was Kelsey. I struck my lighter and put the pipe to my mouth as I inhaled a mouth full of smoke. Banging on the bathroom door made me jump.

      I stopped crying but just sat in my car just thinking. After 20 minutes I got out. I tried to open his front door but it was locked. I sucked my teeth as I dig through my purse. After Damn near 5 minutes I found it. I walk into the house and it was quiet.
"Que?" I called out. I threw my purse on his couch and jogged up the stairs to his room. The door was locked. I knocked on it but no answer.
"Open the door Que!" I said as I knocked harder.
"Open the fucking door" I yelled as I kicked it but no answer. I ran down the stairs retrieving a knife. I unlocked the door in a matter of seconds. It was empty but the bathroom door was closed. You could hear the sink water running. I knocked on the door. He heard shuffling around. I started to smell smoke. I Familiar type of smoke. I quickly covered my nose and mouth with my hands as I kicked the door.
"OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR QUE!!" I yelled. He ignored me. He was in there getting high. I backed away from the door because the smoke was getting too strong. After 5 minutes he came out with dilated eyes. I looked at him and sighed. He looked really bad.
"Que..." I said. He walked passed me, ignoring me as he dug in his pocket pulling out a Newport cigarette. He lit it and finally gave me eye contact. He shook his head walking out onto his balcony. I followed him.
"You losing weight" I said. He looked up at me as he took another pull of his cigarette. He shrugged his shoulders looking down at himself.
"I guess, I haven't been eating much" he said trying to reason as if that's the reason why he's losing weight.
"Que....your sick. And on top of that you still smoking that shit" I said walking in front of him. He ignored me as he kept smoking his cigarette.
"Que-" I cried as I tried to grab his hand but he moved it away.
"Que...please. Please." I cried as I grabbed a hold of his hands.
"Why you didn't tell me? How long did you know?" I asked. He looked at me than looked away. He played with his cigarette in between is finger before he flicking it.
"Bout 6 months. I was scared Kels" he said.
"You could of told me Que. there's nothing to be afraid of. You need to go see a doctor" I said. He shook his head.
"Nah I'm not seeing no damn doctor man. I ain't tryna be all sick and shit" He said as he look away.
"Que that's the only way. By you not seeing a doctor your just slowly killing yourself. Please don't do this Que" I begged. He shock his head as he looked up to the shy. I heard him cry.
"I'm so scared Kels." He cried. I hugged him as I buried my face in his chest.
"I don't wanna die, I don't wanna die....I just wanna see them grow up. That's all I ever wanted" he cried as he wrapped his arms tightly around his. I rubbed his back as he cried.
"You will Que............." I told him not knowing if I was telling the truth.

Poor Que....

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