Chapter 113:Runnin' Away With Me

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***START MUSIC (And Read Along, Think About Kelsey & Que relationship. This song kinda relates to it lol)***
"Each day through my window I watch her as she passes by
I say to myself you're such a lucky guy
To have a girl like her is truly a dream come true
Out of all the fellows in the world she belongs to me
But it was just my imagination
Runnin' away with me
It was just my imagination runnin' away with me
Soon we'll be married and raise a family (oh yeah)
A cozy little home out in the country with two children maybe three
I tell you I can visualize it all
This couldn't be a dream for too real it all seems
But it was just my imagination once again runnin' away with me
Tell you it was just my imagination runnin' away with me
Every night on my knees I pray, dear Lord, hear my plea
Don't ever let another take her love from me or I would surely die
Her love is heavenly, when her arms enfold me
I hear a tender rhapsody, but in reality she doesn't even know me
Just my imagination once again runnin' away with me
Tell you it was just my imagination runnin' away with me
No, no, I can't forget her
Just my imagination once again runnin' away with me
Just my imagination runnin' away with me"

"Que?........QUE!?"Kelsey yelled.
"Huh? Sorry I was zoned out." I said as I looked at her. She smiled.
"I said are you hungry? Me and the girls are going to go get some pizza. You want some?" Kelsey asked me.
"Yea I'll take some." I said she nodded.
"You sure y'all be ok with watching them?" She said referring to the boys. I chuckled.
"We good, go head" I said.
"Yea we good mommy" the boys said. I laughed. She pointed her finger at them telling them to not say that. She smiled and shook her head as her and the girls left.

We got pizza and a bunch of junk. As we walked into Ques hospital room he was layed in his hospital bed with both Jaedon and Jaeson by his side as they watched cartoons. For the last 3 months Que has been in the hospital. The day I brought him to the hospital, they found out he had pneumonia too. Que has Leukemia, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia to be exact. Because this type of Leukemia is not so aggressive he never noticed he had it until 9 months ago. The doctors did more tests and found out he actually had Leukemia for 2 years before he found out but since its Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia it was so unnoticed and undiagnosed because its grows very slowly and people go years and years with out noticing. Que had to undergo induction of remission to kill the leukemia cells in his blood and bone marrow for the first 4 weeks. He than had to go through a month of chemotherapy, than 3 weeks of bone marrow recovery. This whole process has been painfully hard and stressful for everyone. But I make sure I'm by his side everyday. Seeing him in that hospital bed sick half the time really hurt me. He was never the type to be so helpless, even when he got shot before he was still active but during his Chemo it took a tole on his body and he was so weak during that stage. Because of his Chemo he lost all his hair and facial hair and that just made him look sick. But it's staring to grow back now that he's done with Chemo. But through it all Que was just happy to be alive and well. Even when he was in pain or sick he would always still wanna see the kids. The girls understood what was going on but the boys don't really understand all they know is daddy's sick.I handed Que and the boys there food. I sat down on the couch and watched as they laughed at the cartoons. I shook my head at them. The girls sat in the corner of the room playing with their barbie and eating. A light tap on the door made me look up. It was Ques Doctor.
"Hello Mr. Hernandez, hello are you feeling today?" His doctor asked.
"I'm good, I feel better today. Not so weak" Que told him. The doctor nodded his head.
"That's great. Well we ran more tests and no sign of the Leukemia. It's gone for now. Well have to test you every six month to see if it comes back, but your in good health." The doctor said. I got up and went to Que bed. He smiled at me as he grabbed my hand tightly.
"Thank you. So does that mean I can finally leave?" Que asked. The doctor and I chuckled.
"Not right now. Your still recovering but next week you will be discharged." He said. We both nodded.
"When you go home we will prescribe you an antibiotic to get your body back to normal, you might experience nausea and tired ness but that's normal. Y'all have your wife to look out for you so y'all be fine." The doctor said. Que looked at me and I gave him a small smile. Him and the doctor talked more before he left.
"Kels, I don't need you caring for me so-"
"You don't need or don't want me caring for you?" She questioned. I just looked at her.
"Your coming home with us. I don't give a damn what you say. Yea we not together but I still care and love you. I just want you to get back to yourself" I said without even realizing I said that.
"Ok...but I'll should be good within a week or two. I don't wanna interfering with you and that clown ass nigga" he said. I rolled my eyes and laughed but immediately stopped.
"Well I'm not with him anymore so you won't be interfering." I said as I sat in the chair next to his bed. He looked at me but I shook my head and looked away.

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