Chapter 62:Closing The Door

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She kicked me in my balls and I fell to my knees in pain as I held my balls. Bout time I looked up at her she had a small gun in her hand.
"QUANELL!! What the fuck!" She said while putting her gun back in her purse.
"Fuck uhhh..why you do that..where the fuck did you get that shit from." I asked as I struggled to get up. She rolled her eyes.
"Don't be fucking sneaking up on me...wait what are you doing here? I told you we'll talk tomorrow." She said while crossing her arms over her chest. The pain finally went away.
"I was in the neighborhood" I said. She squinted her eyes at me.
"Well since you here talk" She said. I looked her up and down. She looked good af. She lost the baby weight and was looking sexy af. By just looking at her my dick started to get hard.
"Hellooo" she says while snapping her fingers in my face. I push her hand from my face and kiss them. She pulls away quick.
"Que-" she starts.
"My fault...who-who was that nigga You was having dinner with" I asked her. She took two steps from me.
"You was watching me?" She asked. I ran my hand down my face and pushed my hands in my pocket.
"Answer the question Kels. Who the fuck was that nigga?" I asked her. She giggled and shook her head.
"How dare you! You fucking tracked my phone?" She said. She was pissed.
"Yea. What the fuck you expected me to do? You steady ignoring my calls and shit...because you with the next nigga" I said. She pushed me. I stumbled back a little but caught my self. I walked back up to her.
"Kelsey, you better keep your fucking hands off of me" I told her. She slapped me and pushed me.
"Or what huh? Huh? You gonna hit me nigga? Huh!!!" She yelled getting in my face. I ain't gonna lie, she hit hard as fuck.
"You put me through all this shit. Deny our daughter, lie to me over and over, cheat on me. And I'm the stupid bitch to always take you the fuck back. I love you Que!!...I fucking loved you more than I loved my damn self and that's where I fucked up at. And you come you track my phone, follow me home than question me about who I had dinner with? He was a friend! That's all." She broke down in tears.
"Baby.." I said trying to hug her. She slapped me.
"Don't fucking touch me. I'm not your baby! And don't start that sorry bullshit! I'm fucking done Que. here" she said as she took off the engagement ring I gave her. I watched as she forcefully placed it in my hand.
"Me and you are done. I don't wanna see or talk to you if it's not concerning your daughters." She said as she opened the front door.
"Kels!" I said. She stopped and slowly turned around with tears streaming down her face.
"I'm sorry. It was never intentional to hurt you. I love you. I love y'all." I said with tears in my eyes. She looked back at me and nodded.
"I love you too. I will always love you. You gave me my two greatest blessings.....Once the lies, cheating, and pain started...I started to break. I'm finally broken in a hundred pieces. And I just can't do it anymore." She said as she walked in the house and closed the door. She closed the door on all the hurt and pain I caused her. She closed the door on the 5 1/2 of Love we shared.

I laid in bed and cried. My heart was so heavy. I only man I ever loved, I gave him my all. I thought we would get married and grow old together. But everyone knows shit like that never comes true. Your wondering who the guy was I had dinner with. He was no one special. I met him at the grocery store when I first moved out to California but I let him know from jump I had a man. But since me and Que was technically not together I finally took up his offer. Do I see something more? No. I don't have time to think about the next nigga. I don't want no nigga. I just want my kids and I just want to live a carefree happy life.
One week later.....
I keep finding myself think about Quanell. He's coming to see the girls today. We don't say shit to each other but hey, and bye. I think he finally got the hint because he only calls and text asking to see the girls. I sat on the park bench watching Kali running and playing on the park. Que sat a few inches away from me holding and playing with Kellie. I would glance at them from time. Kellie was almost 2 months and was so active. She smiled at Que talked to her. I just smiled and continued watching Kali. "Hey you...I've missed you" a girl said. I looked up and it was a pretty girl with long black hair. She was cute but I've seen cuter.
"Uh what up?, what you doing here" Que asked. He looked shocked to see the girl.
"Oh I'm here with my sister and Nephew" she said. She kept side eyeing me. I stared her down since she wanted to be all up in my face. "She's beautiful Que" She said as she looked down at Kellie.
"Thanks" he said while smiling down at Kellie.
"Who's this" She asked Que.He looked at me than back at her.
"Um this my daughters mom" he said. I just smirked and continued watching Kali play. I felt her burning a hole in the side of my face. "I'm Ari" she said. I just nodded and gave her a fake smile.
"Soooo you wanna chill tonight?" She asked. "Nah...I'm spending time with my daughters tonight" he said. I cough and ran my hands through my hair. She kept side eyeing me.
"I can always come over" she said. I damn near broke my neck. Que already knew what was up. "Nah man I'm good. I'll text you later tho. We bout to leave" he said. She just nodded. They said there goodbyes and she went prancing off. I held in my laugh as I got up to get Kali since we was leaving. I felt someone looking at me and it was that bitch and I'm assuming her sister grilling me. I just smiled. Smiling always get a bitch mad.


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