Lena Luthor- Kidnapped (c)

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Being close to a Luthor was always a dangerous predicament, usually it was because they were trying to kill someone or do something incredibly illegal, that was until you met Lena and thought maybe the family wasn't as toxic as it seemed. Lena was the woman that you loved dearly, and she was nothing like her family, but even if she had no malicious plans that didn't mean she wouldn't be the target of them.

Lena was a strong and rich woman who had a lot of influence in the community along with having a business that many sought to take control of even though she had no plans to step down. Everything about her made her a target for complete idiots who wanted to get rich quick. That was how the two of you ended up tied to chairs back to back in an old warehouse with armed men surrounding you in masks.

Dried tears stuck to your cheeks as you allowed the ropes to fight against your skin leaving them raw. You tried to escape from your restraints, but it resulted in more pain and your anxieties to skyrocket.

"It's going to be okay," Lena said softly to you, letting her fingers gentle brush against yours, the only bits of skin that could touch from the rope.

You knew that if you were alone, you would have broken down already, however Lena gave you strength.

One of your kidnappers approached Lena, leaning in to let the barrel of his gun run across her chin, forcing her face up to look at the masked man.

"You have a pretty price on your head Luthor," he chuckled to himself.

"If this is just for the money, I can give you the goddamn money," she hugged, tugging at the rope, trying to free herself from the chair she was tied to.

The man let out a sinister laugh.

"It's not just the money," he grinned. "You're worth a lot more than that. You're a Luthor."

Your blood ran cold at his words. Lena was worth the world, she was everything to you but also to everyone else she meant something. She was well known, and many people would want her whether that was dead or alive. You however were no one. No one really knew your name, at most only knowing that you were in a relationship with Lena.

"Your little girlfriend on the other hand, she just got in the way. Don't worry we will get rid of her soon," he smirked.

Lena lifted her feet that were tied together jamming them into the man's stomach. He groaned but stood back up, a sly smirk on his face.

"You're going to get it now."


Written by Charlotte.

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