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I am AMAZO x DC Universe (18+/Harem) by ThatEhhGuy
I am AMAZO x DC Universe (18+/Hare...by Civil Warrior
Wake up..that's what I was told..I was told that I was going to make the world a better place, that I would be doing this for the human race but they lied..they ALL lied...
Justice League: The Spartan by infern8king101
Justice League: The Spartanby samuel dausab
The Justice League meet an unlikely ally from another universe. This story will be based on the following animated movies: #Death of Superman #Reign of the Supermen #T...
Half-Breed by Moonview
Half-Breedby Moonview
3 years after the tragic incident at Jurassic World an ambassador's plane crashes on Isla Nublar's infamous sister Isla Sorna. Sent to rescue him from almost certain dea...
The Hulk Reborn (New 52)*(Harem) by ThatEhhGuy
The Hulk Reborn (New 52)*(Harem)by Civil Warrior
Being killed is one thing..but being reborn sure does hurt as much as it would as dying how do I know this? Well because it happened to me..I died and was given a second...
A Favor by Lycanpire
A Favorby Lycanpire
When Wonder Woman kidnaps Percy from his night in, what will happen? How will Percy find himself on the Team? Will Percy reveal who he is to his teammates? Will he inadv...
DCAMU x Ghost Rider (Harem) by ThatEhhGuy
DCAMU x Ghost Rider (Harem)by Civil Warrior
Robbie Reyes..a simple mechanic in Gotham..or so we all thought, through day he's Robbie Reyes a simple man but at night he is the spirt of vengeance..the 🔥Ghost Rider�...
Quiet Waters (Fem. Percy x Young Justice) by PokemonDestiny
Quiet Waters (Fem. Percy x Young J...by Marissa
Percy Jackson meets Young justice after the Giant War which I seriously have an issue but I like writing these so I'm not gonna complain too much anyway, you'll figure i...
One of the First by Pheonix678
One of the Firstby Phoenix to be
Everyone always does a story where someone from the DC universe is in the Marvel universe so I thought why not flip the script. Takes place after the events of Enemy Be...
The White Dragon of Supremacy (M!Reader X Young Justice Harem) by The_World_Ender
The White Dragon of Supremacy (M!R...by The_World_Ender
Abandoned when he was still a baby, Wonder Woman a.k.a Diana of Themyscira found him washed ashore on the beach. She took him in and raised him to be a powerful warrior...
What Makes A Hero(Naruto/Injustice) by Akatsuki_Kage
What Makes A Hero(Naruto/Injustice)by Akatsuki-Kage
After the Reanimation Jutsu is undone, Itachi dies again and is ready to move on to the next life, but he is instead sent to the DC Injustice universe prior to a conflic...
The First Avenger [1] by PeterusParkerus
The First Avenger [1]by Florence
"She's perfect." "Yeah, she is." [Captain America x Wonder Woman] [Captain America: The First Avenger]
Dc's Doomguy by Carnageking
Dc's Doomguyby venom
Markus Fredrick is thrown into the role of doomguy as he tries to save the Dc universe from evil.
I am the God of War (DCAU X Male Reader) by The_World_Ender
I am the God of War (DCAU X Male R...by The_World_Ender
After killing the Greek Pantheon and finally taking revenge for what they did to him, he was on the verge of killing himself. He jumped off the highest cliff in all of O...
Pjo DC Marvel one shots by Reed_Pebble
Pjo DC Marvel one shotsby Reed_Pebble
Just some DC/Marvel/PJO crossover one-shots. Some of these I may turn into full blown stories in the future, but this is just me jotting down some ideas while the creati...
nightmares , dc universe  by babyspacechild
nightmares , dc universe by may
in which Cordelia Kent is the daughter of Clark Kent & Poseidon. [ fem percy , genius percy , badass percy ]
The Fallen Hero Of Olympus (Percy Jackson & DC Crossover) - Being Rewritten by luko_uliuli
The Fallen Hero Of Olympus (Percy...by 𝐀𝖑𝖎𝖘𝖙𝖆𝖎𝖗
During the Second Giant War, the battle with Gaea, Percy lost his friends, the seven, even his wise girl. The demigods had won, Camp Half-Blood, Camp Jupiter, and the O...
A Cousin's Favour 🛑 by CloeTheTealSnake
A Cousin's Favour 🛑by Ghost
Percy was just getting settled back into everyday life after the giant war, when he gets a visit from a uncommon cousin, he hasn't seen her in a while though they occas...
Wife Of The Dark Knight  by Darksoul73
Wife Of The Dark Knight by My silent scream
Olympia the wife of Batman/Bruce Wayne.
Damian Wayne x Reader: The Demon And His Archer by Sailordc
Damian Wayne x Reader: The Demon A...by Sailordc
(Y/n) (L/n), is one of the Bats. Though she is not blood related, she is beloved by the boys and Bruce. She is especially close to Damian Wayne. Damian Wayne is always...
The Princess and the Knight by crazythingshun
The Princess and the Knightby Britney
Princess Diana of the Amazons finds herself in love with playboy billionaire, Bruce Wayne; more commonly known to her as Batman, the Dark Knight. Bruce Wayne finds himse...