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New Earth: Supergirl by Lauriver1fanboy
New Earth: Supergirlby Lauriverfanboy1
My name is Kara Zor-El, I'm from Krypton. And also another reality. After the crisis destroyed the old multiverse, I found myself and my friends waking up on this new wo...
Superflash-I am with you by VSire2005
Superflash-I am with youby VSire2005
I DON'T own the characters all rights to CW and DC and MARVEL
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Arrowverse: MEMES! by xxKryptonianxx
Arrowverse: MEMES!by Kryptonian
A special collection of memes with the best shows EVER!
Supergirl X-Readers(girl x girl) by Monochrome_Gray
Supergirl X-Readers(girl x girl)by Gray
A series of Supergirl lesbian x-reader fics, including Kara Danvers, Supergirl, Kara Danvers is Supergirl, Lena Luthor, Alex Danvers, Sam Arias, Imra Ardeen, and request...
Super Daughter - Snowbarry by qxebtynjumk
Super Daughter - Snowbarryby qxebtynjumk
What if instead of The danvers family adopting Kara. It's Barry and Caitlin. See how Kara develops and lives as an Allen instead of a Danvers. I got this idea and concep...
✔My Husband Is A She [COMPLETE] by LionxBunny
✔My Husband Is A She [COMPLETE]by LionxBunny
Lena Luthor has a husband. A husband she never met. Her husband always gives her gifts. He granted her great power, money and freedom. The greatest gift he ever gave to...
Love is Family by SuperAJK
Love is Familyby A.J. K
Melissa and Chris are both single parents. Melissas Parenter/boyfriend from college left her when she was expecting. Chris was left with his twin girls when his partner...
Adopted || Supergirl by OddityofJustice
Adopted || Supergirlby Lex
Alexis Luthor is a 15-year-old who has been but up for adoption from birth. She has always wondered what her mother is like. She has seen her in the tabloids, on TV, in...
Lena Finds Out (One shot) by KaraFanficAndStuff
Lena Finds Out (One shot)by KaraFanficAndStuff
||SEQUEL IS PUBLISHED:BROKEN HEARTS|| What if when Supergirl saved Lena from Cadmus a tiny bit of kryptonite gas managed to make it's way into her lungs and when the aff...
Together, we make family. #1 by breebee23
Together, we make family. #1by Silent.Mushroom_
What if Alex wasn't Kara's only sister? What if Alex had an older sister named Kaelyn? I do not own the characters in this story, everyone (besides Kaelyn) belongs to t...
Supergirl Midvale High by supergirl6396
Supergirl Midvale Highby supergirl6396
What would happen if Kara and Mon El's pods both landed on Earth at the same time and Superman found both of them? How would they cope going to school together?
My Secret Ray Of Sunshine.  by katiesoisin
My Secret Ray Of Sunshine. by 🇮🇪Kenna🇮🇪
When Kara was 18 she had a baby, but nobody knew. She had a close friend keep the baby for her to keep her ray of sunshine safe. Four years later , her daughter is drop...
Without You by lezziemates
Without Youby lezziemates
Kara has a three year old daughter that not many people know about. When Lena meets Kara and McKenna out one night, Kenna instantly takes a liking to her. So the three o...
What am I supposed to do now? Lena x Fem!Reader by IBrokeMyPhoneYo
What am I supposed to do now? IBrokeMyPhoneYo
(Y/N) has been with Lena for 3 years now. Ever since she started working at catco and Kara introduced them to each other at game night, they started dating. (Y/N) is pla...
Supergirl || Avengers || by Vanilla_Pudding
Supergirl || Avengers ||by M_Swiggity2020
Norah Zor-El was the only child kryptonian to make it off the planet. She has been left to feel alone until Nick Fury finds her and raises her to be good and be able to...
Zor-Allen Love Story by Sydneys2003
Zor-Allen Love Storyby SydneyElizabeth
One night out can change someone's life. Lucky for Barry Allen, that change goes by the name Kara Danvers. Kara and Barry meet at a bar and from there, their relationsh...
Legacy by IvanBullock
Legacyby Nerd Herd
Y/N al Ghul is the Batman of the year 2050. He was trained under the mantle of Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, and Damian Wayne, the last of the bat family. After a fight aga...
The Experiment Failed.. by CivilWarrior0
The Experiment Civil Warrior
They told me that they were helping me..they told me that I was safe..I shouldn't have ever trusted them..its because of Lex Luthor that I am because of this..that bald...
Super Girl: The Unexpected Kryptonian by Angel_CTH
Super Girl: The Unexpected Déjà
I never given any thought to of being a hero. Let alone help Kara and Kal-El save a few dozen people, go through a breached portal from time to time and meet The Flash...
The One Eye King by DarkOneTAS
The One Eye Kingby Dixon_FanZ
This is in the arrowverse. When the famous flash gets a victory over reverse flash thinking things are easy. But he was wrong after earth one collided with there earth t...