Ghost King Meets Batman by Sparrow-_-2020
Ghost King Meets Batmanby Sparrow-_-2020
Nico Di Angelo gets adopted by Bruce Wayne after Batman witnesses him stalking around a cemetery in Gotham. He doesn't want to move in with Bruce but seeing as he can't...
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  • batman
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Damian Wayne x Reader by GothamGirlx
Damian Wayne x Readerby watty wankers.
It is the start of a brand new year in Gotham Academy and you have grown close to a certain Wayne... (You & Damian are both 15) Contains strong language and violence!
  • xreader
  • batman
  • fanfiction
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Batmom & Batfamily images by K_Writer_
Batmom & Batfamily imagesby A Writer in the Making
Batwoman aka Batmom. The wife to Batman or Bruce. You and Bruce have four energetic boys and boy can they be a hand full.
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The Newest Member by theanonymoussam42
The Newest Memberby Anonymous
She just stood there, watching with a thoughtful expression. I didn't have much time to think about it since I had bullets flying past my head. I couldn't keep my eyes o...
  • magic
  • thelight
  • runningaway
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Who is the monster ? (Damian Wayne X Reader ) by nabayla
Who is the monster ? (Damian nabayla
Your life is a complet mess. What happens if Robin comes in it ? Warning: can have scene of violence and sex. Talk also about suicide. If you are uneasy with the ki...
  • love
  • fiction
  • penguin
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❝Your compassion is a weakness, your enemies will not share.❞ SUICIDE SQUAD © MVLTIVERSED 2017.
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My Uncle is Bruce Wayne by Gentrix
My Uncle is Bruce Wayneby Afiqah Osman
Perseus 'Percy' Jackson was just your average, deadly and powerful demigod - which happens when your one of the sons of the big three - until he found out that his mothe...
  • newyork
  • damianwayne
  • batman
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The Sparrow and the Robin (Damian Wayne X OC)  by PsychoGirl190
The Sparrow and the Robin ( Psycho.girl
There's a new a new vigilante in Gotham, and the youngest Robin may or may not have a secret fling with her. Read and find out because that's all the info your getting! ...
  • batman
  • damianwayne
  • timdrake
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DC Comics Imagines by batmanwife13
DC Comics Imaginesby batmanwife13
"Love can come in many different forms, but who said it belonged to a certain race? If you truly do love someone, then things like race and appearance shouldn't mat...
  • batman
  • youngjustice
  • shazam
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Batman x reader  by crazyfanficwriters
Batman x reader by Crazyfanficwriter
So it seems you are in a bind. You should of just stayed home but of course not. It's healthy to get out every once in a while. Right? Wrong! Next time just stay home an...
  • fun
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Love's Sorrow by imaginary_hero
Love's Sorrowby Imaginary hero
Damian Wayne has it all. Money, girlfriend, good looks, big house but he doesn't seem to care. One day he meets a mysterious piano player and realises he needs to change...
  • robin
  • gotham
  • brucewayne
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₩E'ƦE ALL MλÐ[Suicide Squad] by Poison_Ivy99
₩E'ƦE ALL MλÐ[Suicide Squad]by ινу
❝Everyone here is mad. You may have noticed that I'm not all there myself.❞ -Cheshire Cat [SUICIDE SQUAD FANFIC]
  • chesire
  • amandawaller
  • katana
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Abused by nikknakk3
Abusedby Nikki Robinson
Since she was 10 years old Kendall's mother had abused her and her father had never noticed it. After eight years of abuse, one day her father walked in on her mother vi...
  • father
  • hate
  • bleck
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Suicidal-Ghoul by TheAgent88
Suicidal-Ghoulby Expendable Asset
Tokyo Ghoul X DC Extended Universe After Kaneki ate Yamori. A black hole appeared behind him, sucking Kaneki and teleported him to the streets of Gotham City. A world wh...
  • eyepatch
  • justiceleague
  • fantasy
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"EVERYONE CAN MAKE HIM SMILE. ONLY YOU HAVE MADE HIM CRY." { in which the joker kidnaps a girl and gotham gets a new queen } • JOKER X READER | SUICIDE SQUAD •...
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  • jaredletojoker
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SeaSwept - Fem Percy Meets YJ by BookWorm0199
SeaSwept - Fem Percy Meets YJby V
So this story is adopted from @Millionstars123, go check em out if you can. _____ 17 year old Persephone Jackson feels like she needs a break after the war with her old...
  • batman
  • dickgrayson
  • femalepercy
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Book 1: Different Worlds {Young Justice x Avengers crossover}  (Under editing) by Nightingale81
Book 1: Different Worlds {Young Legacy of the Lost
This is a story of Captain America's daughter crossing over to another world by accident. But they soon found out that she wasn't the only one who cross over. She is now...
  • pietro-maximoff
  • unity
  • crossover
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Adopted by a Billionaire by bmustonen
Adopted by a Billionaireby Brianna
Persephone (Percy) Jackson is in the middle of the second giant war when her life goes tumbling down until someone takes her in. I suck at descriptions just read it
  • batman
  • youngjustice
  • percyjackson
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Daddy's Little Monster / Jokers Daughter by GeorgiaChadwick
Daddy's Little Monster / Jokers G.eo.rg.i.a
" H e' s y o u r F a t h e r " Scarlett Quinzel, A sixteen year old teenager who lives with her aunt Hayley. Oblivious to the blood that rushes through he...
  • harley
  • joker
  • suicdesquad
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The Niece of Batman (Genderbent Percy Jackson) by Divergenthunter64
The Niece of Batman (Genderbent Six Herondale
After the Giant War, Percy was left heartbroken. Andrew (genderbent annabeth) died, her unborn daughter died, Piper died, Hazel died, Jason died, Frank died, Leo died, a...
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