Diana Prince- Keys (a)

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Diana marched around the house, throwing open drawers, tossing cushions onto the floor and swinging open cupboards.

"What have you lost now?" You lay on the sofa with your feet up as she walked up and down the house, inspecting every nook and cranny.

"My keys..." She emptied out her pockets on her coat and trousers but nothing but used tissues and lint came out.

"I saw your keys earlier, they are hanging over the fruit bowl, aren't they?" You looked over and sure enough, there were here keys.

"No you idiot, not the house keys, the other keys..."

"You don't mean..." Your jaw dropped as she looked down in shame, knowing that she would never, ever get to live this down even if she lived for another millennium.

"Yep, I lost the keys to the invisible jet and I may have forgot to turn them visible before I did lose them."

"And exactly how do you plan to find the invisible keys that start the invisible jet?" You had to hide the smile that began to creep onto your face.

"I don't know Y/N, I have absolutely no fucking idea. But do you maybe fancy helping? If you find it I will make it worth your while?" She innocently and hopefully grinned at you.

"That depends on how you are going to make it worth my while." She walked up to where you were sat and crouched down, she slowly began to run her finger down your chest.

"Maybe we can start with... me not shaving your fucking eyebrows off while you sleep? Why don't we start with that and then we see where it goes?" Your feet were on the ground before you could even think.

"Yep, seems like a good deal. Where did you have them last?"

"Humm." She looked around trying to think of an answer. "I was either in the kitchen, in the bathroom or in the garden." Once more she rummaged through all the already open drawers.

"Right, so almost every room in the house then?"

"Yep. Are you going to stand there interrogating me or are you going to help me look?"

"I will help you look but first, who in their god damn mind thought it would be a good idea to make keys for a jet that turn invisible?" If looks could kill, after that comment you would have already been dead.

"I did Y/N, it is just normally I make them visible before I put them down, not that I intended to lost them in the first place did I?"

"Have you checked on the hook above the fruit bowl?"

"For the last time, they are not above the frui-" Her sentence was cut short by you walking over to the fruit bowl, and picking up what seemed to be air off of a low hanging hook, except for the fact that air does not normally jingle.


Written by Aaron.

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