Barry Allen- Accidents Happen (c)

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You placed the lid onto the to-go cup quickly going back to the counter to hand it to the customer. As you got close to the counter, your foot slid on the mat that was on the floor, causing you to trip. You fell forward throwing the cup forward at the poor man that was stood in front of you. The lid flew off, allowing the contents to hit the man in front of you.

A loud gasp escaped your lips, as your eyes widened.

"I am so sorry sir. I tripped. I-" Words ejected from your mouth but it was more rambling than anything good.

Looking around frantically, you found the cloth under the counter. You leant over the counter patting at the coffee stained shirt that clung to the man's chest.

Your hand was stopped by a hand holding onto it. You followed the hand up the arm and up to the face of the person. The man you had thrown the coffee at was giving you a pitiful smile.

"It's fine. Honestly. We all do silly things," he smiled softly.

"I am sorry. Sometimes I wonder whether my feet argue, the amount of times I trip over and do stupid things. I can grab you a company sweater to wear if you'd like, as that shirt is leaving very little to the imagination," you stated, your eyes drifting to the brain stain that was now showing the skin that was below the shirt.

He let out a laugh taking the cloth from your hand. As he laughed you could see his cheeks becoming slightly red, but you weren't going to bring it up.

"If you wouldn't mind. I'm supposed to be meeting up with a friend and although I have a reputation of being late, I don't really want to have to go home," he smiled.

You nodded raising your hand to gesture for him to wait for a moment. Quickly you went to grab one of the jumpers that in the winter you and your colleagues would wear. They wouldn't miss if one disappeared, but hopefully if he had to return it to you, it'd mean you can see him again.

Back at the counter, you held out the sweater to him.

"Here," you smiled softly, "so is it a female friend?"

Sometimes you didn't think through what you were going to say. Now was one of those times.

"No," he laughed.

"It wasn't the most subtle way of asking if you have a girlfriend was it?" You said awkwardly.

"No it wasn't. But I don't have a girlfriend, I'm guessing you don't have a boyfriend," he stated, "Not that I don't think you'd have a boyfriend. I think any guy would be lucky to have you as a girlfriend, and that's a lot coming from the person you just threw coffee at. What I meant was that unless you were being unfaithful you wouldn't have a reason to ask whether I have a girlfriend."

You smiled lightly, hoping your cheeks would not heat up.


Written by Charlotte.

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