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Cristina By simply_criss Completed

I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. 

More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried to run but got pulled back by a hand grabbing my wrist. "What happened?" Clyde demanded angrily. 

"Get off of me!" I growled and pried his fingers off my wrist and continued to the bathroom. Once inside I went into a stall and grabbed some toilet paper to wipe my face. Why was I always crying?

I heard the door open and I tried to contain my sniffling so that they wouldn't hear. Then I looked down to see the feet and saw Clyde crawling under my stall. 
Alexa Moore is a crybaby. She can't deal well with her emotions; if she is frustrated, angry, sad, mad, or hurt she can't help but cry. She hates that she always feels the need to cry and tries to stay happy by being unconfrontational, and staying away from jerks.

Clyde Wood is seemingly heartless. Through the bad, sad, hurtful, and pissing situations he appears to be tougher than nails. Sure he is happy most times, but in the eyes of many he is a heartless jerk that picks on everyone. If it wasn't for his great looks he'd probably be with the Gothic kids, not the popular ones. That, and he made a hobby of being a player.

Alexa meeting Clyde was definitely a recipe for disaster, causing her to shed more tears than in her entire 17 years. The year goes from good to bad to good to bad, and end bad? With so much heart churning events, will there really be a rainbow after the storm?

mack1654 mack1654 Sep 22, 2016
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Music2939 Music2939 Jan 06
Wow... just I'm lost at words...
                              I'm IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK!!!
prettd15 prettd15 Apr 25, 2016
Finally someone knows how to spell Dani when its short for danielle. Everyone thinks its danny
Wow I love it!!! (: keep writing you could become very good one day!!
MotherofDragons2015 MotherofDragons2015 Sep 19, 2016
Oh my gosh, grow up! It's pathetic your mom still has to wake you up!
I'm not the type to read these kinds of books but I love this book!