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Lycan mate by arialoveskpop
Lycan mateby arialoveskpop
If you are not at the right age 16+ you can't continue very very very mature Anna at the age of 5 was abandoned by her parents but was rescue by alpha josh and has b...
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The Alphas Girl by _One_True_Love_
The Alphas Girlby _One_True_Love_
Half way to the door I remembered I forgot to grab my jacket and walked back to the dinning room and was hit by this wonderful smell. My wolf started to go crazy and I...
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Blood Bound- Book 1 of the Bonded Series- Complete by MercyRose
Blood Bound- Book 1 of the Tara
For eleven years, Leo Risso, a slave to the night, patiently watched over his charge without once letting himself be known. Sticking to the deepest of shadows, cloaking...
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Broken yet Beautiful  by hammerrrtime
Broken yet Beautiful by hammerrrtime
Madeleine had been abused by her dad, who started drinking and doing drugs since her mom died when she was seven. What happens when she meets Ace, the schools resident b...
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The Guardian by scarletraven23
The Guardianby 𝒞𝒽ℯ𝓁𝓈ℯ𝓎 ℳ𝒾𝓃𝓉ℴ𝓃
Cadence has no memory beyond when she woke in No Man's land two years ago. Her only option is to survive. As hard as it is to fend for herself, she finds a lone pup who...
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I feel like coming undone (A Taylor Swift Story) by iwantyourmidnights
I feel like coming undone (A iwantyourmidnights
I hate the looks she keeps on giving me. Stop looking at me like I'm so fragile I'll break. Stop looking at me like I'm a child, stop looking at me like I need pity. I d...
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SAVED by bratzdoll__
SAVEDby precious 🦋.
After being abused by her step father 18 year old Grace decides to run away and find help . Seeking help at the nearest place she finds she meets Heaven, Adonis mom . Le...
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Validating the Pain by xeunomia
Validating the Painby keeyysiii
They say moving on from an awful past is enough. As long as you don't reminisce the memories which broke you. This is a story about a fine young woman who's still stuck...
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The Fourth Roommate by Jinxjinx
The Fourth Roommateby Jinxjinx
"They were like three half-naked supermodels with bedhair and matching movie star grins. What did I get myself into...?." Serena Jones an eighteen year old gra...
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His Beta by WorldWriter_1
His Betaby 🧁 a ѕ ғ e e 🧁
{COMPLETED} [BOYxBOY/Mpreg] Book 2 of 'His' Series: I was sitting on the left side like mom and grandma was in the front right. The light turned green and mom stepped on...
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Save them US Papyrus x Reader by lovesSans
Save them US Papyrus x Readerby Rhollis123
You tell you little sister the tale of the monsters. Little did you know this would lead to a rescue adventure for the monsters. And love?
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Will you be my...(Completed) by Confiantexetxbelle
Will you be my...(Completed)by Confiantexetxbelle
Trisha Smith is an ordinary 16-year-old girl who attends in Winford Elite High School. Almost all of the students there are filthy rich and one of them is her best frien...
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Rescued by the Rogue [COMPLETED] by hexodus
Rescued by the Rogue [COMPLETED]by Hexodus
/Highest Ranking : #746 in werewolf 5-26-17 / Started: May 2017 / Ended: December 2017 "I can't," was my reply. "I just.... I c-can't." His concern s...
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Mr Popular Is Keeping Me A Secret by silviaaxox
Mr Popular Is Keeping Me A Secretby Sylwia
When Lucy wakes up in the hospital after a fight with her ex turned to violence she has no clue who her saviour was. But when Liam Hamilton, the high school hottie walks...
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24 Hours - G Dolan by raepwl
24 Hours - G Dolanby rae
In which a girl's fate is changed by one question "Just give me 24 hours?" - © Ukdolan - Completed Highest ranking: #40 in Fanfiction
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NUMB by drippings
NUMBby りず
He wanted to break her. Unfortunately, one of her broken shards pierced into him.
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My Alpha's Hatred ✔ by Akifah_R
My Alpha's Hatred ✔by Akifah Rahman
Alpha Aaron- The feared ruler of the largest pack in the world had found his mate, unfortunately for Phoebe. He was the one who people had to be aware of, they hid in t...
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You'll never have me by ShatteredKiss
You'll never have meby ShatteredKiss
Mira Prasad, in her early twenties works as a secretary for a construction company. One day she meets Max Woods after a long night out. She knows a little too much about...
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The Fag Swag [boyxboy] by SkeneKidz
The Fag Swag [boyxboy]by Jen
When she determines that he’s too nice for his own good, Nick Bradley’s best friend Molly decides to toughen the gay boy up. Sadly for Nick, Molly’s method is to have Ni...
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The bad boy saved me by baylee12599
The bad boy saved meby Baylee Nycole
He nodded and stood up with me. He looked me into my eyes. He pressed his lips to mine. It felt so amazing. So right. Everything about this kiss was pure and amazing. He...
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