Meme by -thrashershawn
Memeby Mads
a whole lotta memes Started September something Ended: never b #1 in- idk #1 in- idkanymore #1 in- kms #2 in- memes #2 in- stop
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Dear bully by immortal_seapig
Dear bullyby I'm disgusting, Why are you h...
Kayla the victim. Jason the aggressor. Kayla can't say what she wants to say. But she can write it. So she writes And writes. And writes.
  • bully
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Emotion and Color (Pdh x Reader) DISCONTINUED by ShadowPig
Emotion and Color (Pdh x Reader) Piggles
*cover made by @Taylah-San* **DISCONTINUED** Y/n had been abuse mentally, pyshically, and emotionally since she was very young. She had been so abused and mistreated tha...
  • dante
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Baby Don't Stop by danigoldaron
Baby Don't Stopby danigoldaron
Ten and Taeyong are best friends, but what Taeyong doesn't know is that Ten is gay. What would happen if Taeyong found out? What happens when the whole world finds out...
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✔️ Educate Yourself: Plagiarism Edition by winterlunium
✔️ Educate Yourself: Plagiarism ᴛᴀɪʏɪɴ
An UNOFFICIAL book where through a very true story of plagiarism and lies, you will discover the dangers of Wattpad and the Internet, and how you cannot trust everyone y...
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The Timbers by marilyn_writer_4ever
The Timbersby Marilyn Blanco
(Completed) Alana timbers lives with her 4 brothers and her 6 cousins... All boys and all immature! Her parents travel around the world for their job so they are rarely...
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SPAM! (2) by http-goth
SPAM! (2)by -,’ JO! ,’-
- in which i rant and complain some more
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Bad boy and the undercover kick ass street fighter  by maddisoncw
Bad boy and the undercover kick maddisoncw
hi I'm ruby I'm 16 I have 2 brothers one is my twin we are all street fighters our dad owns arenas around the world but we started fighting when our mum was murdered by...
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BAD FANFICTIONS. by NacaratJester
BAD Family Friendly ™
Do you wish to regret life? Do you want to see the countless messed up things that people have written? Look no further, because this is as low as you can get. Welcome t...
  • undertale
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Viviendo con mi hermano by grei_grier
Viviendo con mi hermanoby XxBubble_GrierxX
Dulce: linda, bipolar, egocéntrica, por supuesto un poco amargada, ama los deportes, al terminar la preparatoria le dieron la Beca a ella y su amiga en La Universidad De...
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A Child Called "It" by casperisemo123
A Child Called "It"by Casper berryhill
a child called it is the unforgettable account of one of the most severe child abuse cases in California history.
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Bosses EX babygirl (book2) Suga ff by user05326680
Bosses EX babygirl (book2) Suga ffby Taessugakookie
MATURE WARNING NOT JUST SMUTT BUT IT GETS GRAPHIC!!! You and your EX husband just had a baby and when he takes over his fathers mafia and you take over your uncles, when...
  • death
  • sqiushybubble
  • rich
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stop the marital rape  by manesapna
stop the marital rape by Sapna Mane
It's not story, it's first step towards marital rape which we all have to take one step for stop this sin. Please once check out the book "Let's change" for wa...
  • kundlibhagya
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Dear bully (#wattys2017) by goldpaint
Dear bully (#wattys2017)by goldpaint
Forgive and Forget Forgive but don't forget Forget for a while Forget for a cry Forgive a friend That will betray you in the end A moment in time They'll never say a...
  • bully
  • dark
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Real bullying storys by undiscovered_warrior
Real bullying storysby undiscovered_warrior
These are real bullying storys. Ones that you can't explain. Some that are hurtfull, and sad. Some you can't understand. But all of them, have a happy ending.
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Jamilton lemon sin  by biggay2220
Jamilton lemon sin by QUeeN 👑
I'm sorry
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nobody wants to read your garbage bts fanfiction by SilverEvergreen
nobody wants to read your Irish Business
pls stop
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"good for you" | rant book by -justlilly
"good for you" | rant bookby ѕтαя ιи α gαℓαχу
"so you got what you always wanted"
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  • rants
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Suffocating by rudxwn
Suffocatingby em :/
eveyday i get up and try my best. sometimes i dont feel like trying. sometimes i cant try. i document those times here.
  • abuse
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