Sweet Like Honey by z0mbies
Sweet Like Honeyby z0mbies
Isaac Walker didn't expect his quietest student to become so infatuated with him, and he's not sure how to handle it when he learns of her innocent love. What he also di...
  • scary
  • teacher
  • terrifying
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Terrible art again :D by IceyTheCat
Terrible art again :Dby IceyTheCat
Prepare your asses guys, here comes more cringe.
  • inanimateinsanity
  • terrible
  • disgusting
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Yellow's Len Modules Headcanons And Stuffz by YellowKagamine
Yellow's Len Modules Headcanons An...by Succ My bA nAe nAe
W o a I actually finally made my own Lencest thingeh so I can finally publish somethin here after a long time- I don't own anything except my headcanons I was kinda sca...
  • lencest
  • kagamine
  • vocaloid
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Emo's Art (5.0) by ElectricEmo
Emo's Art (5.0)by Emo~Chan
Why are you still here? Why are you still looking at this trashy artbook? Why do you still care about my art even though it looks like it was drawn by a fucking 10 year...
  • okko
  • disgusting
  • random
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MY Life Story ( Wattys 2018 ) by purplepwincess22
MY Life Story ( Wattys 2018 )by PurplePwincessXX
This is about a girl who fell in love had gud intentions .. and still things went south . So sit down and relax and do have a read . ( I Got married to my cousin don't...
  • wattys2018
  • tourmented
  • brokenfamily
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Shrek x Trump by shrubby666
Shrek x Trumpby crack fics 😔👌
kill me now, why'd I write this
  • swamp
  • basically
  • its
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tHe WoRsT (disgusting ships) by pinetreeess
tHe WoRsT (disgusting ships)by pine tree
Disgusting ships. Inspired by @avengersagainstpedos
  • disgusting
  • ships
Rebound. by Kyleeeng05
Rebound.by AimdahDarknessQueen❤
Well,Im just his rebound.
  • complicatedlove
  • teenfiction
  • pretendascouple
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square uP  by cotton-aesthetic
square uP by eunqii
art that i either dislike or never finished them ay
  • wth
  • hahahaha
  • art
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The baby fic by PurpleFluffySocks
The baby ficby thatperson
It's called the baby fic. It's not cute and it's not pleasant. Don't read it. Huge trigger warning. Contains : ABDL Scat Rape Pedophilia Gore
  • baby
  • disgusting
  • dontread
{Digital Disasters} (OLD BOOK) by -Reeses_Puffs-
{Digital Disasters} (OLD BOOK)by It's Not Like I Like Pen...
"-Love Is The Cure For Depression, Even When The Person You Love Isn't Real-"
  • art
  • random
  • digitalart
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The Reality by JWAOG2015
The Realityby Kat
Cringe, don't read
  • disgusting
Abused Rose.... by SimplyTreadBanger
Abused Rose....by HoloSexual
it's gona be really really weird okay so just yo with it
  • weird
  • aphmau
  • zane
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❝cause happy endings hardest to fake❞ by Cup-Cakex
❝cause happy endings hardest to fa...by mando the pando
☁︎ just a stupid book full of thoughts and rants ☁︎ ✧◦.・✧◦.・✧◦.・✧◦.・ ❝ so lets run,, make a great escape, and i'll be waiting outside for the getaway. it doesn't matter...
  • random
  • thoughts
  • feelings
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Omegle trolling  by XxkeeleyxX
Omegle trolling by Keeley walker
Well hello fellow humans. For this lovely book I have risked my sanity andIf you hadn't already gathered by the title this book is about Omegle and trolling. Yes two t...
  • omegle
  • disgusting
  • donotread
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The Laxative Fic (A Gross Dan and Phil Fanfic) by TrashyBoy101
The Laxative Fic (A Gross Dan and...by Nameless
After one of their recent videos on the gaming channel, which was: 'Dan and Phil Play: Bucket Of Doom', Phil decides he'd test out the laxative answer that he chose wit...
  • danisnotonfire
  • fanfic
  • disgusting
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Art by 0Lark0
Artby Lark
A book of my shitty art. Try not to overdose in disgust here, it's a pain to clean up the bodies.
  • killit
  • burnit
  • horribleart
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Becoming Close Again by xzJoker
Becoming Close Againby Xhea
Kelly and Kyon were the ultimate siblings. They were like two peas in a pod. But all good things have to end. What happens when this two siblings fall out due to a very...
  • fake
  • confessions
  • wthell
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Gravity Falls of Truth or Dares with the Loud House by PrincessMabel45
Gravity Falls of Truth or Dares wi...by Princess Eileen114
1. Dipper-19, 2. Mabel-19, 3. Pacifica-17, 4. Gideon-17, 5. Candy-18, 6. Grenda-18 , 7. Lana-14 8. Leni-25 9. Lily-11 10. Lisa-13 11. Lincoln-20, Ronnie...
  • kissing
  • makeout
  • hearts
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