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The Fighter Meets The Alpha by xX_Dream_Mystical_Xx
The Fighter Meets The Alphaby Moe the Dragon
Moving to a new town to get away from her past and to finish high school, Max finds herself in a whole new situation. Being thrown to the wolves, Max's past soon unrave...
  • streetfighter
  • secrets
  • truth
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Love, Anonymous by EverlarkCatoniss
Love, Anonymousby Liz
*Completed* "I just want to know why." I say as I turn over, trying to find his figure through the dark of my room. "Why what?" He asks. "Why...
  • fate
  • teenage
  • good-guy
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Truth be Told ✔️ by nataliasmithss
Truth be Told ✔️by Natalia Smith
The rivalry between high schools is fierce. But the rivalry between Baylor High School and Brentwood High School was fiercer. When people come to these schools, they le...
  • girl
  • secret
  • stubborn
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Truth by supernatural1k
Truthby Mariaackels1k
Read and find out✌️
  • naruto
  • truth
That Bad Boy in Glasses (Completed) by mikaelanay
That Bad Boy in Glasses (Completed)by Mickey
Violet Landon disguises herself as a guy and works secretly as a replacement driver at night for inebriated people who can't drive. 'Stay out of trouble' is the mantra s...
  • love
  • badboy
  • replacement
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midnight thoughts by johnschorwinson
midnight thoughtsby veridis quo
"some find light during morning. mine? i find them during midnight." highest: #1 in poetry All Rights Reserved © John Schorwinson 2017 a compilation of short p...
  • freetheboy
  • thoughts
  • poetry
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Paying His Debts  by Okie_Teheehe
Paying His Debts by Okie_Teheehe
"signed it" he said "And what if I don't " I was determined "HOW DARE YOU?" "I'm sorry Mr Shehriyar Waseem but the contract don't e...
  • lovestory
  • ceoinlove
  • truth
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Clare Dixon thought she couldn't trust anyone except her parents and her best friend Lisa until the day she was forced to marry that good-looking guy, that she had met a...
  • possessive
  • humor
  • love
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I Will Make You Mine, Either By Hook or By Crook ✔ by slow_learner
I Will Make You Mine, Either By SAma
He grabbed her arm and pinned her to her own car; not a gentle hold as before, a firm one which hurts. She hissed inwardly but managed to keep a straight face. "Sto...
  • passion
  • helplessness
  • past
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The Book Of Poems(ON HOLD) by Raven_In_The_Night
The Book Of Poems(ON HOLD)by RavenInTheNight
From a Treehouse to the Best Sing Ever to No Regrets to Friendship, read on these poems! Who knows what you will find! ;)! This is a book of poems. All of these are made...
  • poem
  • peace
  • rhyme
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Despite How I Feel Inside by DescendantofRome
Despite How I Feel Insideby DescendantofRome
a few poems made by me. all ideas, wording and posting is by me. (cover photo does not belong to me) enjoy!
  • truth
  • reality
  • depression
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Fnaf truth or dare by SuicidalHarley12
Fnaf truth or dareby Harley_Yandere
Ask them anything,dare them and more.BTW BONNIE IS A GIRL HERE.
  • fnaf
  • dare
  • chica
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warrior cat truth or dare (My oc/ Book Character Addison)  by Mcg333
warrior cat truth or dare (My Mc Prime
ask any of my warrior cat oc questions or dares
  • ythou
  • doesthisdoanything
  • bored
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If I Were Honest... by AnimeNerd1012
If I Were AnimeNerd1012
ok so yal know that I have a few friends on wattpad and for those of ya who don't go read my bout me crap on my page and not the book. so my friend jaleigh says let's wr...
  • honest
  • nolies
  • 100
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Acceptance (Short Poem) by mimimyself
Acceptance (Short Poem)by Nami
i'ts all about life and acceptance.
  • pain
  • life
  • acceptance
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Honey, If You Bite Me I'll Bite You Right Back. by cleanandserene
Honey, If You Bite Me I'll Bite Emerald
Bell just wanted a new start. She wanted a drama and sad free life, After her parents died. But that wasn't going to happen. She know's somethings up with the mysterious...
  • humor
  • run
  • james
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Solitary by WilbellRose
Solitaryby Rosie Asher
  • truth
  • lie
  • hidden
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Lies by RosarioFacio
Liesby Rosario
  • lies
  • poem
  • truth