Finding Your Mate at His Bachelor Party?...Awkward. (Slowly Editing) by BryWrites
Finding Your Mate at His =)
So he's the groom and she's the stripper...think it stops there? Not even close. Throw in a -*crazed stalker-ish ex boyfriend *a psychotic, power-obsessed fiance' *the f...
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The Boy who Broke the Rules by isabelleronin
The Boy who Broke the Rulesby Isabelle Ronin
Stay away from that boy. That's what they all told me, but I was never one to be obedient. The Boy who Broke the Rules. All Rights Reserved. * He was the mysterious lone...
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Don't Try The Noodles ✓ by sall_hwa
Don't Try The Noodles ✓by Sally // 曙顯
Who says you can only find love in a coffee shop? Korean restaurants work just as well. Bailey Cho has always worked at her family's restaurant during the summer breaks...
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Peter's Little Peter by mestrin
Peter's Little Peterby Michael Estrin
Some guys are showers. Some guys are growers. Then there's Peter. He's got a big secret about a little problem (in his pants). But one day, that secret gets out, and Pet...
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Creating Control by Alyxsaurus
Creating Controlby Alyx
"I'm going to have to punish you, Jasper." "P-punish me?" "You have to learn." Then there was silence. Pain. _______________________ Jasper...
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GYM LOVE by HecDaevis
GYM LOVEby Hec Daevis
As clueless as everyone assumed me, clumsy extraordinaire, Bennett Oden to be, that couldn't have been farther from the truth. I was one of the most observant people I k...
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Weeds by Readiculous
Weedsby Readiculous
"They were elements that were not supposed to mix,but they were. And just like mixing hydrogen peroxide with Sulfuric Acid; Inevitable explosion." *** "T...
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Noah and Rainer (BxB) by pan-panda_india
Noah and Rainer (BxB)by Elixir
"You are not turning gay on me, are you Noah?" I grin. He doesn't flinch; he doesn't tense when he says the next words softly, "I am not turning gay."...
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Finding Adam (A Modern Muslim Love Story) ✔ by prettysmiles1999
Finding Adam (A Modern Muslim M o n a
TEXT COPYRIGHT © M. A. ™ 2016 ~~~~~ "We can never be together," Adam suddenly says. His voice is small, but it sounds like soft velvet to my ears. "We're...
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The Artist and The Dancer by nikki20038
The Artist and The Dancerby nic
Hamilton Academy of the Arts. The school Sydney Acosta moved to all the way from Toronto, Ontario at some barely known town that should actually be considered a city. Af...
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Run Ruby Run (ON HOLD) by MissTigress
Run Ruby Run (ON HOLD)by hiatus
"You should . . . know . . ." I wheeze out. "That most chicks really don't dig the whole crazy-serial-killer thing. I for one . . . prefer sweet talk and...
  • bullying
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Kissing Frogs by KiaraLondon
Kissing Frogsby Kiara Renée
Because some of us fail at love. | WATTPAD PICKS 3/2/18 |
  • romcom
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The Bad Boy Is Obsessed With Me  by Dreamcatcher356
The Bad Boy Is Obsessed With Me by Introvert
HIGHEST RANKING~ #1 in Obsessed(26 July 2018) HIGHEST RANKING~#6 in Hotboys(17 July 2018) "Go, I don't want to make you hate me for what I did." he says softly...
  • highschool
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Silent Souls // A BNHA OC Fanfic by xLunarLight
Silent Souls // A BNHA OC Fanficby xLunarLight
I look out at the stars. They glimmer through the night sky. A bright light shoots though the sky; a shooting star. "I wish..." My feet move quickly across the...
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Food for Thought | Misc. by violet_storm
Food for Thought | Zahra S.
Food for thought requires a mind with teeth. | A miscellaneous book. |
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Fuckboy by spork4me
Fuckboyby heaven
"Fuckboy," also known as a teenage boy who will use and hurt as many girls as possible, as long as they're getting lucky. [highest ranking: teen fiction #285] ...
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wilting roses//mcpriceley by unrelatablehumor
wilting roses//mcpriceleyby jelisa
nah, this story just fucking sucks.
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The Fighter's Match | on hiatus by thebookenchantress
The Fighter's Match | on hiatusby saffron♆
Reconstructing, chapter inside to explain. (SLOW UPDATES) UPDATE: I'm back ;) "You're a fighter you know that? In and outside the fighting cage. I don't think I kno...
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Tokoyami x female reader (One-Shots) by sadimast
Tokoyami x female reader ( Leila (o^^)o
Tokoyami is love, Tokoyummy is life~ ... This will include fluff, lemons, heavy material, angst ... I hope you all enjoy this! Boku no hero academia belongs to Hirokoshi...
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Mr Grumpy by Im_Just_That_Awkward
Mr Grumpyby Gigi Lachowski
Somehow I managed to get myself lost in 3 minutes. I mean I know I don't have good concentration but its pretty impossible to get lost that quick you know? Well not for...
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