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Say Hello For Me by calligraphics
Say Hello For Meby christina
"Hello, we are here to advise you on all your questions, concerns, and problems related to relationships. How may I assist you today?" "I think my girlfr...
  • friendship
  • teenfiction
  • relationship
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Texts From The Badboy (COMPLETE) by FUTURE_QUEEN101
Texts From The Badboy (COMPLETE)by A QUEEN
When the Nerd accidentally texts the Badboy of the school... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Allison Daniels, nerdy, sarcastic and unknowingly beautiful.... Allison get...
  • funnymoments
  • texts
  • makeover
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Holding onto You by UnsinkableShips
Holding onto Youby sarah 🌻
When Helena finds a phone on the night train, she decides to text the first number in the list of contacts in order to figure out who it belongs to. Copyright © 2017 by...
  • textmessages
  • newadultreads
  • mature
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Hot Line | ✓ by iwearheelys
Hot Line | ✓by brit
in which a guy calls a sex hotline just looking for a friend. ©iwearheelys, all rights reserved.
  • strangers
  • texts
  • romance
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First Comes Like #Wattys2018 by Umberdiary
First Comes Like #Wattys2018by Umberdiary
Valerie Blythe and Dean Pinkette aren't even friends. And at the end of the story, they still won't be. Extended summary inside! Amazing cover by @Sparkes Copyright ©...
  • multimedia
  • hot
  • valentinesday
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The Collins Curse |ongoing| by wnnojhoming
The Collins Curse |ongoing|by Wnnojhoming
In which a cursed girl seeks comfort from a boy who radiates with every bit of positivity she desperately needs. [extended synopsis inside] -phone conversation with nar...
  • miles
  • girl
  • university
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Royal Chatroom by eraseyourmistakes
Royal Chatroomby 🌹
"Well, hello to you too, panty dropper stranger ;)" -Prince Zay Nelson Shaw. [EXTENDED SUMMARY INSIDE] #5 ON PHONE || #9 ON ROYAL
  • prince
  • teenfiction
  • conversation
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Phone Calls (Alex Gaskarth) by JacknotCrack
Phone Calls (Alex Gaskarth)by Anthony
"Hello?" I answered the phone. "Hey, Amy?" "No, this is Maddie." - a simple start to a unique story.
  • phone
  • gaskarth
  • fic
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Talk Music To Me ✔️ by hothatsweethis
Talk Music To Me ✔️by Skye
HIGHEST RANKING: #6 When Judaline gets a call from her college's latest soccer star, she doesn't expect him to be a goof. But self-proclaimed goofball, Caleb White makes...
  • phone
  • teenager
  • pickuplines
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Heartbreak Hotline by Lightning_Stryker
Heartbreak Hotlineby Queen Jay 👑
[COMPLETE] "So imma need those digits." "Isn't that a bit too fast? You don't even know my name or-" "Of your credit card, you idiot." ...
  • dialogue
  • chat
  • helpline
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Love You, Goodbye | ✓ by wonderstruck_rose
Love You, Goodbye | ✓by Rose
An accidental drunken phone call with a mysterious, sexy stranger can lead to an adventure beyond imagination. But what happens when the person on the other line ends up...
  • happyending
  • dialogue
  • accident
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Once Upon a Bathroom Stall by hyrule
Once Upon a Bathroom Stallby ヽ/❀o ل͜ o\ノ
❝I- what? What are you talking about? Who is this?❞ ❝Well the bathroom stall says that this number is the gateway to a good time, and unless you're trying to say that a...
  • slowbuild
  • strangers
  • newadult
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The Wrong Number ✓ by PurpleStreak
The Wrong Number ✓by PurpleStreak
"Is this Domino's?" "No, it's not." "Are you sure?" "Yes. I think you've got the wrong number." "On the contrary, for once I...
  • phone
  • calls
  • wattys2017
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iAmTalon by DoNotMicrowave
iAmTalonby Lindsey Summers
Who is James Talon Harrington the Fourth? His friends would say he's the pretty boy of the group. His coach would say he's a dedicated football player. His mother would...
  • girl
  • phone
  • highschool
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Blood Bound- Book 1 of the Bonded Series- Complete by MercyRose
Blood Bound- Book 1 of the Tara
For eleven years, Leo Risso, a slave to the night, patiently watched over his charge without once letting himself be known. Sticking to the deepest of shadows, cloaking...
  • shelby
  • leo
  • mine
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Fine Apple | ✓ by rosecoloredsoul
Fine Apple | ✓by tina
❝HELP HELP HELLLP!❞ ❝Hello, this is the Fine Apple market, and no, we are not an Apple knockoff store; how may I help you?❞ ❝Well, someone just stole my phone.❞ ❝Sorry...
  • humor
  • chitterchatters
  • help
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I stole the bad boys phone by mollyy512
I stole the bad boys phoneby Molly
"What did you call us over here for?" Yasmina asked. I looked at them before taking Daniel's phone from out of my pocket. "What should I do with it?"...
  • highschool
  • phone
  • happy
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Beyond Strangers by CriticallyIntense
Beyond Strangersby GC_Meade
[Completed] "What if someone you never met. Someone you never saw. Someone you never talked to , was the only someone for you?" Lana's met Kurt. Lana's seen K...
  • wattys2018
  • girl
  • romance
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Phone Sex || H.S [discont.] by beautommo
Phone Sex || H.S [discont.]by A.
Make sure you read the disclaimer! --- "Let's make a deal." "What's that?" "Have phone sex with me." --- beautommo (C) 2016.
  • one
  • harry
  • styles
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Watercolours | ✓ by Shyneepul
Watercolours | ✓by Pul
#1 in Dialogue (09.05.18) #1 in Colors (19.06.18) #48 in Short Story (11.05.18) "Did you hear about the artist that died?" "Huh?" "Too many st...
  • phone
  • story
  • teenfiction
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