GPS Tracker Kids Smart Watch by dreamgadgetspro02
GPS Tracker Kids Smart Watchby dreamgadgetspro02
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.-*Forbidden Love*-. An IPhone x Reader .-* by piperthehorse
.-*Forbidden Love*-. An IPhone x Madison Falzarano
And this is where it starts, Y/N (Last Name) Only a few days before college starts after all these years of tying to get in. But, what is this feeling?
  • mental
  • yandere
  • phone
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Hello??(fnaf fan fic)(creepy pasta by Notice_us_Senpai2017
Hello??(fnaf fan fic)(creepy pastaby Mia and others
(This is a fnaf fan fiction and creepy pasta fan fic I do not own any fnaf characters or any of the characters mentioned from a certain series like slender man or freddy...
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Family time by 23starwarsgirl
Family timeby 23starwarsgirl
This was suppose to be a regular family trip. this wasn't suppose to happen. see my brothers youtube page schaperfilm
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ASUS VivoBook S Full HD Laptop by dreamgadgetspro02
ASUS VivoBook S Full HD Laptopby dreamgadgetspro02
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Faux Numéro by YAnN_2008
Faux Numéroby Yann 2008 - Jeux, Jingle Pubs...
Des taquineries, des messages, des déclaration, bref, c'est une conversation...
  • android
  • mms
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helpline anonymous by crunas
helpline anonymousby ᵃʲ
all rights reserved © 2018 crunas » lowercase intentional
  • hotline
  • shortstory
  • fiction
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The heartbreak phone calls  (chardre boy x boy love story) by moniespie400
The heartbreak phone calls ( Alyssa Devries
This story is a boy x boy love story. The story told only through phone calls. I know it sounds stupid but give it a try.
  • gay
  • teens
  • phone
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Help Me (One - Shot Story) by angorgeously
Help Me (One - Shot Story)by charissaamii
Whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stranger.
  • tall
  • shane
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Phone Wallpapers by saturn890
Phone Wallpapersby Violette Jennings
Just wallpapers I find.
  • aesthetics
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  • wallpaper
seriously | hs  by niallyr
seriously | hs by n i c
Julia put her head in her hands as Harry watched her shoulders shake. "Julia, I can't tell whether you're laughing or crying."
  • onedirection
  • phone
  • love
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what? by Valentine_November
what?by Charlie
  • funny
  • random
  • real
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C︎ O︎ D︎ E︎»j.jk AU ft. bts by -squshi-
C︎ O︎ D︎ E︎»j.jk AU ft. btsby Y O O N G I
"jungkook! where are you?" "h-hyung?" "where the hell are you?!" "hyung,i just have to type this cod-." "jungkook!" »i...
  • code
  • fanfiction
  • fiction
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Fun Ways To Answer Your Phone by Suleima_G
Fun Ways To Answer Your Phoneby Suleima_G
title says it all...
  • funny
  • phone
  • humor
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Over the phone - fillie by ifreakinlovest
Over the phone - fillieby Stranger things💕
"Hello this is Pops diner how can I help you?" ------------------------- a SHORT STORY in which a guy and a girl have many over the phone conversations. {filli...
  • diner
  • milliebobbybrown
  • romance
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New phone• Corbyn Besson  by limight_4_life
New phone• Corbyn Besson by Limelight_4_life
When a boy texted the wrong number it changes his life
  • marais
  • tkbmoviecontest
  • seavey
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LoOk aT mE iPHonEX, by rarezztrader118
LoOk aT mE iPHonEX,by Lemon D
this took 5 minutes, no creativity, bad quality, yet i hope you enjoy
  • iphonex
  • comedy
  • iphone
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love maze / TAEHYUNG by lovguks
love maze / TAEHYUNGby KAT
kim taehyung, mr. perfect guy everyone likes has a crush on a girl who has no interest in love life especially in boys. one drunken night, he ends up texting an unknown...
  • kimtaehyung
  • taehyung
  • jimin
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Anonymous Number by starlightdreamer13
Anonymous Numberby Soul Seeker
EPISTOLARY Her life is a chaos but it became worse when she was texted by an anonymous number.
  • texts
  • number
  • thriller
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