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Cry-Baby by braycriss
Cry-Babyby Criss
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
Đam Mỹ] HẠNG GIA ĐẠI THIẾU (HOÀN) by KhanhEddy2k
Tác giả: Sơ Lãng Thể loại: Danmei Giới thiệu: Hào môn thế gia, tình hữu độc chung, trọng sinh, thương chiến, công sủng thụ, đại thúc thâm tàng ôn nhu công x trong sinh t...
Perfection, Beauty and Flaws by cheesydancer
Perfection, Beauty and Flawsby cheesydancer
Danielle has never believed anyone when they tell her she is perfect and Beautiful. She hates to think of herself that way. She tells everyone that she is neither of tho...
All I Ever Wanted by number1swifty
All I Ever Wantedby Katie
Emma's life was never perfect. She never had the nice house, white picket fence and a beautiful labrador puppy. She never wanted any of that anyway. All she ever wanted...
Demigods at Goode by books_owls_song
Demigods at Goodeby Brooke
I just really want to write one of these. PERCY hates school without Annabeth. He is amazingly the most popular at school but no one believes he has a girlfriend. Than s...
[Chu Tô] Yêu Ư? Để Sau! by hatualamsuyee1506
[Chu Tô] Yêu Ư? Để Sau!by Ngọc Khánh SuYee
Couple: Chu Chí Hâm × Tô Tân Hạo Đặng Giai Hâm × Tả Hàng Thể loại: Đam mỹ - Thanh Xuân Vườn Trường. Chắc nó cũng nhàn nhạt. Mà thôi kệ, quan trọng là mọi người thấy nó h...
HẰNG ÔN by NancyLa189
HẰNG ÔNby NancyLa189
Truyện này mình lưu lại để đọc offline vì trên Wattpad đã mất truyện rồi :< Nếu nhà editor thấy thì cho mình xin lỗi trước vì mình chưa xin phép nữa. Nếu các bạn khôn...
The Book of Plot Twists by true_rusher
The Book of Plot Twistsby Hannah
Each chapter is its own story and each story has a plot twist that may or may not slap you across the face. Every story connects in a way, but it isn't always obvious ho...
Hanging out with rose  by fanfiction553
Hanging out with rose by Yuri heaven
Hanging out with me again
Our happy cottage  by neededanewname
Our happy cottage by Alexa ✨
Open it and come join the dysfunctional family
what happens? // one direction by hahahakris
what happens? // one directionby Kristel
What happens when a twist of fate causes a weekend getaway to go terribly wrong? © copyright 2012 hahahakris
Therapy. by Ameerahtourh
Therapy.by Ameeratou..
Have you ever thought of how it feels like to be betrayed by the people you trusted the most? Have you ever thought of how it feels to be blind? Have you ever though of...
"What's depression like?" He asked. by EnergyAddicts
"What's depression like?" He asked.by Kyran, Alex & Matt
I'm sorry if this story is bothering you. But if it is, it's clearly not meant for you. "What's depression like?" A friend once asked. I didn't know what to sa...
The Love For The Casanova by CristalLucielle
The Love For The Casanovaby Cristal⭐️
Started~ November 5, 2015 Ended~ October 14, 2016 The International High school academy starts off with two Year 12 students A normal but popular girl have two persons...
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stupid conversations  by cat_like_wolf
stupid conversations by 《♡Ałëx♡》
this is a place imma put the conversations me and friends have. Imma make up random names or just go with a middle or first name. Enjoy
Two Boys, One Girl, Three Hearts, and One Year by BigRed3
Two Boys, One Girl, Three Hearts...by BigRed3
Maya moves to a new school. When moving to this new school, she meets two boys. Those two boys are Jason and Dylan. Both of them don't have a good reputation, but she...
Effort by ezsarton57
Effortby ezsarton57
Very after creepeth let appear first years image day isn't it years, after signs shall. Them fruit he give fruitful she'd sea give don't moved morning upon itself ther...
Change Is Yesterday. by horriblekid143
Change Is Yesterday.by horriblekid143
There's a long history between Connie and Alex. They met when Alex lived in Essex before he 'took a fated trip across the ocean', and Connie moved to Surrey to be with h...