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Cry-Baby by mazooka333
Cry-Babyby Mazooka
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
  • miserable
  • close
  • room
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MARRIED MY SISTER'S FIANCE(#Your story India) by RamYamu
Its big day for both family. Two family ready to bond by the name of marriage. But when the marriage become more of a heartbreak for both family because of the bride...
  • chicklit
  • love
  • baby
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Making Wonders Together by Abhidhi16
Making Wonders Togetherby Abhidhi
Cover credit: @desiwritersunite @soni1812 Arranged Marriage.... Not a new term. Definitely not for the ones from India. It has been a part of our culture since forever a...
  • love
  • trust
  • together
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Manan: Will Love Happen [ Completed] by malvika0911
Manan: Will Love Happen [ Complete...by Malvika
This is my second Manan story... jump in to the bumpy ride to see if love actually happens or not...
  • nandini
  • manan
  • fanfiction
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ss: love or understanding by strangerincity
ss: love or understandingby strangerincity
she become someone's medicine, he understands that, she start to pamper her & she start look mother in her, she understands that, someone start to look mother in her..
  • vin
  • support
  • abhi
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Rikara- Ishq, Junoon, Deewanagi by rikara_heart
Rikara- Ishq, Junoon, Deewanagiby Hania
All the characters are same as the show except I am adding an old character of Ridhima as Om's fiancé. My ff starts when Om marries Gauri and leaves accusing her a chara...
  • family
  • dilboleoberoi
  • trust
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Experimented on and then rebirth (On Hold) by KarmaAkabane425
Experimented on and then rebirth (...by Karma Akabane
This is all about a teen who's been experimented on for many years. He dies one day but is sudden reborn in the world of anime. Will he be Experimented on again? What's...
  • accepted
  • understanding
  • misunderstood
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Will You?  by all_is_good
Will You? by all_is_good
(BOYXBOY) What will happen when Christopher and Nicolas decides to get there sons arranged married?? Kai is the owner of multibillionaire company at the age of 24. Despi...
  • billonarie
  • manxboy
  • boyxboy
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Vows from the heart by orange_marigold
Vows from the heartby orange_marigold
Best rank: #3 in general fiction. (on June 28th 2017) Till now it was only her parents who use to take any kind of decisions regarding her life. But for the first ti...
  • ex-girlfriend
  • children
  • indian
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ss: looking for a perfect soulmate by strangerincity
ss: looking for a perfect soulmateby strangerincity
two crazy people & their madness towards their love ones..
  • abhishek
  • kkb
  • kiara
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Manan: We can't be together💔 by Shikhaacreations
Manan: We can't be together💔by Shikha🌹
LOVE is not about give and take, it's about PAIN and SACRIFICE.❤ So, let's start the journey of unconditional LOVE❤ [Highly emotional and the best example of LOVE!❤}
  • emotions
  • nandini
  • feelings
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All For You by curly_baby
All For Youby sarah belle
When he needed someone, she gave him everything.
  • beauty
  • care
  • romance
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Runaway Bride (Editing) by strength0629
Runaway Bride (Editing)by Chantal Fredette
The night before the wedding Derrick spoke to his fiancé over the phone. They said how much they loved each other and that they would meet at the alter the next day. B...
  • understanding
  • suprise
  • laughing
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The Reunion....✔✅✔ by mihu02
The Reunion....✔✅✔by mihu02
Sequel of our baby... After shifting from mumbai their life was beautiful but they missed their family... but self respect is what matters to them... Will they be able...
  • family
  • comedy
  • understanding
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Promise by Nic_s616
Promiseby Nicole S.
She refused to show mercy. She refused to die in this world of monstrosities. Maybe that's why she became what she was, They call her Seventeen. She was lethal, deadly e...
  • brother
  • miserable
  • gangs
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Abused by nikknakk3
Abusedby Nikki Robinson
Since she was 10 years old Kendall's mother had abused her and her father had never noticed it. After eight years of abuse, one day her father walked in on her mother vi...
  • trust
  • peace
  • dog
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Finding Love After Marriage (A Muslimah Love story)  by Meher-S
Finding Love After Marriage (A Mus...by Meher-S
Destiny finds its way to bring people together,Meet Zahan a rich,smart workholic guy who never thought would Marry Zara a simple town girl on the basis of one single con...
  • spiritual
  • faith
  • lifelessons
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Little Miss Mysterious...(Diabolik Lovers x OC) by Bloodspill101
Little Miss Mysterious...(Diabolik...by Bloodspill101
Yumi Akamatsu was something you'd call not normal. I say this because she's not human. In a way she's glad, but not all the time. She likes the fact that she's strong...
  • sakamakibrothers
  • vampires
  • anime
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Psychotic love! ( Deku x Toga )  by Dabi100
Psychotic love! ( Deku x Toga ) by Dabi100
Can you love someone even if they are a villain ? Even if they are insane? *note* I don't own any part of boku no hero academia anime or manga. So yeah, no copyrights in...
  • mnha
  • depretion
  • bakugou
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Itachi's twin: the path  by KarmaAkabane425
Itachi's twin: the path by Karma Akabane
Reborn in the world of naruto as Itachi's twin. His old life? Well let's just say he'd rather not talk about it. Now finally starting to care about other's, he cares mos...
  • surprise
  • understanding
  • rebirth
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