Everything Happens At 2:04 AM by nikki20038
Everything Happens At 2:04 AMby nic
Octavia. That's the name the world knows her by. Octavia. One word. One name. At seventeen, she was a girl who had her spotlight when she was whisked away to co-star i...
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The Marking by beautifullybrutal
The Markingby 🐥
*Completed* *Unedited* With every step he took towards me, I took one back until I hit the edge of his bed. A deep growl rumbled from his throat and I tried to make myse...
  • moon
  • hate
  • romance
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The Betrayal by beautifullybrutal
The Betrayalby 🐥
"Light up my darkness," he murmured against her bare flesh. His fingers trailed up her arm, leaving a blazing fire beneath them. His lips pressed softly agains...
  • moongoddess
  • paranormal
  • mates
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All the Wrong Reasons by jerileekaye
All the Wrong Reasonsby Jerilee Kaye
WILL BE REDUCED TO SAMPLE BY OCTOBER 20, 2018 Adrienne prides herself for being smart, prim and proper. She doesn't go against the rules of society and refuse to even t...
  • affair
  • night
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The Smirking Jerk (Blake's POV) by DarknessAndLight
The Smirking Jerk (Blake's POV)by Karianne
"I'm in love with you." How many times would I have to think about this, how many times, before she could hear it, feel it, see it in my eyes? "I'm in lov...
  • night
  • myself
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life changed in one night🌃 by manan961
life changed in one night🌃by manan
Is a dominating story if ur comfortable then read .. It contain adult seen soo it you are comfortable then only read.... Prolouge- nandani-Today is my marriage ,a Forcef...
  • marriage
  • forced
  • forcefully
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Zodiac signs by WritingDuhh
Zodiac signsby WritingDuh
Pretty self explanatory. Hope you enjoy!
  • cancer
  • typesof
  • zodiac
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☄Soul Words☄ by LovableConundrum
☄Soul Words☄by marshies~
Where there are words; there is comfort. ●°●°●°●°●°●°●°●°●°●°●°●°●°● ☆This book is a space I made for the words I've hidden. ☆It consists of poems, sorrowful, wishful, t...
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The  Royal Heir(BWWM/Interracial) by itgrl101
The Royal Heir(BWWM/Interracial)by itgrl101
Amora's life has never been easy but she never complained. Although it was only her mother and her that was all she ever needed to be happy and contented. When she lost...
  • black
  • stand
  • shy
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Bed Buddies | ManXMan by nighttaker
Bed Buddies | ManXManby प्रेम
_________________________________________ A 100/100 scorer in 2017 LGBT Awards First Place winner (category- Romance) in The Apollo Awards First Place winner (LGBT+ cate...
  • bisexual
  • beautiful
  • gay
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Moonlight || jjk by softaura
Moonlight || jjkby A.
❝The night's not for sleeping anyway.❞ College AU [DISCONTINUED] © 2018 softaura ✓
  • taehyung
  • college
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One Windy Night by MrsDamonSalvatore64
One Windy Nightby Julie Salvatore
Starting from the beginning is impossible. But so is what happened one night Charlotte decided to go out. Charlotte has lived under Mrs. Smith's care since she was dropp...
  • wind
  • past
  • nathaniel
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Shadows of Night by NeptuneNocturnal
Shadows of Nightby NeptuneNocturnal
Born immortal to the two leading Winter spirits of the Seasons Realm, Ash is left to carry out her father's work after he mysteriously disappears alongside the parents o...
  • night
  • immortal
  • love
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|| Life Time || by orionchaser
|| Life Time ||by ori
poetry of my head, you are welcome if you dare. 》book four book one- || Rain Drops || book two- || Bird Song || book three- || Fire Flies || started::december 16th 20...
  • poetry
  • life
  • death
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Goddess Of The Night by Xx_Nita_xX
Goddess Of The Nightby Nita
Aliyah Nightingale always thought she was different. Her attitude and scarce amount of fear was noticeable. But never did she expect the wave of reality to come crashing...
  • humor
  • teenfiction
  • greek
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What Words Couldn't Express by ShadesOfCrimson
What Words Couldn't Expressby Eugene Woods
"What words couldn't express are the feelings that lure through the halls of my shallow heart; the feelings that ooze out from the black river that flows 'round-and...
  • stories
  • pure
  • heart
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When the Day met the Night by ManiaPug
When the Day met the Nightby yellowisahappycolor
"We've got a new student from Boston coming in. He's a very sweet boy and needs to be shown around. Can you show him around for me?" "Why me?" Pete k...
  • ryden
  • trohley
  • frerard
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A Speck Of Truth by strayinspace
A Speck Of Truthby ☾
previously named 'in the dark' → hr #69 on 09.05.18 → ❝ but then I am reminded there was no 'us'. ❞ includes dark themes such as death, after life and tragedy.
  • chaotic
  • romance
  • poem
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Ask/Dare The Creepypastas 1!✔️ by Vikingmetaltoby
Ask/Dare The Creepypastas 1!✔️by V҉M҉T҉o҉b҉y҉
Smile Dog: Hey reader. I know you see this book. Click it! Arf! Click it now! We all want to talk with you! Arf! Ask us questions! Arf! Pleaseeee! Arf! Come here! Arf- S...
  • random
  • sallywilliams
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Friday Night Dinner  by latethoughts
Friday Night Dinner by latethoughts
Every Friday night The Goodman's meet up and have a nice pleasant family dinner. Although sometimes shenanigans do tend to happen. Dads never wearing a shirt because it'...
  • jonny
  • paulritter
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