[AU] [OngNiel] Internet trends by Yue_Hargreaves
[AU] [OngNiel] Internet trendsby Yue Hargreaves
Rumours about the relationship between CEO Kang Daniel and hallyu star Ong SeongWu start to spread online.... Note: the following content are all FAKE and just a fanfict...
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Newsies Preferences (SLOW UPDATES) by GirlMeetsTMNT
Newsies Preferences (SLOW UPDATES)by ➳Ally-Bean➳
Title states all!! (Cover Cred To: Kathryn LeTran, @ellubient) Jack Kelly Davey (David) Race (Racetrack) Spot Crutchie Blink (Kid Blink) These Preferences are all connec...
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Yuno Gasai x female reader by Yunoyuri101
Yuno Gasai x female readerby Yunoyuri101
Y/N lived in England for a short time and decided to move to Japan where her childhood best friend lived, but what will happen when both girls grow feelings for each oth...
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Memes and Thoughts by FedoraTipper69
Memes and Thoughtsby игорь
dankest memes of Wattpad and suicidal thoughts
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WATTPAD'S K-NEWS / reports. by 𝙖𝙚𝙧𝙖
The world is changing, more drama is forming. Want to be caught up on the latest news possible? Then don't be shy to click on this book and read information about the mo...
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Abused by nikknakk3
Abusedby Nikki Robinson
Since she was 10 years old Kendall's mother had abused her and her father had never noticed it. After eight years of abuse, one day her father walked in on her mother vi...
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Change Me by KvngTay
Change Meby Alexandria
All Rights Reserved © CONTAINS:Vulgar Language , sexual content and violence.
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ქეიპოპის მნიშვნელოვანი სიახლეები ^^
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the orlando scandal|jenzie by mich-zy-slaw
the orlando scandal|jenzieby ta-ra
-i guess they got one part right,you will always be a "fake" girlfriend to me -i'm sorry...i love you...i really do -its too late for that now ... mackenzie fr...
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News + Funny Jokes I'll make. by SailorMaya55
News + Funny Jokes I'll Hello_Everybody
News from my life and funny jokes.
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ENN News by Eminemzminnie
ENN Newsby MsPlotTwister
Eminem News Network..where you get updates on Eminem, The potential HOT TEA involving Eminem, Eminem pictures, Eminem songs, Just Eminem Everything...Enjoy! :)
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Keeping Up With Z by ZeroWineThirty
Keeping Up With Zby Z.W. Taylor
News, updates, and sometimes mildly important things...
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All About SMROOKIES (NCT) →CLOSED by jungkrister96
All About SMROOKIES (NCT) →CLOSEDby Krister Ann Jung
Profiles, Info's, Updates and compilation of some Random Facts about SMROOKIES/NCT. Enjoy! [!] NOTE - SOME INFO'S OR FACTS MAY NOT BE UPDATED SO PLEASE BARE W/ IT.
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blackpink  ⇀ lyrics。mvs。etc。 by Summicorn
blackpink ⇀ lyrics。mvs。etc。by ㄴninie🌙ㄱ
☾。 be updated about 》facts 》lyrics 》music videos 》news &more. rankings; # 590 kimjisoo # 688 jenniekim # 275 lisamanoban ctto; cover
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youtuber and celebrity drama ! by -chanels
youtuber and celebrity drama !by babygirl
drama about your favorite celebs and social influencers. i'm getting most of this off of instagram and will credit the content creators i got it from!
  • ethandolan
  • selenagomez
  • james
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Drama Llamas | Phan by AnimeHub-net
Drama Llamas | Phanby Simply trash
- Written in celebration of Dan & Phil's 2018 tour || Updated weekly (Fri) - From an outside perspective, Dan Howell lived a pretty easy life. He had no troubles, he had...
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Undertale and au! Oneshots  by undertailsanzz
Undertale and au! Oneshots by 🎮RaGiNG GaMIng👾
A whole book of oneshots there is underfell ,dancetale,wondertale,and underswap!and many more!
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HTTYD 3 The Hidden World News by ASloveshttyd
HTTYD 3 The Hidden World Newsby Asloveshttyd
Look for all the latest httyd 3 new right here images, music, script, trailers, posters, new characters, dates and more so don't miss out
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Flashes of Fiction by TheWickedDreamer
Flashes of Fictionby caution
To wander is to be alive. -Roman Payne The mind is the map, the body is the vehicle, and the eyes are the telescopes. This is fiction from the mind of a person.
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Random Book 8 by SwordwarriorX
Random Book 8by Gushiken Zaydon
More Randomness
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