PROJECT PRINCESSby So’Spicystories 💘📝
  • money
  • urbanromance
  • ghetto
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A Thug's BabyMama (Slowly Editing) by Mobile16
A Thug's BabyMama (Slowly Editing)by @Mobile16™
Aliyah Young is a hard working gurll. She goes to UCLA. She Is a Striaght A student. But she got Pregnant by the school Biggest thug Jamal Wright at a party Freshman yea...
  • thug
  • babymama
  • money
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Life Sucks If You're Married To A Billionaire by Krystel_Grace69
Life Sucks If You're Married To Krystel Grace
(SAMPLE ONLY! FULL VERSION ON AMAZON!) Truly, life sucks for the stubborn Kei. Since he turned 21, he hated how his life turned up for the worst. Why, you may ask? It is...
  • romance
  • french
  • lgbt
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The Sex God's Roommate|✔️ by Youreguiltypleasure
The Sex God's Roommate|✔️by Queen Reign
"Because, I'm going to be your Daddy. And your going to be my princess." Ok what the fuck was happening." "Who said I was your anything." "...
  • nerd
  • famous
  • player
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It's Only Temporary  by adam_and_jane
It's Only Temporary by A.V. Geiger
Mr. Powers has a way of making women change their plans... Highest Rank - Romance #3
  • unrequitedlove
  • player
  • chicklit
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His Fire [COMPLETED] by JazelNB
His Fire [COMPLETED]by JNBFaith
He had wealth, she had scars. He had a protective father, she had the opposite. He had a lovely mother, she had none. Both of them had an unpleasant past. The thought of...
  • abuse
  • love
  • heartless
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Sugar Daddy (Lams) by sweet-peachy
Sugar Daddy (Lams)by sweet-peachy
John needed help with paying for college. Alex just wanted someone to take care of and to fuck. A website can fix that. At first, they only want one thing from each ot...
  • otp
  • hamilton
  • musicals
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I'm Having HIS Baby! by Molliewyattx
I'm Having HIS Baby!by Molliewyattx
Her parents die in an unfortunate car accident, 22 with no family and money running low, and just to top it all off she lost her job. Desperate for enough money to pay r...
  • marriage
  • buisness
  • heartbreak
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All That is Gold (Gold Series #1) | ✓ by simonesaidwhat
All That is Gold (Gold Series #1) simone
Quinn Barton was content with her seat in the social hierarchy at the elite Dupont Prep: not exactly on top, but high enough to get some respect. Too bad Carter Dupont...
  • money
  • youngadult
  • nanowrimo
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You're mine. by sadnessbabe12
You're sadnessbabe12
||#1 Teen Fiction|| Damon Queen- the dangerous, arrogant billionaire who doesn't like it when people disobey him. He never hesitates, he could kill with cold blood and c...
  • possesive
  • love
  • wattys2018
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Little Red by lolitashaze
Little Redby y a s m i n
After moving to a new a new city, seventeen year old Delilah is trying her best have fun, to enjoy her newfound freedom, finally being at peace. Until she catches the ey...
  • lolita
  • killer
  • mobster
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To Tame a Playboy by drakeimaginator
To Tame a Playboyby S.R
HIGHEST RANKING: number 4 in love, 33 in romance! Diana Campbell is a straight A student in Laval University and due to her family's debt she is forced into a marriage w...
  • forcedmarriage
  • wattys2018
  • love
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The Anarchic Consort [ Chapter 1 - 199 ] by L0st_Gur1
The Anarchic Consort [ Chapter L0st_Gur1
She, a 21st century mercenary queen, had crossed over into a tragically betrayed body of a waste. Waste? She will show them what it means to be a waste! Betrayed? With t...
  • china
  • love
  • companions
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Kill Me Gangleader by Flirtyflower01
Kill Me Gangleaderby Flirtyflower01
Someone walks into the room but I cannot see its face. It looks like a man and by the look of his posture, he seems very important. "Why were you in my territory...
  • gangleader
  • fight
  • hurt
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New York Loving (Completed) by Lexie-lou7
New York Loving (Completed)by Lexie-Lou
Mature Read‼️ 🔆 1st #richguy 7/11/18 16+ - Bella and her best friend are drunk and jobless, What does this lead to? Booking one way tickets to New York! Starting fresh...
  • featured
  • boss
  • travel
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Worst Behavior by haitianchild
Worst Behaviorby PimpcessJ ❤️
"And if a bitch try to play me then that bitch is a goner" Highest Rank #3 in Humor and #2 in Money
  • bitch
  • girlfriend
  • love
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Perfect Target by FaithEri
Perfect Targetby Faith
"This is a bad idea." I whisper as his lips graze my neck. "I like bad ideas." He replies huskily, before grabbing my chin and pulling my mouth towa...
  • hate
  • lovehaterelationship
  • humor
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Dope Boy Ambitions 3 by laila_duhh
Dope Boy Ambitions 3by Laila
Read Dope Boy Ambitions before reading!
  • heart
  • money
  • boy
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Five Star Hotel by MayaApples
Five Star Hotelby MayaApples
|#2 in Romance 2/20/16| *** " he sent you here. The dirtiest, grimiest, most vile building in New York City. The building where countless have silently lost th...
  • hotel
  • love
  • italian
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Feed My Soul| Dave East Fiction by ItsBrittanyBeach
Feed My Soul| Dave East Fictionby Litty
After spending three years behind bars Jayce Brewster is finally a free man , looking from the outside in his life was good now that he was back out in the world but wha...
  • urban
  • karrueche
  • food
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