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all for love | cody christian by cIayevans
all for love | cody christianby odd duck alice
"I've known you since we were toddlers. I was there during your awkward seventh grade phase, your first kiss, your first heartbreak, that time you met Mark Wahlberg...
  • trust
  • visit
  • bestfriends
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She's Mine by GlobalApocalype
She's Mineby Dream.P
Jamie is a new girl shes shy but not the one to mess with and keeps to her self Hunter hes Mr.Popular hes outgoing and well,the schools bad boy Jamie has a deadly secre...
  • must
  • whos
  • romance
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Cry-Baby by mazooka333
Cry-Babyby Mazooka
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
  • safe
  • dimples
  • invite
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Personal Manager Of The 7 famous Boys [Lisa×BTS] by EllaEstopace
Personal Manager Of The 7 famous Ella Estopace
Manager-nim hired a bubbly girl as his 7 idiots' Personal Manager Things were not going well but they will be. But is it possible that a simple service would include lov...
  • cool
  • siblings
  • lizkook
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Close by kymbritish207
Closeby MÄFÎÁ DÄÑ🖤🔫🔐
Ava Jackson a hardcore 17 year old girl who's bestfriends with Khloe Moon. The two are two of the most popular girls in West Wood High. Ava is a great singer and no one...
  • chicklit
  • music
  • badgirl
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Hanging On by theHygge
Hanging Onby Lydia Hurley
~c o m p l e t e d~ Seventeen year old Sydney's world is turned upside down when her mother takes on a new farm hand, Tucker, a seventeen year old boy who also is on pro...
  • past
  • butch
  • sydney
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DISTANCE (Josh Dun x Reader) (SEQUEL) ✧ idkbrooklyn by idkbrooklyn
DISTANCE (Josh Dun x Reader) ( ☼ brøøklyn ☼
  • close
  • idkbrooklyn
  • tylerjoseph
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Promise Me (Natsu X Reader) by sweetdaddybgt
Promise Me (Natsu X Reader)by 陈粥卫
[Completed] I'm (Y/N) just a typical 16 year old who travelled a lot and I some how found out about Fairy Tail so took the train for the trip.. When I arrived there I sa...
  • lucy
  • teamfairytail
  • fairytailwattys
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Gotta Love Those Animal Instincts (Jacob Black Fan Fiction) by haynich07
Gotta Love Those Animal Hayley
Hayley is thrown into a world of supernatural beings and danger but she doesn't care. After being abused by her dad for several years, she gets out and runs to her uncle...
  • problem
  • imprint
  • wolf
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S.E.X. by 1999beauty
#10 Lily
Olivia Julian Homes, otherwise known as the daughter of famous swimsuit supermodel, Indiana Kilt, is a genius and well known computer geek. Olivia's mother dies in a tra...
  • adult
  • money
  • bachelor
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too close // z.chenle by no_jams_club
too close // z.chenleby -ʝαм ʝαм-
❝Please don't stand too close to me...❞
  • chenle
  • nct
  • fanfiction
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Elite.  by _LilDark
Elite. by MN
He basically used her. And she let him. There was nothing between them. He had countless affairs and she had countless affairs to take care of. So they drifted apart. Bu...
  • gangs
  • depression
  • rich
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In love with my twin brother?! This is beyond forbidden!! by KelliQ
In love with my twin brother?! Kelly
Alex and Jack have always been together since birth. They can not be seperated. They are twins. Everything seemed completely right to Alex, until Jack started acting wei...
  • enemies
  • staying
  • mile
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Hold Me Close: A Jemi Story by incessantx3
Hold Me Close: A Jemi Storyby incessantx3
Demi is dealing with a terrible break up in which she wasn't treated right. Along comes Joe, who changes things for Demi and gives her a better outlook on life. When a s...
  • fanfic
  • lovatics
  • heartbreak
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to all the boys i've loved before ; peter k by jacks-winchester
to all the boys i've loved a girl has no name
close klōs adjective a short distance away or apart in space or time. ???????????????? Madelaine Holt is one of unpopular girls, she only has a few friends including Lar...
  • dakotafanning
  • peterkavinsky
  • love
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Dirty Dancer by BombdaBay
Dirty Dancerby Anne
Annabelle Lee wants to be a professional dancer. She has to be for her deceased mother. So when she auditions for the new concert tour of Nathaniel Grey with her best fr...
  • fun
  • marriage
  • ending
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Crush, No, Crushed by monkeybaby7
Crush, No, Crushedby Katlynn
Love confessions change everything. But not with Ruth and her best friend, Les. When Ruth finally plucks up the courage to tell him that she is in love, he rejects her t...
  • close
  • date
  • jealous
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The Hottie Next Door by rockbelle
The Hottie Next Doorby Rockbelle
So as I stood in my underwear dancing to Taylor swift I didn't notice my hot neighbour who was moving in. Did I tell you he could clearly see me? To make things worse n...
  • family
  • comedy
  • trap
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LYRIC'S And ARTS by Misstraveller005
LYRIC'S And ARTSby kkai
Sa pagdaan ng panahon, hindi natin namamalayan na lumilipas na pala ito. Na paglipas nito, nagiging busy na tayo hindi na natin namamalayan na yung mga taong nasa paligi...
  • workmate
  • family
  • mac
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        ♡             CLOSE         j.g by --milliebobbybrown
♡ ♡ Mills ♡
" Cause space is just a word made up by someone who's afraid to get too Close" Jack Dylan Grazer X OC
  • idk
  • close
  • jackdylangrazer
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