Cry-Baby by simply_criss
Cry-Babyby Cristina
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
  • unkind
  • decide
  • lie
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RVB one shots [reader x various] by TFPknockoutfangirl
RVB one shots [reader x various]by RVBlolixfangirl
~requests closed~
  • church
  • rvb
  • locus
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Red vs Blue: Agent Rhode Island: Reconstruction by TyForestWrites
Red vs Blue: Agent Rhode Island: R...by TyForestWrites
|Book II| He thought it was all over. But it has only just begun. After reuniting with Agent Washington, Rhode is now on a quest with the Reds and Blues to stop a villai...
  • rvb
  • director
  • meta
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Red Vs Blue Book of One-Shots by Psychgus
Red Vs Blue Book of One-Shotsby Psychgus
Although our favorite group of idiots may not know how to solve life's problems, they do know how to fulfill one thing: Laughter beyond your wildest imagines.
  • lolix
  • wash
  • jensen
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Red vs Blue One shots by happyluv2213
Red vs Blue One shotsby Agent California
Character x readers Character x Character And whatever else you want Just comment with what you want and I'll try to get that written. ★Updates every Monday and Friday★
  • church
  • project
  • south
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Crashed Love (A RvB Fanfic) by agent-washingtub
Crashed Love (A RvB Fanfic)by agent-washingtub
Sam Prescott survives in a small canyon all by herself. She is strong, clever, and smart. But when a large ship crashes at Sam's base, she finds six survivors. Little di...
  • season11
  • blues
  • reds
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Red vs Blue Oneshots by BunnyTheSlayer
Red vs Blue Oneshotsby ...
======================== Sam giggled, sounding like tinkling of wind chimes. She soon stopped when Caboose was reaching to tuck her behind her ear. Her breath hitched as...
  • cyborg
  • tucker
  • red
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Red Vs Blue Oneshots by CloverH00D
Red Vs Blue Oneshotsby Mewlock
Just Red Vs Blue oneshots an' shiz. Requests are open for any one of the characters from seasons 1-10 currently. I'm trying to binge watch RvB whenever I get the chance...
  • wyoming
  • carolina
  • projectfreelancer
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Crash Landing on Chorus [Felix x OC x Washington] by CarryOnMyWritingSon
Crash Landing on Chorus [Felix x O...by CarryOnMyWritingSon
This story is about former Agent Ohio of Project Freelancer. The Meta never got to her so she's still got her AI Rho. Ohio is flying a ship trying to get away from the...
  • felixxoc
  • chorus
  • rvb
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Brown Coats: Serenity by aaspen01
Brown Coats: Serenityby ♞Alaina
Mal, Zoe, Kaylee, Wash, Jayne, and Inara.... Wait that's not right.... There was one here before the arrival of Simon, River, and Shepard. She was tough, tougher than Ja...
  • inevitablebetrayal
  • kaylee
  • alliance
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Firefly Preferences!!! by BloodyAngelJay
Firefly Preferences!!!by BloodyAngelJay
Firefly preferences because what the hell!! Has Malcolm, Simon, Wash, and Jayne!!
  • wash
  • romance
  • simon
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Sarge's daughter by DeclaringEnd3
Sarge's daughterby DeclaringEnd3
Locus and Felix needs the key from Doyle to destroy the planet Chorus. To persuade red vs blue team to give them Doyle and the key is to take someone precious of theirs...
  • redvsblue
  • sarges
  • chorus
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The Past Of Michael J. Caboose  by ExtraTale
The Past Of Michael J. Caboose by FanficNinja
During the Freelancers, Project Freelancer began working on Project Rookie. An elite group of Rookie Freelancers with supposed 'Better AI's' that shut down due to unknow...
  • carolina
  • redvsblue
  • tucker
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Following Faith [Wash x Reader] by YourDailyFabulous
Following Faith [Wash x Reader]by fabulous
Every step you take, is another path you are following. Apparently, this path led you into the arms of David Washington.
  • red
  • wash
  • reader
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