Blackmail by accordingtocastiel
Blackmailby Jayle
After being viciously assaulted, Cecilia never expected to find herself in this situation. Pregnant with the man's child. Desperate not to let anyone find out about the...
  • wattys2018
  • twins
  • completed
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Unexpected by accordingtocastiel
Unexpectedby Jayle
Life doesn't always go the way you expect it to. At least that's the way it is for Skye Knight. She never expected her boss to kiss her. Or for that kiss to escalate. ...
  • baby
  • billionaire
  • pregnancy
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The Light To His Darkness  by bonezzzzzz
The Light To His Darkness by lily<3
In which Mason James finds himself falling for the innocent and naive girl named Lily Rose. When Lily's parents decide to put her in public school, she runs into a bit...
  • love
  • possessive
  • naive
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The pregnant maid by rosamarie67
The pregnant maidby rosamarie67
22 year old Alaina was always the responsible, loving and caring one in her whole family. Her sister, Janet, was the total opposite and wanted nothing to do with her fa...
  • twists
  • unexpected
  • obssessive
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My Brother's Bride(✔) by -melodious_song
My Brother's Bride(✔)by Melodious Song
*Book 1.5 of YOURS series* Can be read as stand alone Zaan khan, 23 years old guy who doesn't believe in love and marriage due to his past. Due to turn of events he get...
  • ex
  • featured
  • wattys2018
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First Daughter by wingandaprayer
First Daughterby wingandaprayer
Heath is the country's top secret service agent and has seen just about everything. His latest case though may just be his last. When he's asked to "babysit" t...
  • wattys2017
  • secretservice
  • danger
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My Mafia Man by volleyball238
My Mafia Manby volleyball238
Juliet was just a normal high school girl who was ready for summer. She had all of it planned out. She would spend some time with her friends and her family. That was un...
  • badass
  • possessive
  • romance
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The Prophecy. by EmberBentley
The Prophecy.by Ember Bentley
When the moon goddess created the werewolves species, she thought about her heir. Who would be strong enough? Who would be brave enough? But mostly, who has the heart? ...
  • lifechanging
  • change
  • omega
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A Different Virus - Laura's Story by CrystalScherer
A Different Virus - Laura's Storyby Crystal Scherer
This is a second view point from my original story - A Different Virus - Heartfire. I highly advise reading the original book first. Intro: Laura was a happy child with...
  • canada
  • diane
  • heartfire
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The Duke's Forbidden Lover  by bvtterflyeffect
The Duke's Forbidden Lover by | l i z z i e |
He moved closer, his glacial eyes cold and ruthless as they looked into her wavering ones. "I shall offer you a deal." Nalini stepped back cautiously, not wan...
  • unexpected
  • complicated
  • wattys2018
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Virginity Thieves [Rough Draft] by gossamersilverglow
Virginity Thieves [Rough Draft]by gossamersilverglow
[Rough Draft -- no edited!] Blue, Jensen, Kieran (Kie), and Jacques (Jaq). They were popular, rich... gorgeous, a foursome to be feared or fawned over. The four boys--me...
  • club
  • academy
  • secondchance
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Prologue : Loving Blake Coster by beyondlocks
Prologue : Loving Blake Costerby Janice Martana
Prologue Blake Coster One of the richest Billionare in America. He got the face , the money and fame. He always get what he wants and now he wants the heritage that his...
  • hate
  • girls
  • blake
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Unforgettable ~ SweatPea by bugheadsu
Unforgettable ~ SweatPeaby XxX
Hunter Smith was well known around the southside of Riverdale and bits of the Northside as well. She was known for being able to knock someone out in only one punch. S...
  • southside
  • jugheadjones
  • serpents
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My Dads Best Friend by LifeofMeK
My Dads Best Friendby LifeofMe
"He used you, manipulated you, and took advantage of you!"My father screamed, "No Dad! I fell in love with him!"
  • love
  • dadsbestfriend
  • unexpected
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Dom Daddy || Taehyung by spring_gems
Dom Daddy || Taehyungby iiemmajohnsonii
"I swear to you I won't stop until the neighbors know my name." He whispers into my ear, after he slams me onto his bed. "WHAT?" I lowkey screamed, t...
  • unexpected
  • kimtaehyung
  • highschool
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The Mystery Fighter by A_Elin
The Mystery Fighterby Aleks
Seventeen-year-old Cassandra Haynes has never been the one to follow rules. Without giving the numerous threats of expulsion from her teachers a second thought, Cassandr...
  • unexpected
  • streetfighter
  • badgirl
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The Unexpected Husband | Taehyung by Huyanyan
The Unexpected Husband | Taehyungby j u n e 。
『Please don't tell my wife about this』 ↠Continuation of the Unexpected Roommate series In Which Taehyung and Mia are married. What happens when Taehyung doesn't become t...
  • fanfic
  • kpop
  • taehyung
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When Klaus finally kills his father he decides to finally bring his girlfriend and her daughter to town. Only things aren't really that simple because his girlfriend is...
  • mikaelson
  • unexpected
  • gilbert
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Forbidden by WrittenbyJanae
Forbiddenby Janae.
Jamia is a strong headed female yearning for love but not willing to deal with the bullshit that doesn't have to come with it. Damon "Shooter" is a strong hea...
  • love
  • fangirl
  • unexpected
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ℳy Ⓑully, ℳy Ⓢavior ✔️ by berrykitty1014
ℳy Ⓑully, ℳy Ⓢavior ✔️by N
"No, no, this can't be right, this has to be a cruel joke" Ella said in-between sobs. "I'm so sorry Ella, How could I have been so stupid, the one that I...
  • different
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  • helpingothers
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