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Bad Boy's Babygirl✔ [Book 1] by MJAshlin
Bad Boy's Babygirl✔ [Book 1]by M.J. Ashlin
"I won't ever let anyone hurt you." He whispered against my skin sending chills down my spine. I whimpered as I nodded. "Princess?" He mumbled into m...
  • love
  • russian
  • mina
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The Duke's Forbidden Lover by bvtterflyeffect
The Duke's Forbidden Loverby | l i z z i e |
He moved closer, his glacial eyes cold and ruthless as they looked into her wavering ones. "I shall offer you a deal." Nalini stepped back cautiously, not wan...
  • interracial
  • india
  • jealous
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The Light To His Darkness  by bonezzzzzz
The Light To His Darkness by lily<3
In which Mason James finds himself falling for the innocent and naive girl named Lily Rose. When Lily's parents decide to put her in public school, she runs into a bit...
  • love
  • masey
  • fighting
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The Queen Games by OKKAAYY25
The Queen Gamesby OKAay
Part One of the Queen Series * King Vincent has grown old and his Secret Son has come of age. The 1000th year is upon us And The Queen Games begins But what if the sec...
  • royalty
  • curse
  • 1000years
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Unexpected by accordingtocastiel
Unexpectedby Jayle
Life doesn't always go the way you expect it to. At least that's the way it is for Skye Knight. She never expected her boss to kiss her. Or for that kiss to escalate. ...
  • baby
  • boss
  • pregnancy
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When Klaus finally kills his father he decides to finally bring his girlfriend and her daughter to town. Only things aren't really that simple because his girlfriend is...
  • tvd
  • lockwood
  • child
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That Cliche Waitress by someone_random111
That Cliche Waitressby Anna L.
"Oh, Kiara, there's one more thing I would like to order." the bitc- -- I mean, the woman smiled once again. "Yes?" I asked, returning her fake smile...
  • unexpected
  • love
  • chef
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The Arrangement  by TheThreeFriends1
The Arrangement by TheThreeFriends .
#1 on arranged marriage #3 on guns #3 on CEO #778 on humor Thea Castillo, 23 year old, sister and twin of the Mexican Mafia leader, Jake Castillo Mason Del Rey 25...
  • mature
  • unexpectedbaby
  • fiction
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A Different Virus - Laura's Story by CrystalScherer
A Different Virus - Laura's Storyby Crystal Scherer
This is a second view point from my original story - A Different Virus - Heartfire. I highly advise reading the original book first. Intro: Laura was a happy child with...
  • sciencefiction
  • apocalypse
  • heartfire
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Her Human Prince by onebluerose
Her Human Princeby selene
Keira met him in her first day as a senior in high school. He was tall and lean. He smelled minty and bittersweet, the scent of dark chocolate that perfectly matched his...
  • fate
  • twist
  • human
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First Daughter by wingandaprayer
First Daughterby wingandaprayer
Heath is the country's top secret service agent and has seen just about everything. His latest case though may just be his last. When he's asked to "babysit" t...
  • thriller
  • romance
  • protect
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Little Miss Secret by jodiforever
Little Miss Secretby jodimarlene
Seth Wood. A boy who left behind the only world he had ever known because he though it was in everyone's best interest. Or maybe it was more than that? Violet Cameron. A...
  • daughter
  • leftbehind
  • teenager
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Jerika - Unexpected 💔 by CostellxPaul
Jerika - Unexpected 💔by 🐐 J E R I K A 🦖
Jake and Erika have practically hated eachother since they met, but one drunken night can change everything! Jake and Erika start to catch feelings then something very...
  • jakepaul
  • jake
  • team10
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Prologue : Loving Blake Coster by beyondlocks
Prologue : Loving Blake Costerby Janice Martana
Prologue Blake Coster One of the richest Billionare in America. He got the face , the money and fame. He always get what he wants and now he wants the heritage that his...
  • jerk
  • story
  • club
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unexpected • p.j.m ✔️ by minblessed
unexpected • p.j.m ✔️by 💛
"That was unexpected", y/n said. "Yes it was but just remember I'll never love you" Jimin said. "I know, i think you've made that clear"...
  • jiminfanfic
  • unexpected
  • kpop
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Not Just Evil (Underfell Papyrus X Reader) by TheIndianaCrew
Not Just Evil (Underfell Papyrus X...by Indiana
Underfell Papyrus is viewed as one of the most ruthless monsters in the underground but what is really under that tough persona? Thanks to Tamqul on Deviantart for letti...
  • fluff
  • asgore
  • alphys
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Forbidden by WrittenbyJanae
Forbiddenby Janae.
Jamia is a strong headed female yearning for love but not willing to deal with the bullshit that doesn't have to come with it. Damon "Shooter" is a strong hea...
  • bwwm
  • blackwoman
  • urbanfantasy
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Hope and Memory[Thorin Oakenshield Love Story] by DurinsQueen
Hope and Memory[Thorin Oakenshield...by Durin's Queen
Freya Brandybuck is Bilbo Baggins little cousin and is also his closest friend. She has a big interest in the maps of Middle Earth and hopes to visit some of those plac...
  • armies
  • hobbit
  • hope
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One Man's Heart But Another Man's Baby by nursliejoncka
One Man's Heart But Another Man's...by Sam_409
Bay could never be the same after she found out that she is pregnant for her rapist, who she may or may not know. Mr Williams, who is Bay's boss, realizes that she's bei...
  • protection
  • drama
  • unexpected
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My Billionaire Baby Daddy by aestheticallymoi
My Billionaire Baby Daddyby m i a
Natasha Fallon, unknown to her, her fate carries alot. New things, everything she never expected. The only thing she did was a tour of the world with her best friend, Sa...
  • pregnant
  • lockwood
  • unexpected
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