The Naive Secretary And The Harsh Boss by electric_forest
The Naive Secretary And The electric_forest
Twenty-three year old Anastasia "Stacey" Marks starts working as a secretary at Havens Enterprise. She falls for her attractive yet harsh boss, Vincent "V...
  • romanticcomedy
  • theojames
  • humor
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The House Keeper by LJMay03
The House Keeperby LJ May
Montana Kelly had no where to go. She needed a job, a place to live. Oliver Black was the billionaire that needed a housekeeper. What would happen when they get to know...
  • housekeeper
  • newstory
  • maid
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(Billionaire Playboy) A Flower in Heaven - Zahra by FathimaShif
(Billionaire Playboy) A Flower LiveLove
My name is Stuart John.I am rich. No, I am filthy rich. I am arrogant and handsome. I am always one step ahead of the game. The world revolve around me. Governments fear...
  • interracial
  • love
  • ceo
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The Girl He Never Noticed (Petrakis #3) by sweetdreamer33
The Girl He Never Noticed ( Neilani Alejandrino
Meet Jade. The girl who wore a black wig, black-rimmed big eyeglasses and braces. She was dressed in her worn-out knitted coat and shapeless vintage clothes. Everyone t...
  • sweetdreamer33
  • wattpadstar
  • billionaire
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Mute Ava by estherije
Mute Avaby Maddyk
"Is that how you treat your customers? Snubbing them?" I shot a hard stare at him and returned to my laptop. "What the heck, am talking to you " I t...
  • wattpad
  • studio
  • boss
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Out of My League by miacooper80
Out of My Leagueby miacooper80
Adeline is one of those girls who is beautiful but doesn't know it. Nor does she show it. She has always had her head stuck in a book. Never having time for a social...
  • brilliant
  • completed
  • arrogant
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The Contract ;Book 1 by Sliver_Hanna
The Contract ;Book 1by Hanna Chihwayi
"What do you want?" I said through the door. "Just open the damn door or I will kick it open." He said while banging on it. I know that I don't want...
  • boss
  • teen
  • romance
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His Proposal - MATURE VERSION (completed) by Dredge116
His Proposal - MATURE VERSION ( Dredge
Chloe Knight is a caregiver to younger brother and sister after her parents are murdered. Not long after the parents death Chloe's younger sister become seriously ill an...
  • proposal
  • death
  • action
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Mia Cara (Completed) by americanmediocrity
Mia Cara (Completed)by ❛𝚓𝚊𝚗𝚎❜
When Rose Salvatore is granted with the gift of a high paying job to help her take care of her little sister and herself, she immediately jumps at the opportunity but is...
  • maid
  • goodgirl
  • ceo
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Miss Assistant (Miss series Book two) by QueenShae007
Miss Assistant (Miss series Book Shaylee
Alexander Evans is studying a degree in Medicine. All she has to do to finish the degree is write the exams. However, being a student comes Alexander Evans is a medical...
  • exams
  • player
  • completed
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The Business Side of Things (18+) by Made1ineHatter
The Business Side of Things (18+)by Made1ineHatter
"Three hobbies: One to keep you in shape, one to make you money, and one to be creative." Kingsley Etton only has one hobby, but it checks off all three marks...
  • steamy
  • business
  • sweet
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You're mine. by sadnessbabe12
You're sadnessbabe12
||#1 Teen Fiction|| Damon Queen- the dangerous, arrogant billionaire who doesn't like it when people disobey him. He never hesitates, he could kill with cold blood and c...
  • goodgirl
  • breakup
  • badboy
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His Mismatched Beauty by Nikepo
His Mismatched Beautyby Nikepo Ekundayo
Quinnlyn Rhodes popularly called Quinn has Vitilgo, a skin condition that is characterized by the skin losing its pigment in blotches. Mostly people her age call her out...
  • boss
  • ceo
  • agegap
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The Maid, Her Son and The Billionaire.  by A_K_Kent
The Maid, Her Son and The Alexandra Katherine Kent
A tale of a single mum's relationship with her employer, a wealthy businessman.
  • romance
  • maid
  • love
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BOSSY DADDY by jajexxs
All my filthy office fantasies are about to be satisfied I've waited five long years for this. Now suddenly Carly appears at one of my companies, applying for an intern...
  • sexy
  • possessive
  • intern
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The Replacement by Rebecca-Jade
The Replacementby Rebecca-Jade
After brain surgery leaves business man, Spencer Michaels, without his sight, life as he knows it is over. He's forced to temporarily hand over full ownership of his sha...
  • loveyoursmut
  • ceo
  • completed
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Comprare l'Amore by badgalSlayin
Comprare l'Amoreby badgalSlayin
"You know that he sold you right? You were his card for more power, you were just a beneficial contract for both of us... What do you want now? You want me to let y...
  • romance
  • innocent
  • crime
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I Am My Ex's Secretary ✔ by MissSwein
I Am My Ex's Secretary ✔by Shane Alexis
Mabilis akong tumakbo papunta sa office ng bago kong boss. I really don't know him at hindi ko pa rin sya nakikita, kaya kinakabahan ako. Kumatok ako and I open the doo...
  • story
  • teen
  • love
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Mafia Junior  by Canadian_author_13
Mafia Junior by Canadian_author_13
Second story in the 'Mafia' series "He's my son, Emma!" He shouted causing Isaac to sob louder. "Stop yelling you're upsetting him." I hissed rockin...
  • mafia
  • boss
  • random
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I Sold My Virginity by ChocolateLoves2
I Sold My Virginityby ChocolateLoves2
Valentina Matrix sold her virginity to the highest bidder. "She's twenty four and she's never been touched" the announcer yelled to the crowd out men. There we...
  • love
  • featured
  • fantasy-
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