My Best Friend's Cousin by StaceyTaylor86
My Best Friend's Cousinby Stacey Taylor
Faye works at a bookstore and is sweet, curvy, and overall a great person who happens to also be best friends with a woman named Lucy who happens to work across the stre...
  • bbw
  • boss
  • hot
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Take Out Chef by gabycabezut
Take Out Chefby GabyCabezut
*Now an Audiobook form HachetteAudio & Wattpad* When Jessie enters the new cooking school, she's bound to crush on her bad-boys classmates; instead, she finds herself in...
  • love
  • sweetromance
  • cooking
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The Girl He Never Noticed by sweetdreamer33
The Girl He Never Noticedby Neilani Alejandrino
Meet Jade. The girl who wore a black wig, black-rimmed big eyeglasses and braces. She was dressed in her worn-out knitted coat and shapeless vintage clothes. Everyone t...
  • sweetdreamer33
  • billionaire
  • love
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Coffee And Papers by Mercy198
Coffee And Papersby Mercy kalu
"Name." He asked without looking up to her. "Emerson." She stated feeling a bit nervous. "Name." He repeated once again without looking up...
  • drama
  • romance
  • rude
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I Sold My Virginity by ChocolateLoves2
I Sold My Virginityby ChocolateLoves2
Valentina Matrix sold her virginity to the highest bidder. "She's twenty four and she's never been touched" the announcer yelled to the crowd out men. There we...
  • wattys2018
  • boss
  • fantasy-
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His Assistant by TheWriter3735
His Assistantby TheWriter3735
"Come on Amore, I know you want me." He whispered in my ear. I backed away. "I don't- I can't I'm just your assistant." "You're much more Bella...
  • boss
  • personal
  • wattpride
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Mia Cara (Completed) by americanmediocrity
Mia Cara (Completed)by ❛jane gallagher❜
When Rose Salvatore is granted with the gift of a high paying job to help her take care of her little sister and herself, she immediately jumps at the opportunity but is...
  • romance
  • comedy
  • dangerous
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Force To Marry The Billionaire  by DazedOfRosen
Force To Marry The Billionaire by Sh🤫
WARNING: This story has SEXUAL scene and swear words. PLEASE ADVISE that I will block you or report for commenting bad things. Their will be gif that shows nudes. 18+. I...
  • gif
  • dominant
  • danger
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Sold to the Boss  #wattys 2016 by tamlaura1
Sold to the Boss #wattys 2016by Heather Teston
COVER BY RANDOMSWEETSTUFF. Kelly Lucas, a young nurse from Las Vegas had no idea what her brother had done till she was snatched from her one bedroom apart...
  • wattys2016
  • dominant
  • love
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Bossy Billionaire by gimikxxs
Bossy Billionaireby gimikxxs
I want her tied up. I want her begging. And I always get what I want. The girl that slammed into my MacLaren has a mouth on her I'd like to tame. And that's not the onl...
  • romance
  • mature
  • bossy
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Sebastian by khybabyy
Sebastianby Khymack
Nyla Carter is a girl living in New York. She is goofy, sarcastic, and caring. Her parents own several companies but she is still looking for a job. She wants to earn mo...
  • wattys2017
  • bwwm
  • boss
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Office Nights  by _Jay_lovee
Office Nights by _Jay_lovee
A young wild receptionist working for a rich successful married man find themselves alone in the office one night. Their relationship is like poisonous cherries, but wha...
  • interatialcouple
  • wattys2018
  • marriage
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The art of submission  by AlannaList291
The art of submission by Alanna List
  • bdsm
  • love
  • desire
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The Contract Marriage (Completed) ✅ by ShaanaG
The Contract Marriage (Completed) ✅by Shana
Book#1 #3 in humor on 13.5.18 #33 in romance on 03.04.17 Started on 5th December 2015 Ended on 14th February 2017 (Slowly editing) Teresa Scarlet is witty, pretty and...
  • comedy-romance
  • boss
  • arrangedmarriage
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The Boss takes A Wife by tamlaura1
The Boss takes A Wifeby Heather Teston
Cover made by XxNytjiexX -- Gabriel Maestri at the age of twenty-nine is one of Italy's youngest and wealthiest businessmen, owning sev...
  • domineering
  • boss
  • danger
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The Billionaire Love  by romanticnovels1
The Billionaire Love by Crystal Devine
#79 Romance Sun,Oct 8 #176 Romance Fri,August 11 #217 Romance Fri,August 4 Alex kurruso was like Cinderella she had a stepmother and step sisters that abused her. Wait...
  • kidnap
  • wattys2017
  • romance
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Falling for my Asshole Boss by JeniRaeD
Falling for my Asshole Bossby Jeni
Alexis Miller is a 23 year old who is freshly out of college. She was hired right on the spot, when the owner 30 year old Levi Matthews was away on business. When he ret...
  • love
  • wattys2018
  • mature
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My Boss Is A Vampire? || UNDER MAJOR EDITING  by tavanalee
My Boss Is A Vampire? || UNDER Tavana Whamond
《 Highest Ranking: #3 in Vampire 》 " You do not want to piss me off" he replied, his voice dropping a couple of octaves. "Wh-hat a-ar-e yo-u?" I stu...
  • wattys2018
  • sexy
  • love
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The Billionaire & My Abusive Relationship (Completed) by RLWhite
The Billionaire & My Abusive •R.L.White•
As a little girl I always imagined that my first love would be so great and we'd be happy but instead mine seems to be turning into a cautionary tale. My name is Grace a...
  • abuse
  • controlling
  • scars
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Sweet Revenge by CourageousReader
Sweet Revengeby E
Samantha Peterson has wealthy parents. Her so called friends not only murder her parents, but rob them and become wealthy themselves. Three years after this Samantha ret...
  • boss
  • evil
  • kiss
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