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Cry-Baby by braycriss
Cry-Babyby Criss
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
An arranged marriage to the guy who took my V-Card! F.M.L. by rainbowcandysprinkle
An arranged marriage to the guy You'd like to know
Amy Diggins has lived with the constant embarassment of losing her virginity when she was only 14 years old. Everyone knows and not just the whole school, even her paren...
False Assumptions by painnanddproblemss
False Assumptionsby Ty
After running away from her last foster care Mariah was living on the streets for a few years. She makes a decision that almost lands her in jail but instead she gets ta...
NIGHTMARE, believing in lies by Mizkhey_the_goddest
NIGHTMARE, believing in liesby Mizkhey
⚠️IMAGES ARE NOT MINE. DM ME IF YOU WANT SOME REMOVAL⚠️ If loving someone in different world, is a sin. If loving someone in honest way is a sin. If loving you is a sin...
Enchandote de Menos [Taehyung ] by LightArtemis
Enchandote de Menos [Taehyung ]by Lennis
"I haven't been I a serious relationship yet. I want to marry my first love and be with her forever. "
Always Waiting On You (CEO SERIES #1) by dalagangmae
Always Waiting On You (CEO dalagangmae
Sarnai her name and she always assume and still waiting on her true love Mahahanap nya kaya ang true love o pipiliin nya na lang ituon ang kanyang pansin sa mga bagay n...
his mistress by spookyhatake
his mistressby and i oop-
you're a baby sitter for sakura and sasuke's kid . she's 4 right now, your 20 in college and a cheerleader, you catch sasuke eyeing you, what will this turn into?
Alas Dose Singkwenta'y Uno by lemmmyyyyy
Alas Dose Singkwenta'y Unoby mixxxiewwww
Wala namang masama ang mahulog sa kaibigan, 'diba? Ang masama lang ay mag-assume ka na may namamagitan sa inyong dalawa. Ito ang ginawa ni Shamuela Cristyna Asuncion, a...
The Runaways by kristen19
The Runawaysby Kristen
Terra ran away from her pack six months ago and joined up with a group of rogue she-wolves. They all get along like they're sisters, but each has a secret that the other...
Inlababo, Ako?  |✓ by icerendipity
Inlababo, Ako? |✓by ❦ cristelixious ❦
First Short Story Si Mara Evita Esrael o mas kilalang Marabotet ay masyadong naadik-este nagka-gusto sa isang gwapo, matalino, traveller, at hindi mayabang na lalaki. Na...
Oblivious - Sasuke X Reader LoveStory/Lemon 2017 DISCONTINUED by PwincxKamuii
Oblivious - Sasuke X Reader PwincessKamuii
Modern Sasuke Uchiha love story - Your a new transfer student at Konaha High School and little did you know that your first day would go so badly however it leads to som...
Love????      by LoveCactusForever
Love???? by LoveCactusForever
It was unknown to the world that ten tailed beast existed or even have its own Jinchuriki. The Kage had a meeting to have it sealed away to the strongest clan, the clan...
Forever Assume by Insane_miiind
Forever Assumeby Insane_miiind🦋
She's living her life full of insecurities and pain,she always love the person who can't love her the way she do. she always assumed not until one day, she's tired of tr...
Compose of what I feel fallaciously.
When A  Girl Falls In Love by MintySugah
When A Girl Falls In Loveby SyubeeMin
All I ever wanted is for you to know that i exist. All I ever wish is for you know that I care. All I ever dreamed is for you to look at me the way I look at you and mo...
Random one-shots by marshmalllow
Random one-shotsby Marshie
random ass one-shots, not to be read by the feeble minded and as you read this you get to enjoy watching my style change. there is some yaoi comedy and things i thought...
Year by aretinabrueckner93
Yearby aretinabrueckner93
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Ms. Assuming meets Mr.  Motibo by yelrahdbez
Ms. Assuming meets Mr. Motiboby MsLear
Ms. Assuming meets Mr. Motibo Alexa Shainnen Cruz Siya ay isang Grade 8 student na wagas mag-assume. Matalino. Simple. Friendly. Maganda. Mahangin. Siya ay nagkagusto s...
Relation-who?  by xbajolasestrellas
Relation-who? by Alyssa
Every other day chapters about the struggles of modern day love and thoughts from a modern day girl. Life and love changes once you leave high school, but figuring it a...
Partner by urienlitterer79
Partnerby urienlitterer79
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