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Cry-Baby by mazooka333
Cry-Babyby Mazooka
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
  • fun
  • promise
  • cookies
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Rescue My Heart by Proud_Shipper
Rescue My Heartby Lotta
EDITED, but not professionally :). This story is completed as of 19th June 2018. ---- Is it true that one incident can change your whole life? When something bad happen...
  • romance
  • love
  • drama
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The Tattooed Bad Boy  by ThePsychoMadHatter
The Tattooed Bad Boy by ☆ Shiwii ☆
Highest Rank: #1 in Teen Fiction!! VERY CLICHÉ! *** "He is well known." "He is bad news." "He is da...
  • depressed
  • humor
  • wattys2017
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Insufferable by apathetic_Remorse
Insufferableby Tee
I stepped towards him, the Mate that was to be mine for all eternity. But before I could leap into his arms, he put his hands up, as if to tell me not to do what was an...
  • mating
  • insufferable
  • alone
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the girl with scars & the bad boy by hnnhndhrh
the girl with scars & the bad boyby wings
Avery Parker is depressed because her father abuses her every night & she's being bullied in school. And we have the school's bad boy , Adrian Collins. He gets what he...
  • abuse
  • badboy
  • bullied
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Tear || (bts X reader) by thot7jaebum
Tear || (bts X reader)by momo
Read and find out what this BTS fanfic is about
  • jimin
  • kimnamjoon
  • jhope
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Love Me Again by FindingJesse
Love Me Againby FindingJesse
Highest rank: #5 in romance #1 in chicklit Elizabeth Bell can't escape her past. No matter what she does: changing her name or her looks. It's h...
  • cheating
  • firststory
  • shortchapters
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Forgotten By My Best Friend by mnkprincess
Forgotten By My Best Friendby Mira
He was my best friend, Jake Alexander. We were inseparable. He said he would be there for me all the time at any time, but once we reached we got into middle school he s...
  • sad
  • bestfriend
  • abuse
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I am Chloe by thegood
I am Chloeby Z
A twelve year old girl feels neglected by everyone. She's a product of a bet, her mother left her, her father neglects her, and the rest of the world hates her. How will...
  • bully
  • chloe
  • daughter
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Why Dont We Oneshots- Sickfics, hurt, relationships and depression  by Ellie_rouse2727
Why Dont We Oneshots- Sickfics, hu...by Ellie_rouse2727
Well read the title! One-shots of the boys being sick and taking care of each other- Send requests in of who and what the symptoms are!!
  • danielseavey
  • love
  • zachherron
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Creepypasta X depressed Reader   by TicciPsychoFox
Creepypasta X depressed Reader by Violet snøw
hello! this is my first book so please try not to kill meh! Thou I do hope you enjoy it!
  • depressed
  • xreader
  • suicidalthoughts
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Destroyed By Words------COMPLETED by ThatBrokenGirl18
Destroyed By Words------COMPLETEDby ThatBrokenGirl18
Carina Davis is a girl who goes where she needs to everyday, hiding from everyone what really happens at home. Her parents hate her, and they have no problem with displ...
  • newgirl
  • broken
  • controlled
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The Fat Luna by xo_cookie_life_xo
The Fat Lunaby H
" I will give you a second chance mate. You may choose what you will like your mate to be like or look like. " The moon goddess says. I smile. " I don't m...
  • fat
  • freedom
  • featured
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Problem Girl by SickestKids
Problem Girlby SickestKids
Lola has a problem. Since age seven she's always had one. When both of her parents are killed in a car accident, she is transferred from foster home to foster home but...
  • white
  • pass
  • stoner
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Sometimes I Wake up Crying at Night by writemannn
Sometimes I Wake up Crying at Nightby rocky.harvcik
"It's always been this way...if i'm not hurting myself, someone else is." ••••• Chase Scalzi wasn't special. She wasn't beautiful, nor was she ugly. She was...
  • badass
  • depressed
  • broken
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Conversations With My Love (boyxboy) by Lolola245
Conversations With My Love (boyxbo...by Luffy💙
Pierre Lois is the priest's son. He is well-educated, smart, polite, and he's always available to help those in need. The term 'angel' is generally used to describe him...
  • love
  • long
  • son
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Mute by creatively_anonymous
Muteby creatively_anonymous
Isabelle hasn't spoken since a tragic accident when she was very little. Refusing to communicate with anyone, she is withdrawn, sad and alone. Bullied at school, Isabell...
  • friend
  • broken
  • death
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He gave me a reason • Shawn Mendes by inezwennermark
He gave me a reason • Shawn Mendesby inezwennermark
Camilla used to be happy, nice and fun to be around. Now, thanks to Brian, she's depressed, lonely and thinking about suicide. Can a text from a stranger change that? He...
  • fanfiction
  • mendes
  • shawnmendes
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Bye, Bye Virginity by Just-Krissy
Bye, Bye Virginityby Krissy Snifeld
Stasee is your typical shy, quiet teenage girl until the night her brother’s best friend Damen Hurtz decides to finally acknowledge her existence. In a desperate attemp...
  • bitches
  • tree
  • teenages
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